Man VS Skyrim - 7 Year Anniversary
Man VS Skyrim 7 Year Anniversary 2kliksphilip

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See the full description below for a list of music used! Skyrim levels with you. But there's one nord in Skyrim who has a plan to outsmart it... 7 years ago to this day, Skyrim was released. I spent the following weeks blown away by how good it was. I played as Odgrub: a ruthless nord with violent tendencies. I uploaded a video a day to this very channel, documenting Odgrub's adventures as he became an unstoppable killing machine. The videos weren't very good, never got that popular and I ended up deleting them. But now Odgrub's back! MUSIC USED 0:00 - The Streets of Whiterun 0:07 - One They Fear 0:17 - Wind Guide You 1:10 - Awake 1:44 - Bard drum 1 (Not part of the OST!) 1:52 - Imperial Throne 2:53 - Secunda 3:42 - The City Gates 4:29 - Sovngarde 5:26 - Sky Above, Voice Within 7:04 - Harvest Dawn (From Oblivion) 9:54 - Dawn 10:55 - Out of the Cold 11:18 - Wind Guide You 12:26 - Ancient Stones 13:44 - Dragonborn The song that's repeated throughout is 'One They Fear': . Thank you to Jeremy Soule for creating all of the fantastic music for the Elder Scrolls! Follow him on Twitter:


akrobeau : This is Lisette’s story. Lisette was just a little girl when she found her passion. “I want to be a bard!” she told her mother. “Lisette, you will not be a bard! You will forever be a hunter!” Lisette didn’t argue. She went off to hunting school, but at night, her friend Sven, who was studying bard— ness(?), taught her everything about singing and playing instruments when Lisette snuck out. Lisette’s mother found out after a year. “Lisette, you are a disgrace! Your father died hunting! Don’t you want to, also?” “No. I want to die singing,” retorted Lisette. That night, Lisette ran away and traveled to Riverwood. She stayed at the inn full time, and when Sven’s summer arrived, he would stay with Lisette and teach her more. After another year, Lisette decided to officially enrolled in the Bards College. She was a bard! Many years later, Lisette was in an inn, singing for people. A strange man walked up to her, and asked for a request. She accepted, and as she was singing, he pulled out a weapon. _This is it. I told my mother I was going to die singing, and this is the time to do it,_ thought Lisette. As the blade punctured her organs, her singing grew louder. Her lifelong dream was fulfilled. She died singing.

Zyron : 14:55 Brought a tear to my eye... So beautiful.

evilartnboy : "As much gold as he could eat" That statement stunned me and gave me fear

Richard Gorbett : didnt really feel like it was 15 minutes, good video

ari : Do you get to the Cloud District very often? I'll have you know there's no pussssssssyyyyyyyy

Bladnaster Naster : Did I just see you teabag a dragon? Why yes....yes I did. You may only one hand your sword but you probably carry around your balls in a wheelbarrow. A dragon. He teabaged a dragon.

Yuval : Turn on captions at 12:30, thank me later

It's Kyuu : i literally died laughing when you fus roh dah'd Lydia for having gold diamond necklace the whole time hahaha

Lucifer The Lost : "Divines smile on you friend." Molag Bal: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lil cloudie : ive bought skyrim 2 days ago and put 20 hours into it already just to understand this video

SevenFour : 2:05 Legit died of shock

Raigor Stonehoof : Just found out about your channel. This is comedy gold. Can't even imagine how much effort you put into it. Amazing job man!

Parker Gonzaga : 13:22 “Like a butter through knife hot”

Adriani 268 : 15:27 Lydia in the most unenthusiastic voice in all of skyrim: "I am sworn to carry your burdens..."

Ronald Ochoa : Devines smile on you old friend... don- *gets killed with molag bal’s mace*

Rasmusb : 5:20 "Improving your abilities to oblivion and beyond, thus ending back in skyrim again" God damn I didn't catch that joke the first time I watched this video

Thomas Clarke : No one: Odgrub the second: **Jumps off the throat of the world**

Johannes Moberg : 15:04 that neymar spin

Wanderingwalker 1990 : Even now I still find myself drawn back into Skyrim! Such an epic game, even now at 100% completion I just can’t help myself 😂👍🏻

Kieran deSouza : wE hAd So MaNy GoOd MeMoRiEs ToGeThEr Shows footage of burning children.....

