ASMR Maybell’s Menagerie: Dragon Egg Shopping

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Gabby Guevara : What's next for Maybell?? I can't wait!!!😆😆😆

KickingAssDaily : My word. The editing is flawless. The camera angles are immaculate. The music setting is right. I never met a girl who had the same haircut as me though.

Gilbeethekidd 23 : Dude honestly, you're details. Wow, I just want more!

TeknoKID19 : I know this will sound very bratty of me... But i need another Maybell's menagerie vid stat lol. Though keep up the good work. Love the vid

gen101394 : There was a close up of the first egg where it was held with a barehand. The egg that has to be held with special gloves because it render regular gloves, and hands, to ash. Great video, though! The character you play is just adorable!

greendankness127 : This ...this right here.....this right here is the kitties titties!

Jackalope : you can really tell how much love, time and passion goes into your videos! i love your attention to detail, how you set up your backgrounds and your costumes, your characters, everything! it really shows that asmr has come so much further than just brushing a lens!

Tom Petty : I want to live in a place where stuff like this is normal

Colin Kirkpatrick : Never was it so fun to watch these finds of videos till this one! You are definitely my favorite YouTube channel with this particular one being the best. All the fantastic quarks Maybelle has was both plain fun and a huge trigger. Its truly incredible what you can create, thank you so much.

Tyler Plauger : Am I the only person that has fallen asleep to this video 7 times and has watched it a week straight? I love this video too much. I need help...

Zoo Party : this is my favourite character ever. this is the best thing ever. I've never seen any of these videos before. How did I get here?

MarcoPolo : This one is my favorite. Great job!

Julia : THIS IS BRILLIANT! You are amazing

Therealb_ry : Production- top tier Creativity- incredible Tingles- abundant Even if it wasn't ASMR this is a great video all on it's own.

alonsonf : I'LL TAKE THE ROCK

YahBoi Toast : Wow this character is so cute xxd instant sub

Deadsnake989 : Found this channel through this video recently. I really love this character. I could see them fitting perfectly in city of Dragon Reach from the PnP RPG I've been creating.


PBJ Ruckus : Please please please!!!! Do another video featuring Maybell's Menagerie!!!!!!! I loved this video so much I can't get enough of it.

Elissa Alatorre : I've watched this video 10 times and I still haven't made it all the way through without falling asleep

Prince Cosmica : PLEASE BRING MAYBELL BACK!! I absolutely adored her quirkiness, I adored the decor, the sounds, I adored everything about this video, and it had to be my favorite of yours by far! You never cease to impress me Erin! I love you so much!!

Gonzaskate77 : This is so lovely, I want to hug you. This is the first video I saw from you and I loved it so much, pure magic and love. Best energies and thoughts for you, much love

Kory Bourque : Please revisit this character! Absolutely enjoyed her! :)

Buttersauce42 : Is it just me, or do any of you also hear and recognise the song in the background

Evora Rose : Do a Heathers rp it would be amazing

Lillian Turner : I really enjoyed this video. Love ASMR vids that get creative.

TheVideowatcher456 : I honestly thought this was a character from some movie I had never seen before, and then I realized it was all made up and you're just great at acting peculiar characters, it felt so natural.

Fusion n' Stuff : I absolutely love this character! Please make more with her!


american phoenix : Ok I know this is an asmr channel but am I the only one who wishes the vids were recorded at normal volume I get sucked into the story. Seriously this does the opposite of putting me to sleep but I can't walk away

Sarah Kaiser : Only 30 seconds into this video and I already subscribed. This is an amazing ASMR thank you for your dedication.

Jeyd Noscoriane : I bought the mystery dragon lol hby?

charismaeee : I need to go to bed and I'm under the covers but I'm sweaty and I don't want to move because it's not over yet

Colt McMeins : By the end I didn't want one creature, I wanted THEM ALL.

Brian Laing : This is not just the best ASMR video I've ever seen, this is some of the best fantasy writing and execution I've ever come across. Are the dragons derivative of some fantasy series or are they made up? Regardless, this is fantastic! Keep up the great work! I really look forward to more of your videos.

Benjamin Wolford : Wow, how did u do the background and beginning effects? Ok the typical green screen and just pull offs of online but this defiantly seems a step or two above that! Nvm I just watched farther in and that stuff is real?!..... wow

Graham Hunt : The humor in this one is fantastic!

Dragon_ Slayer489 : This was just stunning, I subbed within the first 15 sec of this vid. Your an amazing content creator thanks for the wonderful asmr

Artistic Kawi : *Gets a dragon. Names it toothless. How to train your dragon theme starts*

Chrissy Searcy : One of my clients is a 13 year old girl who has a brain tumor. I am trying to help her find ways to relax during her chemo treatments which are really difficult for her. Since she loves Harry Potter, I suggested that she try this video you made and she loved it. It helped her so much that, her mom asked me to put together a play list of youtube videos to help her relax during chemo. Please continue to make your fantasy videos. I am definitely including your Babblebrook and Willow Witch videos in my playlist for her. You have no idea how helpful your work is!

Katie Stevens : I adore this sorta magical series you've got going on. I think it's absolutely wonderful and very relaxing.

Heavenlyashell : This relieved my stress in the first minute

radiohippie : Your videos are so amazing and detailed! I'm especially loving this fantasy series - I want to live in this world! All of the props, costumes and backdrops you make, along with your editing and story... simply amazing. Thank you for everything that you do!

Xiassen : I love the music. Been wondering, what exactly do you call this genre?

Alone : How did you get that type of lighting? i really love it

Montse Jaeger : I love this video

Just Brad : First time watching one of your videos and WOW! Very creative.

Strukturformel : I love it! Okay, i ´m drunk, but this is absolut fantastic! Love the setting, love the colors... love the special mood you get there...

Kait Morgue : I'm new to your videos and I don't think I've ever left a comment on a any video ever but I REALLY LOVE this one so much, my absolute all time fav, keep it up

jake cassells : Ngl I don't watch much asmr anymore but this is well fckin put together las