You want some Mountain Dew?

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Andrew Ramlall : Mountain Devil

Hepathos : thats a cute Bloodborne boss you have

Andy E. : mountain dew is my trigger

Callutts : I dont think she wants any

winds : classic meme

Yung Tree Stump : of course the dog wouldn’t like it, the bottles empty

fryfry377 : I showed this to a friend and he was like, "the dog is smarter than its owner."

Lupe : It growls like a fucking tiger, man

Robot Gore : “Meryl you want Mt. Dew?” Meryl: *demonic grunts of the damned*

Just a Youtuber : I think your dog sounds a bit like a dog and satan.

Lucie : I’ve watched this too many times

Jodel Paredes : Frightened doggo geting anxiety over mount dew

UberToastWaffle : Obviously he doesn't want Double XP

Peter Parker : Your dog sounds like he could sing for some death metal band.

No Face Killah : She hates your taste in anime

Brody ArmBar : m'labrador

Cwazywazy1240 : The mascot of PC Masterrace.

Bluelight Spike : Nothing like a well loved dog doing dog things. I love this.

Kagura Nitrogat : The way you deliver "You want some mountain dew?" cracks me up more than the dog spazzing out.

mattlore : She knows that jet fuel can't melt steel beams

KIMOCHI 気持ち : *_I sense somethibg evil within that bottle_*

The Notorious Businessman : Little did we know he was actually naked

LOTO : Meryl is clearly not a filthy console peasant.

Cory Baxter : i bet he's holding up a gun to the dog in the other hand

Wolf Mask : This proves 9/11 was an inside job.

Gisel Sanchez : Nigga got a demon dog


Xestantial : It growls like a demon. Hory Shet.

thecircledance : Your dog knows Mountain Dew is toxic waste.

Shitpost Prince : what a strange reptile

8bit Gnome : She sounds like a freaking bear.

Keenan Meyer : Bitches do not simply "Do the Dew".

Mancboy2000 : Your dog is either batman of has lung cancer. ... ( yes there is a difference)

lindholmaren : It's been 85 years. Demo still hasn't even so much as shitposted.

wishbone346 : Apparently Meryl don't do the dew.

Sculpted Nostalgia : What did you DEW to her

RynOSauruS100 : Aww, poor thing. Get that dog some Dr. Pepper.

Flux : yes

R. Kayn : if a dog made the that same noise near me I'd call a fucking exorcist

Winderps : I identify as Dewkin and this offended me.

SkyFeline : Rejecting mountain dew? Your dog is broken get a return of your warranty..


trykulk gaming : if the dog had a bad experience he would have his tail between his legs not shaking his tail the dog was playing

Sanic Bushpig : Do you beat your dog with bottles or something? wth?

Crostil : D O Y O U W A N T S O M E M O U N T A I N D E W ?

Santiago : A part of me thinks this is kinda cruel... The other part wants you to bring a bigger bottle of Mountain Dew

D BONEZ : Mount and Dew me ;)

kush noodles : "want some mountain dew?" *_UUURGGHL_*

MewMewSun : It's video's like these that inspire me to draw.

Charles Manson : Meryl as in Meryl from Trigun?