Banned Skills: The Forbidden Club

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helmedon : You should make a video explaining why the skills are banned.

sporteverywhere : The FIG should really make a list of all the skills that are banned. It would be helpful for everyone.

123 456 : Basically everything Olga Korbut did is banned now😂 She was such a great athlete😍

Juan Pablo Hernández : Korbut is, like, the freaking queen of banned skills.

JoM Squared Videos : I'm impressed with your ability to find all this older footage

o : Elena Mukhina's coach should have gone to prison. She warned him that it could break her neck but he insisted and she gave in. She died at 46 from this injury (after years of being paralyzed).

Kathy L. : The Thomas Salto was how Elena Mukhina broke her neck

Giovanni Albanesi : I'm happy that all these skills cannot be performed anymore. Gymnastics was certainly spectacular and extraordinary but the athletes' lives were in serious danger almost everytime. Many wonderful gymnasts died or had very bad consequences on their body because of terrible injuries impossible to recover from (think about Elena Muchina, poor girl)

mst3kanita : I can see why the one arm on the bar was banned. Lots of shoulder surgeries I'm sure.


swiftii gacha : I can't even do a cartwheel 😂

Rulho M. : I clearly understand why skills like Thomas Salto are banned, sooo risky. But, the Korbut? I think that today are other UB skills more risky than that. But maybe is just my appreciation.

Kevin Salim : Who the hell created sideways vaults, your legs arent meant to be to the side anyways thats so wrong and no wonder its banned

Maddie Johnsons : What would happen if a gymnast performed a banned skill in competition? Do they get disqualified, a 0 score, what happens? Can't believe gymnasts used to stand on the high bar so calmly I would be freaking out.

Brian Lange : Let's just ban every move. The person who can stand still the longest will win gold.

Josh Mateo : I really miss the uniqueness and originality of the moves back in the day. Nowadays you just get the same moves moved around. I wish the new athletes could create their own signature moves for future gen to do and be normalized as well.

northernsoutherngirl : As a former gymnast, I so appreciate these old school videos!👌Growing up, I use to ❤ watching Olga Korbut do her routines so effortlessly! Almost like she was floating on the bars if that makes sense!😀 Then it went to me praising Nadia Comenci in the same way. Both are phenomenal women!!

Funky Monkey : Just for fun, what do you think these would be rated if they still existed under the code today??

Michael str : The Thomas Salto has made quadrepalegics of people. It is probably the most dangerous of all.

EVZYL : They just don't make them like Korbut any more. Gutsy but elegant.

James Haag : 2:55 is one of the prettiest skills i've EVER seen but wow

Lily Lily : The sideways vault was a stupid idea from the first time it was ever attempted. It does not even look nice when being performed. It is by far the worst move anyone ever thought of, or tried.

Дмитрий Евстратов : I remember one more skill - The Radivilov vault. It was called too dangerous to perform.

Ka Po Chu : One arm giant is not banned in WAG, it is still in the code (3.201:Giant circle bwd in regular grip, or on one arm: also with ½ turn (180°) to hstd). It is originated from Liu Xuan, and FIG decided to give it a low rating to discourage gymnasts from performing it. And for the others, basically all UB skills involving standing on high bar are banned. And all roll out skills on floor are banned too. Although Mukhina's accident was really tragic, I think it has a lot to do with her being forced to train with an unhealed leg.

Artistics Gymnastics : amazing video =*

Sally Vee : Side somersaults could look so elegant when done right. I miss seeing Kenzo's side pass from the 2013-2016 code. It made his floor so unique in a quad filled with boring rollout skills. Also, next banned video should cover the Radivilov on vault.

the Flipside : *Muhkina* all the way 01:08

wonder woman : How do you have the guts to do these things

Snish Kabob : Why are one arm giants banned?

Caroline Holmes : Olga landing on her chest makes me cringe ! That must be so dangerous, but she was fearless!

nifty1940 : As a gymnast for 9 yrs in the 40's, I'm gobsmacked at this skill level. I was an amateur - and I thought I was good!

RealUnicornsarefluffy 11 : I get the first floor one with the summer salt because it is a rule you have to land feet first on vault. Also because it is probably so so dangerous and you can easily hurt your neck or back if you have too much ch power. Also serious head injuries. I also understand the side flip on vault because that’s more of a parkour move that gymnastics

Peeko : I don’t understand why the Korbut flip is banned. There are plenty of other skills that are wayyyyy more dangerous that are still allowed to be performed. (Example prudunova vault)

mariepaulistic : Thomas salto... deadly

gowreesh nath : 4:15 What the heckkkk is that????

Gaming With Sloaneyboo : Parallel bars used to be cool?

Lorelai M : 4:21 WHO IS THAT OMG

brunolealxavier : What do you guys think about the "mo salto"? In my opinion, it's more dangerous than many from the video.

Emil Dahl : The devil called and said he wanted to see a One Arm Layout Dismount Thomas Salto.

Miss Uma : I find the one at 2:43 so elegant, does anyone know its name ? I can see why it’s banned though, landing on your chest seems so dangerous

D Leo : Thank god the side vault was banned. Ugliest thing. It's child, the side somis on beam are as well :) wish they would ban toe ons, wolf turns and double pikes on floor. hehe haha :)

Kaylin Smith : Roll outs are friggin terrifying to watch. I'm not sure if I've ever seen footage of someone snapping their neck, but I tense up watching this because I know how easily someone could. I'm glad they're banned.

KrazyKoala ForLife : Olga Korbut does everything like a boss

ArmaRes : If I was a judged and saw that first trick...I'd be like " just won the Olympics"

Eff Luna : So basically everything that Korbut do is banned because she was too amazing, the moves are dangerous for other athletes 😍😂

tawhneebaby : These women did everything BUT swing on the bar...

Rodney Smart : Olga the goat. Roll-outs make me cringe every time

Sadie M : So these are the tricks that are the most likely to snap your neck?

Candi Soda : Holy crap, 2:48 the fluidity of how many flips this gal does yeeeeeeeeeesh

Alyssa Ricketson : The second one looks highly dangerous anyway! It looks like you could brake your neck. Doing all those flips and the just rolling right on your neck is very risky! You could've literally died!!!