Sonic Adventure 2 Revisited
Sonic Adventure 2 Revisited

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Chao Garden is still good twitter: today in good music: #sonicadventure2


yakkocmn : this game is absolutely terrible but i will never stop loving it

It's Over 9000 Productions : They should really remake the Sonic Adventure games like they did the original spyro and crash trilogy. Redo the cutscene and animations, voice acting, dialogue and mechanics to be a more upgrade/updated version of the original.

jschlatt : ily

David Anderegg : Did you play with a keyboard? I feel like that would cause a lot of the issues you have with gameplay

zynyxia : i want waluigi lore next, i will not accept your next video if it doesn't have waluigi in it

Nihil Group : made this mikasacus video also, mikasacus is big gae lol haha gottem

Meme Man : Dude, just play with an actual controller.

pussy wizard : >Sonic adventure 2 revisited Stopped reading the title there

Zed C : gamecube/ps2 japanese games were cool but half of them have shit sound mixing

TheBlueSpikes : Ah yes! The classic gamecube keyboard! Loved playing melee with that, it was so bad it gave me cancer. Was fun playing as Mario but Bowser was really slow so it made the entire game shit.

Siana Gearz : In spite of both Sonic Adventure games being flawed... ok maybe in spite of all Sonic games being more or less flawed... i actually enjoy Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 to this day. Preferably on the Dreamcast, before ports started breaking things, that's the most polished version. Already Gamecube versions had fresh bugs, and they just accumulate with every port and re-release. Curiously, most modern reviewers strongly prefer SA to SA2, which is the complete opposite of contemporary reviews, and i always thought SA was better. Also, keyboard, you mad? Can't be played without an analogue gamepad. Dreamcast and Gamecube only supported their gamepads for these games, and you wouldn't trust a porting studio to correctly implement and test keyboard support for a 20 year old game today, would you...

JellyDrive PeanutDisk : I thought that the chao garden couldn't save because all it said was exit so i kept my gamecube on 24/7 ...yea also I couldnt beat the first boss for 5 years and I was stuck on the first stage ...yea I was the best gamer as a kid

Coded _Ragon : The pc port of this game sucks and the controls without a controller is as fun as getting a flu shot. Boring and slightly painful, it wounded the memories of my childhood. If anyone is reading this and want's to play this aged game, emulate it. The dreamcast version has the worse graphics but is less sensered. The camecube one has better controls.

Yeij : Have you been watching Ahoy lately?

Lyreoz : You're making my 🅿️🅿️ hard 😤

Grim1952 : People don't get that it's ok if a game you used to love is ass by today's standard, some are fun to come back to exactly to feel how janky they are.

juneru : when people say they love sonic adventure 2: 50% love city escape 50% love live and learn 10000% love the chao garden

TheSleepHeard : This game is so bad but will still remain one of my favorite childhood games. Thank you for the nostalgia mika ❤️

Alex Bieber : Ahoy?

Echo Wolf : Excuse me but did you forget the CHAO GARDEN?

Man With The Mask : 2:53 Why are you traveling through the level backwards. 3:23 How does it take 6 min to beat Knux first stage? 3:52 Your delaying your homing attack by a sec. I think if you did it a bit earlier you could make the jump.

Gayson Lol : Bro the outdo song reminded me of the sonic plush days when people would make videos with them

Saucy_Bones : It's just a perfect game, 3000 years ahead of it's time.

Bluestrawberry : I'm gonna get alot of hate for this but i prefer Sonic Adventure over Sonic Adventure 2.

TheSetupWizard : This was probably your best video yet! Keep up the great work!

ender50 : Lol why would use keyboard controls over a traditional controller that's how the game was meant to be played regardless great video man👍

BALDORF BREAKDOWNS : It's pretty fun to speedrun, some really good glitches.

A salt with a deadly weapon : You haven't lived if you've never played call of duty on the wii 😤

Rainy Days : Make a vid about King Krule pls

Toastry : watching this really brought back the fond memories of making literal baby chaos beat each other until they cried. thanks!

Death RUM : 4:03 What is the name of music playing

David Alves Rodrigues : Is the art style of this video inspired by and/or is a homage to ahoy?

MGlBlaze : I'm in the same boat. I enjoyed this game as a teenager, but it has aged VERY poorly. Especially those knuckles and rouge treasure levels with their obnoxious music. Screw that noise.

Wichl : I have this game but i dont wanna play it

JoJo : Good vid keep up the good work Mika!

corbin m : gotta FOLLOW MY RAINBOW

guy3480 : Yeah. The sonic levels WERE GREAT. The rest werent. Ya know what game is similar thats made of nothing but sonic levels... SHADOW OOF OUCH THE EDGEHOG BABY BEST SONIC GAME EVER MADE THE TIPPY TOP OF THE SERIES NEVER TO BE BEATEN

Nicotine : Can't wait for Detective Sonichu

Bloodletting Curse : The menu song from Kirby Airride will never get old, that was my first gamecube experience.

K19 : Fresh hot take: The Adventure games didn't age well. More news at 6.

ThisChannelIsDead : normally pretty into your stuff but this just feels like the exact same opinion on the same game explained in the same way that I've watched or heard or read 1,000,000 times

SuperFatboy5000 : Mika's content is what I live for now

Steven Matthews : Oh boi he came again

Foksorie : This new style is really good!

Taka chan : There is a Chaos Garden standalone game that even mimics the current envirorment you are in (it rains when its raining outside and day/night cycles are accurate)

Kryptic : i love you, Mika

Vazazell : I love how everybody criticizes controls of mechs yet playes all the GTAs, RDR2s. Asassins etc.

King Crimzin : Sonic is pretty cool

Stephen Dalton : Love your vids man