Mr Meaty: Crispy Hand Episode

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Trey Owen : “All of god’s creatures fresh off the grill” I think this is why I still love the show. The theme song gets me invested in it.

Fuego Eggo : I don't remember it being this messed up when I was little.....(●__●)

D : This feels like this show should be on adult swim.......

Crystal M. : eating hands is one thing. but I want to point out the fact that the kid saw the girl's tongue ring and decided to take her to a seculded part of the store. whoa. that's very... adult lol

I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIL : Why did someone feel the need to create something like this?

Lillian Crawford : This show is the reason I have issues.

Jasmine : now I understand why my mom didn't let me watch this show...

Kirstyn Gray : Nickelodeon showing you how to become a cannibal since 2000.

BLØØ GHØST : i feel like this show inspired don't hug me I'm scared

Noah Mulder : Annnnd this is why it was canceled...

p r ï n c e ß ß h î g h : ...........WTF!!!!!!😐 I can't believe I watched this when I was little! How did this even make it on tv!?😱

Ciyful : I beat my meat to mr meaty

yoko gloomy : World needs this show back

I Be Flossing : everyone's saying how scary this is.... I was wondering why they had yellow eyes.

ruhroh : i wagched this when i was a kid im still scarred to this day you dont even k n o w

Fabiola de leon : I loved this as a kid... No wonder why I have so many issues

Chris FAUCETT : I miss the days when nick has balls

Charles Lee : I feel like this could pass as a creepypasta

Magic Shazam : I didn't have nightmares with this, I actually liked it, now im much older and im creeping the fuck because didn't knew this was that creepy back when I was young and beautiful ;(.

Tyler Montigny : this show was awsome but super scary and creepy

progrocker2616162 : The things guys will do to impress women. Shit don't change hahaha

Cheyenne Marie : WTF is wrong with me for enjoying this when I was little 😐

fable : "All gods creatures fresh off the grill"

Chaos Player : Am I the only who noticed at 1:13

Hillary Clinton's racist Kara Swisher interview : *The show is a subtle critique on non-Vegans and rednecks.* *Even the intro song is a parody of God-fearing country-folk who kill and consume the creatures that (the) God (they worship) created.* *It's basically making fun of them and the meat-industry.*

Kali Mulligan : This explains why there are emo kids

Ivy J : the emo girl got turned on when her hand was in the fryer 1:31 😂😂😂

Mikaila Gomez : Holy crap what the hell was I watching when I was little?!?!

Nick Menendez : I loved this show, why was it frightening to some people.

Lauren G. : This was the weirdest show ive ever seen as a kid

Rachel Hardy : Oh my gosh, no wonder I loved Goth girl as a kid XD

Chris M. : This show is so messed up... I love it

Derpy Chipmunk : Whoever makes this is a genius

Sean's TV : "Hamburger, make it blooday" lol

Alexis Maryjane Williams : Omg this is my first time EVER hearing or watching this show Please don't tell me they called this a children's show ew cringes

Noah Evans : Really wish nickolodean didn't cancle this show

unblock me bitch : This show legit gave me nightmares as a kid. I remember whenever it came on I'd run away from the TV

Thomas Owens : *MEAT CHUB*

Tony Bananas : Let's be honest, Parker is jimmy from gta 5

HurricaneTortilla : Close your eyes and listen to 1:25 - 1:39

Elvia Flores : what the f###

Daniela Manzo : im .... im..... a.... hum ........ i dont ... i dont now wat just say........ this .... is ..... o god

Trintle : Most terrifying episode yet

Renee Timmermans :

alex guevara : hamburger make it bloody

TheGamerBoy HDTV : I don't see anything wrong with this episoid

Bauhaus Bitch : Finally, proper representation of a goth girl


Quinton Houston : Suddenly I've lost my appetite.

PandAventuras : Oh mi Dios y pensar que esto me gustaba .-.