Friendly seal gets playful with diver

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Taikamuna : That's a nice dog what breed is he

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Water Pupper want play

Space Whale : Seals are so cute they’re like underwater puppies.

J. Montrice : Can we not make “Sealfie” a thing


MrWhatdafuBOOM : And that, kids, is how I met your mother.

0x1A3C3E7 : He looks like Snoopy. :D

Obviously : I'm sure now that seals are just sea doggos. Wait what if doggos are land seals

DrDino : What a weird dog.

Geo Polos : It's a little sea doge

Feetus Deleetus!! : Here we see a sea Doggo its commonly Friendly when it sees a Hooman

Impaxsi : I closed the vid after they said: He came up and took a SEALFIE...


Earthling : The music gave it a strong sexual tension.

CenTz : awwww... i want to pet this underwater labrador ..such a playful doggo .. sooo cute

Chris L : I've swam with seals on numerous occasions it's a little scary at first but they really are just curious friendly little guys.

Senior Pepino : yes,very friendly, hes about to eat his arm

Harsh Jha : It's joyful until it snaps your wrist.

Italian_ ice _ 23 : There’s probably a great white shark 30ft next to you

Justin Y. : It's just a dog that wanted to swim in the ocean

Unknown Gamer : That's a aqua pupper

rajender jorwal : Seal wants a *Sealfie*

stavros pinnhs : Its cute

Trystan Farah : like a little puppy dog

SolFunc : Water Doggo want some pat pat and play

César BR : Que coisa mais linda meu Deus! 😍😍😍

고기어디 : Paid actor?

Jackson's faceu : how can they dislike this?

Giovanna Fernandes : Que lindaaaa

GarudaLegends : Super cute

кенан кара : water dog

Deziel606 : Sea doggo

Shanky 1234 : Isn't it interesting that the demi humans living in oceans are called mermaid or merman.........but this is a demi dog living in ocean so can we name it merdog......?😂😍

Seiryu Blue : É incrivél a tranquilidade dessa foca em relação ao mergulhador.

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : I'd like to cuddle that sea dog, and probably let him to bite my ear... like what mike tyson did to evander holyfield.

Basti Peñaranda : So dont kill seals!

Scolioliolioliolisis boy : Wonder what unit he’s in

Vantastic Jackson : Hooman! It is I, Sea Doggo! Play with me!

DarkSektori : There's a good reason why these are known as "Dogs of the Ocean"

shizukagozen777 : Sea doggo. 🐶🌊

Zlatan Ibrahimovic : Haha I thought the diver was Ronaldo or Neymar and then at the end a video of Ronaldo pops up😂

Hater Replicator : Seal: "I was lied to. Huuumans don't taste good at all!"

Snoochy Boochy : What a beautiful food for orcas.

really? : Aqua Dog

Four Eyed Bean : That diver could take a *Sealfie* with that seal

TiddlyBitts : I want a water dog where can I get one

SAVAGE BOii : Sea Doggos

amanita333 : cant wait for delusional dog owners dog get eaten by a sea lion

Saladin01 : sea doggos

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