You want some Mountain Dew?

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Happy Hoovy : Person: you want some mountain dew? Dog: *Vietnam flashbacks*

sliced banana : This dog is a Pepsi loyalist

brwhizz 30 : I thought it was an alligator in the thumbnail.

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : *I fear no man but that thing, it’s scares me*

OnlyAfro : She's trying to simulate dubstep and you disappointed her

Kengse : Damn this 6 years old video of a dog not wanting Mountain Dew is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks YouTube!

Boom : doggos angry because it's not bepis

RAiSiN idc : I feel like there's a backstory behind this vid

Toor the husky : Did anyone else think it was a crocodille in the thumbnail?

Andrew Ramlall : Mountain Devil

KoolKidzKlan : Waiter: would you like a salad? Me:

Greyler : thats a strange gator

Faris Mohammed : What did the Mountain Dew to her? Heh heh heh

Tita : Why does she sound like a Russian bear?


Highskii Lol : Just a normal dog walking then a guy said *DO YOU WANT MOUNTAIN DEW*

Gwen Feliz : the dog doesn't want mountain dew... *_HE WANTS A SPRITE CRANBERRY_*

Voicu Cristian : That's not mountain dew that's holy water

Kane : Mountain Dew's new flavor: Exorcist.

SamiDaOne : Poor doggo, she's allergic to MLG420BlazeIt

potaterjim : The dog has good taste. Mountain Dew is sprite run through someones kidneys and then mixed in with sugar at a 1:3 ratio.

nickdziwny : New Venom movie looks good.

Joks izSantos : Stop threathing me with that Hydrogen Molotov you capitalist pig

Darth Tyrannus : Dogs are real!?


Pandaser THE Panda : *I thought it was an alligator because of the thumbnail*

Paul Adrian Haiduc : Maybe she wants some bepis

Daniel Moreno : Satan has found his vessel.....

Osvaldo Morínigo : I hear yanny

Steven FakeLastName : 0:38 why the internet exists

Lily Mega Eevee : What kind of trama did that dog have to go through to get that reaction lol

Allagenda -Chan : i'm with Meryl on this one

this is so sad can we hit 2 subs : Want a Mountain Dew Cranberry?

HaSTaxHaX : Mountrain Grwwl

OreoandRaven 13 : That's not a dog, that's a demon

TheAaronFreeze : The most loyal of Mello Yello consumers

Martvel : _The Dog: Mountain Dew Strikes_

Wilson Silva : 7 years later and only now I get to find the best dog repelant. Thanks youtube.

Yung Stump : of course the dog wouldn’t like it, the bottles empty

MiREK : Even the dog know Mountain Dew is pure chemistry and no health.

UltimateQmazing : Guess she’s more of a Pepsi girl.

#РеалТайм : She could be a great frontier of a death-metal band.

Max Galan : Rest In Peace. May she get mountain dew in the next life

Robot Gore : “Meryl you want Mt. Dew?” Meryl: *demonic grunts of the damned*

ejej shej : He really wanted a sprite cranberry

Lola the Gardevoir : What kind of SCP is this?

Shadow Fox7000 : Doggo not like dew

Michael Cosgrove : Want some sprit cranberry?

winds : classic meme

Quad X : *Somebody get that dog a Snickers, you're not GRRRwly when you're trying to drink Mountain Dew with a Snickers!*