Man VS Skyrim - 7 Year Anniversary

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PotterBooksInHindi : I think this is the best skyrim video I have seen so far with the visual comedy on point... you have gained a new subscriber

Daniel Orešković : you managed to take the dumbest possible script and narrate it to maximum quality

akrobeau : This is Lisette’s story. Lisette was just a little girl when she found her passion. “I want to be a bard!” she told her mother. “Lisette, you will not be a bard! You will forever be a hunter!” Lisette didn’t argue. She went off to hunting school, but at night, her friend Sven, who was studying bard— ness(?), taught her everything about singing and playing instruments when Lisette snuck out. Lisette’s mother found out after a year. “Lisette, you are a disgrace! Your father died hunting! Don’t you want to, also?” “No. I want to die singing,” retorted Lisette. That night, Lisette ran away and traveled to Riverwood. She stayed at the inn full time, and when Sven’s summer arrived, he would stay with Lisette and teach her more. After another year, Lisette decided to officially enrolled in the Bards College. She was a bard! Many years later, Lisette was in an inn, singing for people. A strange man walked up to her, and asked for a request. She accepted, and as she was singing, he pulled out a weapon. _This is it. I told my mother I was going to die singing, and this is the time to do it,_ thought Lisette. As the blade punctured her organs, her singing grew louder. Her lifelong dream was fulfilled. She died singing.

Josh Martling : 6:20-7:00 deserved a like on its own

Zyron : 14:55 Brought a tear to my eye... So beautiful.

V A N T I O M : 6:30 wait what are we talking about again...

It's Kyuu : i literally died laughing when you fus roh dah'd Lydia for having gold diamond necklace the whole time hahaha

jim jimjim : I played so much Skyrim I started pickpocketing people at work.

Default Oandores : Putting the laughter, back into slaughter Quote of the year my man

ari : Do you get to the Cloud District very often? I'll have you know there's no pussssssssyyyyyyyy

Ragnar Lothbrok _ : Oh wow, you actually WALKED all the way from Whiterun to Solitude and from Solitude to Riften That's some dedication right there

Blitz_Arena : I didn't realize all those innuendos at 6:30 until I read the comments...

ProDudeFilms : 14:55 I couldnt stop laughing at the timing of the music

Yuval Ezra : Turn on captions at 12:30, thank me later

Raigor Stonehoof : Just found out about your channel. This is comedy gold. Can't even imagine how much effort you put into it. Amazing job man!

Death to Anime Avatars : Damn, now i have to sit 34 hours in front of my computer and wait so i don't miss it.

Deadpool : Did you know that when you kill a person who lives in one of the major towns, a coffin or ash pot with their name engraved on appears in the hall of the dead bound to the city (which you can loot of course) also the majority of the shop keepers gets replaced by another person who already lives in the town if killed

Eternia Kerbal : too bad nobody recognizes the infinitely powerful OP odgrub. They all assume that you are a migrant idiot, even with your fully enchanted legendary dragon armor, right? This is the problem with scripted games like Skyrim, the NPCs are flat and do not react like they should to somebody that is /obviously/ way too powerful for them. Even with mods, it is really really difficult to get what it would feel like to be the emperor of an entire domain. When you reach the epoch of power, the Gods should start to attack you via their followers to prevent you from becoming a God by ascending, but they don't and thus is the end of the gameplay.

David Cuenca KW : Those who were invincible soon wished they weren't... :D Exquisite video sir, probably the best skyrim one I've seen!

GayusSchwulius : "... and collected as much gold as he could eat" - Wait, was that a very obscure reference to "Life of Brian"?

Mike : I mastered One-Handed when my girlfriend was off on study abroad.

SevenFour : 2:05 Legit died of shock

DarkNightZombie : I don’t usually comment but great video!!

Johannes Moberg : 15:04 that neymar spin

sofaking onmynuts : my favorite part was the little girl getting killed during one of the montages

Mubeen Khan : You've just gained a new subscriber. Was a good watch mate!

SeriousDude : Sorry to comment here about your premiere you had now for a while... But why did you remove it? I was waiting, watching it and then it disappeared, saying video is unavailable. I feel cheated :(

Caleb Connery : His voice is like perfect for a animal documentary

dannass5 : Top 10 videos you've made m8. It's crazy that i've been subscribed to you since your css/half life 2 videos and STILL you manage to keep me occupied througout a 15 min video. Good job.

Flipendo101 : 7:01 ....Hehe

Marcel Eltes : The way u made up that video is amazing. really enjoyed it, you got my sub

Armin Jensen : 0:15 the moment we all came for

HaxxorElite : 420k subs haha yes

Richard Gorbett : didnt really feel like it was 15 minutes, good video

Penguin Mama : Has over 900 armour. Still days by falling from 3 meters.

András Fogarasi : 3:06 *Morrowind flashbacks*

WONG : 5:01 whoa, take it easy my dude 😂

K98_Zock_TV : Odgrub....the man who once spitted out and Chuck Norris was born

mikevismyelement : The greybeard falling off the cliff is top tier comedy

Ju Jo : Rip premiere

Zak : *gets stabbed through the back* "Dont do that!"

smile it's just a game : That ending made me subscribe

Mister Sinister : i dont think I have ever seen a more well made video

Golden Shadow : Everyone is hating on the premere feature but fails to notice that the video will air 11/11 at 11am. 2kliksphilip is a true skyrim fan

AnexeL 223 : this is the funniest skyrim video I have ever seen

Jonathan d'souza : I respect the effort you put into making this content... good job!

Liam-Ethan Wallis : 1:35 Fucking censors

Derrick Bonsell : What Bethesda should do instead of making a generic sci fi RPG is spend some time and modernize their engine. They have every opportunity and ability to build an open-world game engine that even CDProjektRed could look at and be impressed by.

DemonGrenade274 : Some say that Odgrub attempt at suicide failed, for he was too powerful for mere gravity to defeat. And so, he still travels the lands of skyrim to this very day, looking for a challenge worthy of his time.

LanskiGER : This one was hilarious, true and gave me chills ... time to install skyrim again with all those fancy mods that actually make them more of a challenge :D Never give the nexus up guys.