Axel Lengas : But odgrub could't kill/defeat the last enemy in skyrim.... falling damage

Ragnar Lothbrok _ : Oh wow, you actually WALKED all the way from Whiterun to Solitude and from Solitude to Riften That's some dedication right there

Pitbulls Nigga : This video is awesome, You really made me laugh and forget about everything. (Also you reminded me of the classic F5 killing sprees) 😂💙

OttoVonOOF : Odgrub : Slippery little dragons, i'm getting tired of this Whiterun guard : *WHY WONT YOU DIE* Odgrub : Nanosmithing son , my armour hardens in response to physical trauma (All of whiterun turns hostile) Odgrub: *WHAT DID I JUST SAY*

Gentleman Dog : 6:20 I feel so immature laughing through the entire lecture, and I love it XD

Slimy Boy : Smith: (gets shot in the face with arrow) Also Smith: WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

PotterBooksInHindi : I think this is the best skyrim video I have seen so far with the visual comedy on point... you have gained a new subscriber

Random Guy : The good classic old times when i never heard something called ... MODS

WONG : 5:01 whoa, take it easy my dude 😂

Spartan96219 : His voice is like perfect for a animal documentary

ItsBocephus : 7:01 ....Hehe

Death to Anime Avatars : Damn, now i have to sit 34 hours in front of my computer and wait so i don't miss it.

buckEighty1 : I have both suffered and revelled through hundreds of well meaning thou often cringe-worthy Skyrim videos, You sir have risen far beyond your unwashed brethren, with your gorgeously edited narrative. You just gained a follow. Which is the highest honour I can bestow.

FUS RO DAH! Daily : *Divines bless you, Odgrub.*

Legendary Weaboo : 6:30 - 7:00 literally all of that was what she said God I have a dirty mind

Luke Williams : Takes some serious dedication to run from Solitude to Riften, I think odgrub deserves a medal.

Mary42877 : Did you seriously match the action to the music? This is a really awesomely made video!!

White mage : 12:21 22? 30 minutes of 720p at 30 fps are over 30gb for me.

Almic : 6:30 am I the ONLY person who is actually hearing this right?

Curran McKenzie : Odgrub: ... Odgrub: *vibrates across Skyrim at high speed*

dannass5 : Top 10 videos you've made m8. It's crazy that i've been subscribed to you since your css/half life 2 videos and STILL you manage to keep me occupied througout a 15 min video. Good job.

0Gotland4Ever0 : Didn't even realize that 15minutes had passed. Gj :D

Mubeen Khan : You've just gained a new subscriber. Was a good watch mate!

Quacky : Has over 900 armour. Still days by falling from 3 meters.

GameoverMan : So many epic moments, but when the girl shouts "leave them all, NOOOO" (11:13) and the Video zooms in, 2good. The other Moment, when you calmly explain "... before we test how great he is, there is one more step... *char kills the guard" Epic comedy on point with visuals! good job mate!

Shane Carlisle : I literally just died laughing at all 15 minutes and 34 seconds of this video

Yuu Kisane : 0:17 i thought there'll be earrape "DO YOU VISIT CLOUD DISTRICT VERY OFTEN"

kolkul : ''finally, at 22GB of 4k footage later'' brilliant

Can we get to 10,000 subscribers with no videos???? : "As much as I hate to say it, you're almost as powerful as I am right now. But that's just because half of my power resides in that mutt, Barbas." You're almost as strong as current clavicus.... clavicus is at half power.... The last dragonborn is almost half as strong as a daedric prince! *this could go further though* "Oh, if I had my full power, granting that would be trivial. I'd simply snap my fingers, and everyone in Skyrim would die. War resolved." the last dragonborn is around half of clavicus strength so that means if he snapped his fingers half of skyrim would die..... .... DRAGONBORN IS THANOS CONFIRMED