BUSTIN' LOADS OF GHOSTS - "Arizona Circle" Sketch Comedy Show

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starfox300 : Adam acting level: porn

Marc Kemper : Adam is such a bad actor and I love it

AreYouTwo GonnaBang : Is this part of the Ghost Fuckers cinematic universe?

SJ.Fox : The real life adaptation of Disney's Coco is pretty good

Devon Palmer : Rahul is going need a new job soon. I'm not saying he should be on this show, I'm just saying he should be on this show

cuack122 : this is what the new ghostbusters should've been

Edvin Norén Grip : When Adam is talking it feels like he's in a middle school play :)

Joey's Lawyer : Lawrence doesn’t need to do that nerd voice, he already sounds like one.

Illegalhaus : Don't forget, at 7000 new FIRST subscribers we get a season!

QueenofRabites : This is way better than the movie remake

Kolkorro : How does the kid have a more authentic accent than the dad?

THE GOAT : Funded by ICE

William Rey : Very nice, Me-Ho

Figgity Jones : "Your smiles are enough." "Bill is in the mail!" Golden xD

Leo H : Be back for 7! “I’ll be back fo 6

SeanSenpai : This whole episode was gold. 3.99 a month is worth the first membership.

A Friendly Hobo : This is Trump's new ghost immigration police. Those were ghosts that traveled illegally into the US from the after life.

Warmachine38 : As a Latino all I gotta say is.......This was funny as hell. Loving these skits,

Kyle J. : Why is it called Arizona Circle?

Green Geek0 : Abuela coco :(.

8bitdee : Funhaus improv >>> Funhaus "acting"

RëVåmpëD SyNNērgy : This is what that reboot needed... Strong, Straight, Muscular Funny White Men to take charge of their role.

Max_ Malcom4357 : Who would have guessed Kovic would blow his load

cloudsRniceC0M3 : funded by the trump foundation

The_Professa : Loved this sketch, Adam representing my home state!

The Locust God : Still better than Ghostbusters 2016

Bahiyud-Deen Shaheed : I'm from Connecticut and a know a few people who would say something like that.......

HippieHorseLover : I turned 28 years old today. I'm about to leave to go see Chicago - the play at the theater! Cheers everyone!!

Average Audience : Bustin cucks left and right

WGPersonal : Doesn't the title kind of ruin the punchline?

Adam Duncan : Should have found some better writers. James is awful, haha. These are so well done, but the humor is so flat.

Matthew Palanca : I'm sorry, FH gang, as it was nice to see you on the skit, the only good actors here were the Mexicans.

Stasis : Yo, I enjoyed this but I got some constructive criticism here, lowly youtube commenter that I am I hope that it gets picked up on. Simple as this. The music at 1:28 doesn't match the intensity of the scene, it sits too quietly beneath the sound effects and the fade in from around 1:26.5 feels awkward against the otherwise immediate change of pace in the setup. I'd make two further suggestions for you to toy with or, rather, two points that amount to a single overall change. The spoof of the ghostbusters theme should be used *as* a theme, its purpose should be as motif to announce our culturally ignorant ghostbusting crew. Second to this, the use of the spoof theme became an extended gag in itself. As a viewer I'm questioning if I'm supposed to be laughing at the visual comedy, or the aural comedy involved in producing this remix. The single overall change would therefore be to move the use of the theme to create space for more dynamic music. It does also strike me though that perhaps pushing up the volume might also have achieved the desired effect. Anyway, thank you for taking your time to produce such polished material for youtube and I hope you have a chance to keep experimenting and learning! (I know you have a team of people working on this and I'm just some dude, but hey, everyone has a voice on the internet)

xXOpTicXMaRiOXx : that's supposed to be... funny? jesus

XDieKillDieX : Not hating, but this was pretty meh. The cucks one was better, but still pretty meh too. They should really just stick to improv. It's what they're good at.

Eji : Ehhh... I think I'll stick to your usual stuff... I'm sure others will like this, but it was a little lacking to me honestly. Their more natural humor with their improv stuff hits home for me better than this.

617_Eagle : Better than sex swing for sure. Not to sure if i like the story of the pants in between sketches tho, could be better XD

Michael McGlone : Hate to admit it but its kinda cringey.

thepurpleproblem : Y'all couldn't get actors that actually spoke spanish? lol

Alaskan Mudkip : MEE-HOE

Travis Ritz : Just seems like a longer version of a previous family guy skit where Peter is a ghostbuster.

sagasta1983 : How nice of James, to get his mexican side of the family involved in the show

Finland Chef : You can tell adam wrote it cause jt wasn't funny sorry adam :(

BigDaddyMacc : "nice try ghost" hahahahaha

Eumelanin Knight : Got distracted and forgot was I was watching Literally me@ 0:24 remembering "Oh no..."

jelly kelly : That was just okay.

LordBaruch : Why do the thumbnail and title give away the joke? I'm glad I saw this in the full episode before this version came out.

Drew's Old Youtube : Maybe it's a running gag I'm just not aware of, or maybe I'm just used to the Colombian Spanish I grew up with...but where the hell are their accents supposed to be from? I mean dia de los muertos is primarily a Mexican thing, and I know it's a suuuper cool thing for every spanish-speaking county to shit on other countries and claim they have the best sounding spanish but that doesn't even sound like Mexican spanish!

Jello : this will be awsome when they add some jokes

Joshua Lin : Great concept, but the pacing was very underwhelming.