Friendly seal gets playful with diver

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An overly-friendly seal gets up close and personal with a diver to capture the ultimate “sealfie.” Diver Dan Patterson was pictured by a friend and underwater photographer with the playful pup at the Farne Islands. The rookery of grey seals at the Farne Islands are well known for providing amazing interactions. People describe them as “underwater Labradors” and it is like being surrounded by a group of boisterous, happy puppies. Subscribe to us on YouTube: Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): Download our APP on Google Play (Android): Follow us on: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: Tumblr: Weibo:


FDR - FierceDeityRick : Water Pupper want play

MrWhatdafuBOOM : And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

Feetus Deleetus!! : Here we see a sea Doggo its commonly Friendly when it sees a Hooman

DrDino : What a weird dog.

Justin Y. : It's just a dog that wanted to swim in the ocean


Impaxsi : I closed the vid after they said: He came up and took a SEALFIE...

Chris Hansen : The dislikes are from when the caption said “sealfie”

Chris L : I've swam with seals on numerous occasions it's a little scary at first but they really are just curious friendly little guys.

CenTz : awwww... i want to pet this underwater labrador ..such a playful doggo .. sooo cute

Erudite Sourav : Can't believe one of these killed Osama bin Laden 🤣

JustJoshingYa : Ahh seals.... A Seamen's best friend lol

Ben Ephraim : now that seal just got eaten by shark 😣

migthy potato : And yet this beautiful video has dislikes.... HOW

Saladin01 : sea doggos

Tadashi Shoji : I hope he won't move to Canada... Stay safe in England little doggo.

Hiro Ciko : no matter where you live good doggo always be good doggo

BerryNoice : How normal people see seals: Seal Me: Chubby Sea Doggo

Unknown Gamer : That's a aqua pupper

Albert Liu : That's a interesting looking underwater doggo...XD

Deborah Murphy : Nature can be wild animals can be so interactive with humans lovely to see.

Michael Keane : Do you come from the surface!?

Nick Maxwell : They really just used the word “sealfie”

Valapa Sucharitakul : It's not a seal. It's a seadog!!! 😄😄😄😄😄💟🐶

ペペロンチーノ : めっちゃ可愛い

Sanish Sarasan : If we were still living in the wild, the most of these animals would be our pets.

stavros pinnhs : Its cute

Coyote Man : What a cute sea pupper

Velvets Betterthanvanella : Technically you’re not supposed to pet them but I don’t think I could resist either

QuickMadeUpName : overly friendly, what's that mean?

Sakhile Rashama : This is a sea dog. Prove me wrong.

Kevzete : They really should just cut the crap and give them their true name, sea doggos!

Kevin Brown : A monk seal jumped on my boat in 2013. It was very friendly. We gave it a few live baits to snack on. I would say maybe 10 to 15 minutes it sat on our cooler. When we stopped to drop our hookers he left.

GarudaLegends : Super cute

Eddie rath : "Friendly seal disembowels diver. Just for fun"

Màligñé Ms : سبحان الله

Dr. Martyn van Nostrund : Henlo, hooman! I am aqua pupper. Need some scritches, plaese

A Hexagonian : It was trying to bite the mans hand, wich is something pets such as dogs do to show their affection when not trained

Ray Clyburn : That looks... just like a dog... with no ears...

Vantastic Jackson : Hooman! It is I, Sea Doggo! Play with me!

kad kir : So sweet seа doggy💕😆

Crimson Ecstasy : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He wants some pat

Christian Morales Ortiz : DAS A WATA DOGGO!!!!! X3

shizukagozen777 : Sea doggo. 🐶🌊

DarkSektori : There's a good reason why these are known as "Dogs of the Ocean"

Mira : Why only a minute?

JeppJepp : Hahaha "Sealfie". Best part of the vid.

Rob D : They’re literally like dogs with flippers lol

Neo Nazi : Dogs are always cute... Even under water