ASMR Maybell’s Menagerie: Dragon Egg Shopping

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PCGaming : I'm in the premium section of asmr it seems 👌

LadyKillerella : I got a rock

Jill Stephenson : I love how quirky Maybell is. I LOVE HER. I WANT TO BE HER FRIEND.

I'm A Glowstick : “By the time you leave, you will be entirely convinced that you need one of my creatures!” Dude I’m not even three minutes in and I’m already convinced I got 1/2 of a baby dragon growl in and I was sold

Juicy Jew : By far my favorite asmrtist by far. The editing in this video is top tier in terms of youtube videos. Please continue doing fantasy roleplays like this, made my month.

Moon M : This is one of my favorite videos, it never fails to knock me out, (except for the times I struggle to watch the whole masterpiece.)

Barry Bee Benson : My goodness, this is so well made and taken to down to the last detail! 😍😍😍

human ! : "I appolagize to both you and your lovely left shoe, the two of you will not be parted" * holds shoe closer to protect it*


Gibi ASMR : /bows down

術芸 : It's so strange, I constantly start books that I never finish. I'm working on composing a ton of ideas for a fantasy world. Your videos have so much imagination, it inspires me!

Dustbinni : I want... The celestial one...

M3RedGT : Why doesn't this girl have AT LEAST a million subs? WHY

zoomermoon : WOW! The amount of effort and craftsmanship is astonishing! This must've taken FOREVER to make and I can totally appreciate that! I love the asmr quality too. Everything seems natural and it's really relaxing! Props to you for this amazing video and bless your soul! I can't imagine the amount of effort that was put into this!

Midnightfjord The Polynesian God : I want the rock

Anna The Human : the second you mentioned the forest dragon it became my life goal to be a warlock in the woods with one of those dragons, asking travellers riddles and letting them stay in my hut and making them soup.

Yellowstone The Pony : Maybell could be a Harry Potter character. Or a complete series on its own. The quality is amazing. Good background scenery, good story, good acting. Everything is just perfect!

Comic Kazii : The haircut, glasses, setting... Everything was done to perfection and the ambient sounds were phenomenal!

The Dancing Wolf : "my eyebrows have a nice... luster" Irony being, I lost my eyebrows in a freak dragon belch accident 2 years ago... How i miss looking supprised.

Rhiannon May : i don't even know what to say to you anymore my girl this is perfect

Alex's Garage : Who else just smiles back when she gets all quirky and smiles?

Pump it Louder : This girl needs like 10 million subscribers at least, this is one of the best videos I've ever seen legit

Harley sakamaki : She reminds me of Pidge from voltron

heyitsfinleyy : I need the second one omg

Miss Synchronicity : Do you know how happy I am to see this much creativity coming through an ASMR video??? You are setting the best example for the wonderful, intelligent and inspiring people that come through this community, we are honoured to have you within it. Congrats on inspiring us all missy! <3

Mads : I think i'll take the rock

Tegan M : You👏deserve👏more👏subscribers👏

Hi it's Me : I love this video because it has close up and personal attention and almost some mouth sounds but it’s actually not sexual!

Molly Jenner : I've just completely fallen head over heals in love with her

Nyla Vox ASMR : You had me at, "Your eyebrows have a nice luster." You're amazing~simply amazing. ✨🐉✨

Steven Hernandez : What the heck? So much effort and production value in a role play. This is awesome! First video I’ve seen of yours pretty immersive gonna sub 🤙🏻

Danceismylife - : you would have been sent to azkaban a long time ago for selling dragon eggs

Becky : God i appriciate your videos and editing more than you know. Not to mention HOW FRIGGIN ADORABLE YOU ARE! I love you!!

Lee Everett. : If this place was real. I would be Maybell's #1 customer.

Tigerbomb gaming : This is first video i've every watched of you, and I subscribed in the first 1:03!

Hi it's Me : Who else wanted the cloudjumper!!!


emanuel Miranda : Your video reminds me of my old dragonology book when I was younger

Natural History Central : I’ll take all of them!

The White Rabbit ASMR : Erin. ERIN. This is a. Ma. Zing!!!!! This is just pure magic. Such a pleasure to watch and so funny and relaxing all at the same time! Ugh. You're my favourite, ever. ❤️

jonant8317 : Maebel makes a cameo in the new fantastic beasts movie or we riot!!!

Bluntteh : More! Maybell is such an interesting character!

Dan Korff : Oh gosh I love this video so much. I've watched it at least 112 times :)

Pricefield Pirate : Hello I've finally built up the courage to comment on one of your videos lol I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your Asmr videos! Tbh I usually don't enjoy Asmr videos where people are talking not even inaudible whipsers but by chance I actually came across this video sometime ago and absolutely fell in love with Maybell and her personality, before I knew it I was exploring your Babblebrook series and I couldn't help but also fall in love with the world and characters. Thank you so much for being such an amazing person and sharing this magical world with us and keep up the great work 😊

Elise : omg Erin, that was fantastic... You arranged the colours perfectly, I love the warm orange shades of it all as well as all the sound effects... and ofc your acting skills are out of this world! Thank you for putting so much work into it! ❤️

Sketch Hawk : Can you give us a list for the names of all the dragons? I could quite tell what you were saying for all of them so it'd be greatly appreciated if you could confirm what the names are for me, I'm really curious! Please and thank you!

Delaney Elizabeth : Pardon me Erin, Would you mind if I wrote a book series based in these role-plays I would give you credit for your videos if they ever go out in the open, Sincerely Me (DEH Fans where you at?)

nolie blue : please make a part 2!!!!!

Frisk DreeMurr or Frisky bits : May i get one samuel

dankmemerino147 : the 3:30 monologue was amazingly written, but it fuckin caught me in the feels