nightcore - Caramelldansen

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milqueandhoney : I don't think this needed to be nightcored XD

Nagisa Nightcore : Put the speed on 2 and you get some Headache for free

KRX Toons : sounds like a million mice trying to sing 😂

Nikki Nekota : OMG AMAZING! CARAMELLDANSEN+NIGHTCORE= My mind explodes into gitter and tacos. XD

NarcisDarling : Everyone is like " poor Henri " I'm like " poor handbag "

YMP - YoMartínProductions : This is actually stupid. The original song was already nightcore style with those voices. I find this nightcore absolutely useless and ridiculous. Do not misunderstand me, I like the original one.

Facetious : It's too fast, too fast! I think my computer is about to explo- * BOOM! *

Enlighting Air : If you're on a computer,I dare you to turn the speed to 2

It's elfsucc : Since the popular version of caramelldansen is actually a nightcore, then that makes this a nightcore of a nightcore, just sayin'.

MTT Brand Cookie Cats : As if this song needed to nightcored!!!LOL Try dancing to THIS now :D I dare you :p And if you survive get back to me And if you don't ... Uh well...




Emma the rainbow unicorncat : I know what they sing because I'm from Sweden! ♥﹏♡

Uuxaul : Did we really need to nightcore this? Was that honestly necessary?

just sydnie : _after reading the comments, I have a dirty mind_

Copperhead : Oh god, I didn't think 'Look, Harry had a vagina malfunction' would fit, but it does! XD

Twinkle The Kittypet : I feel bad for that handbag...

Tanash Productions : I should play this really loud right now to annoy the hell out of my bro.... I'll wait till... he is in the bathroom taking a shet... So he can't escape >:D

♣ Kelly ♣ : Doesn't even speak Swedish, knows all the words off by heart. o-o'

Aegissu : Sounds cool at 0.5 speed!

Mokou -tan : I just read the comments...NOW I CANT DISHEAR THAT XDDD

Ender Snow : This Is Why Kids You Never Smoke Weed

Expired : Have I found the last page of the internet


Gordinho da Supreme : There are some things that should not be nightcored

ToxicJared : This is reaching Chipmunk status on the vocals, oh god. XD

Molly Rose : This is so weird because the *actual* original, real version of Caramelldansen was by a band called, "caramell" It became really popular in Sweden but the band ended up splitting. Then someone over in Japan speed up the original and used that version to make the popular video. So this is a nightcore of an already nightcored song. Look it up my dudes

7 4 : Let's nightcore this nightcore!

Ian Campbell : I tried dancing to this, and before the first chorus I had a seizure, a heart attack, and all the diabeetus 😲😅

tarananajaika : Now nightcore this version...

ℓємση ωєєη : *my mind explodes and sees glitter, tacos,marshmallows dancing,and pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows* yeah!!!

Nadeshiko Hoshina : My mouth waters whenever I see/hear the title of this song. **drools** Caramellllllllllll... And I love dancing, too! THIS IS THE SONG OF ME!!!! **still drooling** Oops... ;3

Ally GP : its a nightmare on speed 2 XD gosh my ears GAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Nico Lopez : It's like a rainbow has thrown up 15 metric tons of skittles...... 0.o

Rimroses : Caramelldasen!!!!

Captain Landrover : Sounds like a squirrel on crack.

roguelines : i didnt think their voice could get any higher

Mocha The Rabbit : O_O sounds so weird when the speed is on 0.25

GreenTeaScent : Anyone Tried The Speed Meter??  X3

DeadBoy with KidzCove : It's Alvin and the chipmunks on steroids! XD

Wireth : carameldansen et dégat une musique acélérer pas la peine de l'accélérer plus -_-

Sonpahien Gōnun : Caramelldansen was already a nightcore (0.0) so this is a nightcore of a nightcore

DracoInduperator : Are these two vocaloids or are they from something else?

Ireallyneedhelpnaopls : I tried dancing to this. Not recommended. I felt like my heart was exploding.

Nick Fitzpatrick : ...wut anime are these characters from?

Kawaii Baloon : I actually copyed this picture into paint tool SAI and drew over it, colored in and I think it looks cute xD

Olivia Bryant : Link to photo plz?

Lyonna Revers : There is an English one made by the same person.

Chloe Keyte : I thought the original was fast