BUSTIN' LOADS OF GHOSTS - "Arizona Circle" Sketch Comedy Show
BUSTIN LOADS OF GHOSTS Arizona Circle Sketch Comedy Show

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Start your FREE trial of Rooster Teeth FIRST and see the full pilot episode of ARIZONA CIRCLE: https://roosterteeth.com/first-promo Tell them Funhaus sent you! “Twin Films” is a term used by entertainment industry professionals to describe two films with uncannily similar plot and theme, that are made and released by different studios, around the same time. It’s a crazy phenomenon that happens more often than you think! So to answer your question; no, we didn’t copy Pixar’s Coco. But I think we got pretty close. Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/brucegreene http://twitter.com/adamkovic http://twitter.com/JamesWillems http://twitter.com/sirlarr http://twitter.com/JessicaVasami Tshirts n stuff: https://store.roosterteeth.com/collections/funhaus


AreYouTwo GonnaBang : Is this part of the Ghost Fuckers cinematic universe?

cuack122 : this is what the new ghostbusters should've been

Devon Palmer : Rahul is going need a new job soon. I'm not saying he should be on this show, I'm just saying he should be on this show

SJ.Fox : The real life adaptation of Disney's Coco is pretty good

Edvin Norén Grip : When Adam is talking it feels like he's in a middle school play :)

Kolkorro : How does the kid have a more authentic accent than the dad?

Joey's Lawyer : Lawrence doesn’t need to do that nerd voice, he already sounds like one.

Wavy Leo : Be back for 7! “I’ll be back fo 6

Anonymous : Abuela coco :(.

Warmachine38 : As a Latino all I gotta say is.......This was funny as hell. Loving these skits,

Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed : I'm from Connecticut and a know a few people who would say something like that.......

Illegalhaus : Don't forget, at 7000 new FIRST subscribers we get a season!

William Rey : Very nice, Me-Ho

Figgity Jones : "Your smiles are enough." "Bill is in the mail!" Golden xD

QueenofRabites : This is way better than the movie remake

Mike Dunn : I want a Funhaus Ghostbusters movie now

Kyle J. : Why is it called Arizona Circle?

Max_ Malcom4357 : Who would have guessed Kovic would blow his load

A Friendly Hobo : This is Trump's new ghost immigration police. Those were ghosts that traveled illegally into the US from the after life.

Spartan0941 : Oh, it’s this type of comedy...

Eumelanin Knight : Got distracted and forgot was I was watching Literally me@ 0:24 remembering "Oh no..."

The_Professa : Loved this sketch, Adam representing my home state!

Travis Ritz : Just seems like a longer version of a previous family guy skit where Peter is a ghostbuster.

sagasta1983 : How nice of James, to get his mexican side of the family involved in the show

Sean McErlean : This whole episode was gold. 3.99 a month is worth the first membership.

jelly kelly : That was just okay.

thepurpleproblem : Y'all couldn't get actors that actually spoke spanish? lol

617_Eagle : Better than sex swing for sure. Not to sure if i like the story of the pants in between sketches tho, could be better XD

WGPersonal : Doesn't the title kind of ruin the punchline?

Naomi PR : ICE: Post-Mortem Division. 😬👻🚓 (jfc, this is almost *too* close to home 😥 I laughed at the black humor aspect of it, though. Well done.)

BigDaddyMacc : "nice try ghost" hahahahaha

RëVåmpëD SyNNērgy : This is what that reboot needed... Strong, Straight, Muscular Funny White Men to take charge of their role.

Lollocide : Lawrence: "I got to be Egon!" Me: "What, dead?"

The Locust God : Still better than Ghostbusters 2016

The Captain of the World : Adam Playing Adam, I want more

Stefan Ejegod : Oh god this ends up being more addictive than heroin. MOOORE! Also, from the bottom of my heart, you made the right decisions for 2018. You go guys!

intergamer1 : This was absolutely amazing keep up the good work

Alaskan Mudkip : MEE-HOE

David Picksley : Woah was this shot in RAW

TheGingaPrince : Alrite, you got me. Wasn't interested til I saw this.

Admiral Schafkopf : Next time on ghost pants I hope they bring Machiniman back

judalva : I LOVE THIS. I feel so proud of you guys for making this.

MANA : Sugar Pine is quaking

Insomniac : Should have chose a different thumbnail, gave away the joke.

The Strawberry Pimp : Finally I can enjoy Ghostbusters again, thanks funhaus

TheNessaFace : Seriously though, if you keep posting these i'm going to cry. Thank you.

Mr.WhiteStar : "Your smiles are enough" "Bills in the mail" *You can only pick one*

mirpandas : This and Lawrence in the Banana Bunch were my favorite moments of the pilot. Hope you get a season! It was def worth the First subscription.

Gabe Johnson : I'm pretty sure a had a pair of the glasses Lawrence was wearing when I was a kid lol