BUSTIN' LOADS OF GHOSTS - "Arizona Circle" Sketch Comedy Show

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starfox300 : Adam acting level: porn

Michael Lena : not really that funny?

Zubb : Where's the black one?

Will Cass : Wow I can't believe that Gus played every role.

Antonio Barrios : ok so the acting was sub par... but the spanish accents?!?!?! sub, sub par.

Marc Kemper : Adam is such a bad actor and I love it

WMYK : Slim pickings when it came to finding Mexican actors in Texas?

jack squatt : Is this a commentary on illegal immigration control?

2muchwhit1 : My character was basically just myself, says Adam

OverSpliced : Where is the movie

AreYouTwo GonnaBang : Is this part of the Ghost Fuckers cinematic universe?

stardustlia : hahahahahahga

Jacob Spenser : Coco (2017)

Emmanuel Galicia : you filmed this in austin texas and LA yet couldnt find native spanish speakers for the part??? Abuela and Tio sound american AF. lol Love the clip though, cant wait to see more.

Pontiac Kid : That was hilarious

SJ.Fox : The real life adaptation of Disney's Coco is pretty good

Rick : Brilliant!!

Greg Smith : Light em up lmao!!

Jose Zepeda : Holy shit this is amazing

Sage Channel : Well... That was too dark for me.

Devon Palmer : Rahul is going need a new job soon. I'm not saying he should be on this show, I'm just saying he should be on this show

LMAsherful : Would be a lot better if the title didn't spoil the main joke/point of the sketch

elfenanime : My dad doesn’t speak English, but he thought it was hilarious... his words were “ay hijos de la chingada 😂”

Jadzia Dax : That kid was Brock in Breaking Bad. Nice!

Blunt Master : Only watched two skits and this is already waaaay better than college humor 😂😂😂

cuack122 : this is what the new ghostbusters should've been

John Kaminski : We need more!!!

BK-201 : so why is it 4k here and 1080 on roosterteeth?

Keith Ward : I can't remember where, but a year or two ago I saw a Ghostbusters sketch that was EXACTLY like this one... I can't remember if it was animated or live action, but it was identical.

AltShiftSpam : I like how the thumbnail and the title spoiled the only joke in this, killing every surprise this video had.

Edvin Norén Grip : When Adam is talking it feels like he's in a middle school play :)

EveryWeedEveryDay : aw why you gotta do connecticut like that

ELMITLON : This one is the best so far

Cole.Finnegan : This had me cracking up 😂😂

Persona Shadow : Lol, this had me dying!😂😂😂

Joey's Lawyer : Lawrence doesn’t need to do that nerd voice, he already sounds like one.

Shane : Loved it!..but I'm not paying for shit

Anthony Pollard : This sketch took longer to get to the punchline than Bill Cosby did to get arrested

Z mcdump : Almost as bad as the sex swing cartoon

aBowlOfOranges : was this just a euphemism for ICE in America?

Illegalhaus : Don't forget, at 7000 new FIRST subscribers we get a season!

Manko_Spanko : This made me Laugh and Feel Absolutely Awful for those poor ghost.

Mig Sanook : ghostbusters 2018 11/10

ChinoLoco : Lmfao. Adam no you didnt. That had me dying. Only thing you're missing about Connecticut is you didnt tax her up the ass haha 🤣

gyp me that : A bunch of white cucks in uniforms kicking down the door of a Hispanic family shooting....Thanks for the flashback! 👍

Kolkorro : How does the kid have a more authentic accent than the dad?

GIANT TOOL69 : Best Ghostbusters adaptation ever...

EinWenigRebellion : Why would you put pretty much the whole joke of the clip in the thumbnail?

Deaf Gordon : In what universe is this funny

fufufuaru : only 11/10, needs gus