Funny - crazy women doesn’t like builders working in the morning

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MetroVerse : This is the most Brittish video on the internet.

Trap Empire : I died when she took the ladder lmao

Pulse Heltic : Sounds like its a *drama rehearsal* 😂 😂 😂

Jake Day Williams : The wage gap explained.

HENRY THE RC CAR : Is this a scene from Romeo and Juliet? 😏

MetroVerse : *You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?*

Ramo : She should become a voice actor for Skyrim

Ed Lee : Wow she sounds EXACTLY like an Oblivion NPC hahahhah

Planet Mojo : Toxic femininity.

Big Ball Mcall : Lol 😂😂😂 my son is lawyer. Then steals the ladder. She talks like she’s in pantomime 😂😂😂

AJP83 : The only noise pollution I heard was her talking.😂😂

Advait Panicker : Wait. So she claims that them working is causing noise pollution. Yet she says that she will knock on the door as loud as she wants? This is so hilarious.

ziontrain08 : I love how they stayed positive out of the situation with humor hahaha.

Noah Sanchez : This is such a polite argument!

Jake Solar Caribbean : 2,400 hand gestures later... *My sOn iS a LaWyEr*

Guitarist6494 : She sounds like an Oblivion character

Chr0ma : *"DiSsGoStInnG"*

DingDongChingChong : She makes a good voice actress lol.


alex herridge : she should have called the cops for filming vertically

Meikle : She looks like a monday

koffinkat666 : The new Montey Python sure is funny

Ratko997 : damn she should be a voice actor its amazing holy crap

Cosmo Ray : Wow. What a mean old woman. She doesn't get her way...then she takes the ladder.

Dan Lee : *Oblivion NPC be like...*

Sweet Science Boxing Gym : She was really good in the James Bond movies.

Greyfoxdbz18 : i wonder if Her lawyer son knows the law surrounding ladder theft. is noise pollution worse?

Taufu'a'alemalo Ella : Bravo...very professional despite the situation. Loved it

Grego : You Sir, should be ashamed for working hard and making a living. 😂

Jorge Cadme : Ma'ma, what give you the right to make this much noise on a Sunday morning, a Sunday. The baby across the street can hear you with all the noise you're making.

Coffie : That women is like Oblivion AI

Justin King : She actually has a point! no one likes to be woken up on a Sunday morning because of construction work. Good on that woman for standing up for her self

domenec valera : They better stop working. She's going to call 007

Glenn Watson : That was the classiest freak-out I have ever seen.

really? : Fucking NPC

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler : Hahah omg she totally does sound like an npc

Hello Corp : I cant stress enough how right this lady is. The lady may be funny but seriously have some fkn common courtesy for yiur neighbors. I remember one of my neighbors would start jack hammering 7am on a Saturday and Sunday morning literally 1 hr after i arrived home from a grave yard shift. Try sleeping through that and starting another 12 hour grave yard shift later on. One time i admit i just had to crack it at them. Have some fkn respect!!

L JC : Is this a movie? Love the accent for sure..

will mann : Obvious plot holes: They were stuck on the roof because she took the ladder but somehow at the end they were on the ground talking while the worker had just retrieved the ladder

Sam Evans : Lol that felt like a very bad video game voice acting performance...

SDoren _ : This woman should've been an actress. She's wonderful

juan-k sporty : I don't blame her tho ,its sunday morning, people need to rest !!

Boss Ross : She needs a job and some hobbies. Good riddance

Ivin3690 : She sounds like an angry Oblivion NPC lmao "Breton trash!"

Life Of Chris : Damn Tabatha wasn’t having it... Maybe she lost her favorite scissors

hannah : she’s complaining about noise pollution yet she’s the loudest one there lmaoo

Jianwang Aran : She's straight outta game Oh thrones

Kariyu : This lady is an NPC

tin8921able : Shoulda told her to pay your wages. You're just doing your job

DeeP`-_PerspectivE : Fake If real, i no longer want to exist. The normie NPC have turned into their final form. Automated sheep with no form of logic and rational. Just act on impulse according to what benefits them. Kill them, all