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Taco Fun Box : WTH how long has it been? 2 years?! Welcome back m8!

SaladUK : Clockvice - Breaking Mirrors


Activate it. : Bring out the dancing lobsters

Łukasz Ordon : That's why I didn't unsub - i knew You'll come back :D

HSKI : finally I can enjoy some filthy dubstep to sick visuals again jamjamjam

Marc Lewis : Bro your edits are exactly what YouTube needs. All these meme channels just mostly make videos where there is a punchline whereas your old ass edits had such a unique style and heaps of creativity to them. If there was anytime for you to blow up, it'd be now.

rusduderus : TFW you've been stayed subbed to this channel for this whole time... welcome back mang, looking forward to some more epic scenes from movies with electronic music :^)

Abage : Welcome back mate

TaiTai : The world has been waiting for his return...

Nonitoq ­ : The Never Say Die Black Label releases needs yours edits :D

GanjaPower : i never clicked on a video that fast before, today was a good day !

Chev Chelios : My dude was in hibernation.. but not dead ;)

smokew33d4life420xxx : Welcome back ya filthy animal!

Jose Snider : I never thought I'd see the day

3DC : new phone who dis ??

Stefanzo : wb salad

MamaDespik : Oh yeah, I just remembered I like dubstep.

Max Hartmann : i love you saladuk ! i grew up with your work !

MΣ𐍂UEM : my man :)

Dandy Andy : A legend returns 😭😭 glad this video came up to me somehow that tiny edit at the end makes me so overwhelmingly excited for this! Run with it Salad if u go balls deep like you always have there’s no stopping you. The people will come on their own trust in that :)

B_U_R_N_6 kappa : Thank you for coming back. i really enjoy your videos.

Luke Turnock : YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII -longest yeah boi ever-


l Ant : 😩😩😩😩😩 Please do Terror Squad Welcome back legend. 🔥

Roman Backenbart : Оу щит

HSKI : 1:28 transitions omg

thankqme : Youtube crashing yesterday finally let you keep the vid up? Nice wobsters cameo btw

theperserker : i was just watching a couple of the old clips the last days...and thought whatever happened to more dubstep i guess... :D thankfully i was wrong...

Tinseltopia : That small supercut made me wet. I was showing someone at work the Avengers cut, literally last week. Would love to see you back!

7e7eN : DUDE! The shotgun with the ape and girl right by each other! ON POINT! Also the running trew the glass. Thats such a great ideal!

TO- ACPRO- IW : Genuinely inspire my core to no end. Pure talent. God bless you Salad. You're the man.

DiBBz : gotta remember to put the song / music names in description please :P

Dex Gallas : It's not easy what you do Salad my friend, but i'm glad you keep on doing it. <3

MiketheMadness : Jesus I'd forgotten about SBTV and the Jazzie Show. Good so see you back Salad.

YouWantSumMT2 : You know there is a problem when you see on your subs list " SaladUK (1) " How to tell you that i miiiiiiisssed harrrrrd your videos

erinlewisfudge : I love your edits! What do you think of my latest video?

somrandomguylies : like i sent you that message on xbox still love your vids bro

Coasterfreak : gonna need the video source for the first minute

William Poole : HE'S BACK

SoulV6 : Before muchdank there was Saladuk



erinlewisfudge : I want to collab with you somehow!

Pasbags : Welcome back Dean

TheDoglover23456 : Same as always

KAT Z : Welcome back fam

TheMegaphone77 : 50% dead channel

DrkVrtx : HE'S BACK

WFCDefi : missed u b