Best Practical Joke Ever

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Josh Wolf : I'm so humbled by the response to this video... Thank you so much! Please subscribe to my channel (if you haven't already), and turn on notifications to make sure you don't miss any of my new videos: If you're on Facebook give it a SHARE on that platform too, we're closing in on 30 MILLION VIEWS there!!!

Joy Symonds : Imagine her story like “So I was sittin there - buffalo sauce on my titties” 😂

Drew Wassmuth : I dont know why he uninvited you to the wedding. You warned him, that you were going to do it to him

Earth Is A Donut : Me being 6'5 I'm quite rotund myself and can absorb a lot of brute force but I will not condone face sitting

revobrewski : Never heard of this guy until yesterday and after hearing the joke about his kid stealing his edible I've been binge watching his stand-up non stop since. 😭👏😭👏😭👏

Happee Chappee : Discovered this guy 30 minutes ago and he's already one of my favorite comedians.

Ellie Stoeva : "She kinda absorbed him for a second" 😂😂😂

Fee_fee 64 : He’s so evil, it’s beautiful, I want a man like this 👏In👏my👏life👏

Krissy Fea : As a vegas native, I can certify this could and has happen...Craigslist is weird man

Kn1ght M4re : I can just imagine the start of the speech. "So this is a story from my son's bachelor party" and the thoughts going through his head must be like nononononono

Terrance Shaw : Want to see him plan a funeral.

Ben Pt : Everyone needs atleast one friend like Josh

prakhar saxena : When he says "why" that is just 😂😂😂😂😂

Rubikari : I wish so bad that my mom knew english so I could show her this diamond of a video I just found.

Alex Schroetlin : 'Soft 140' is so descriptive! I was dying thinking about this in my head!

HypAXis : 5:37 You sounded like Quagmire when you said "guys."

MexicanWithAFro : your just like Deadpool as how you act

Kanna Kamui : I DIED WITH THE "he did not" HAHAHA!!!!!!

Aine York : Found this dude about 2 hours ago. I think he's my new favorite😂😂😂

wilson valsagna : The best sugestion youtube has EVER gave me

Mitchell Bahamas : I legit just discovered this guy 2 days ago and hes my favorite comedian..pure GOLD

Super- Nova : *iLl wReStLe yA*

Hutch2Much : it is my new life GOAL to animate this

Elizabeth Banda : Try to keep a straight face while watching its impossible

Dankyy Dinaa 420 : Only seen 2 videos and he’s my favorite comedian already 😂😂😂

T R Y Y : I’m not even gonna ask why it was recommended, because I’m glad it was.

Aaryan patel : He: babe, tell me those three magical words She: “I’ll wrestle ya”

chetan : This is how I realised I love weird shit😁

Joshua Morriston : The image of this guy squirming for air while buried ginormous butt-cheeks is completely ridiculous. The best-man speech is going to sting forever, lol.

Asbjørn Christensen : The dad is the real MVP

Kara Newland : If she’s 6 foot 250, that’s not that big. She wouldn’t have been covered in fat rolls

UNDEAD PUNK PERSON : Tits missile made me laugh

-Don’t- tap on the Fox : I thought he was saying 6’2 50


kekke2000 : I'm lost after watching this video, I have no idea what I was doing or what I'm supposed to do. All I know is I have a huge smile stuck across my face and my palms are sweaty.

Kayuza 145 : Redneck Daniel Tosh.

deansley174 : What's even funnier than this routine is people actually believing it.😂

Cuauhtemoc T. Rivera : i need friends like this in my life

Greg Freeman Music : You should have someone do one of those animated cartoons to the audio of this video, it would be the shit!

Wyld Gypsy Lily : I'm curious if she is available for birthdays and bar mitzvahs.,,

Night Panthers Leo : THIS IS WHY YOUR MY FAVORITE!!! To bad josh peck you can’t get rid of this

SOSO Sonya : I haven't laughed this hard in my life

Alain Anzaldua : If you didn't notice the brick gun in the brick wall, noticed it a few seconds into the video, that might be why times are hard and harder pretending that times aren't hard.

NegativeJam : Firstly I imagined her to be 250 lbs of raw muscle and testosterone. Nah lol

Angela Reed : Three words: I’ll wrestle yah 😂

tanner meche : Josh reminds me off demolition ranch

TKKing X : *Reverse Birth* I found u at is now 10:24...that phrase will never get out my head lol

Nicolai f_c : Your right that's The Best practical joke ever

kkknotcool : Is anyone else picturing Pam from Archer.

Brian Fidler : Man, I pulled a muscle in my neck laughing; that's funny! That will spark some spontaneous laughter for a couple weeks.