ASMR Maybell’s Menagerie: Dragon Egg Shopping

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PCGaming : I'm in the premium section of asmr it seems 👌

Jill Stephenson : I love how quirky Maybell is. I LOVE HER. I WANT TO BE HER FRIEND.

LadyKillerella : I got a rock

Crochet Love :D : I lost count of the times I've watched this masterpice! lol It's just to good to be true!


Madi Moon : This is one of my favorite videos, it never fails to knock me out, (except for the times I struggle to watch the whole masterpiece.)

I'm A Glowstick : “By the time you leave, you will be entirely convinced that you need one of my creatures!” Dude I’m not even three minutes in and I’m already convinced I got 1/2 of a baby dragon growl in and I was sold

Lany Liem : She's simply *gorgeous* 😍

Soulless Ginger : Her : your eyebrows have a Luster Me : i’m a redhead what eyebrows

Rhiannon May : i don't even know what to say to you anymore my girl this is perfect

Eden Mac : which dragon did everyone end up getting? i got the first one :D

Ashtree28 : I would happily watch a tv series about Maybell and her adventures... I was so captivated by this video I forgot I was trying to sleep! Just amaaaazing, I'm a very happy new subscriber.

Abby : Me- *barges in* “I WANT A BOGGART” “Uhm, we don’t actually have those.. no one knows what they look like..” Me- *screams angrily*

Shade y : And the ASMR Oscar goes to...

Cyber Ash : "Your eyebrows, they have a nice lustre to them." I am truly flattered.

Danna Williford : "Theodore's in a mood." Same, Theodore. Same.

Elise : This kinda gives me some Harry Potter feels

Pien : This is magic, i can't describe how wonderful this is. You create such beautiful characters and act them so well, and the set and make up and clothing and accesoiries.. Again, it's magic!

Polack Talks : Please make another one this was amazing. Please either do another dragon video just with different dragons or a different creature.

Dustbinni : I want... The celestial one...

Ott Bott : So this is what happened to Barb

Konstantina Perpera : it's the first time i go back to an asmr video multiple times every week. this and the all hallows eve one as it took me forever to watch. i play it every time i go to bed, but start from different time stamps to actually watch and not fall asleep to the coziness and miss it all!

Tommi : I think we all need many more videos of Maybell and her supernatural petshop :)

Mathias Pertl : Why doesn't this girl have AT LEAST a million subs? WHY

Wooden Corpse : This video in a nutshell I can smell why ur here bro Lemme show u eggs Would you like this egg which does a thing, this one that does another thing, or this light orb that hates light even though it is light and may or may not kill you? Ok you want that one Have some crap with it Bye bye


Anya Tassy : Your videos honestly bring me so much joy and relaxation, thanks for all of your hard work 💖

Bantam Lambert : Could you possible upload the background music with the animal calls?

OzcarGev209 : I need more of this character! ;-; it’s so amazingly played out!

AmazingCat303 : Omg this is amazing! You're so talented, and you're such an amazing actor! ♥ ♥ ♥ many many tingles, thank you!

imshort209 : Can I grow weed on the veride? If that’s how you spell it lol

Miss Synchronicity : Do you know how happy I am to see this much creativity coming through an ASMR video??? You are setting the best example for the wonderful, intelligent and inspiring people that come through this community, we are honoured to have you within it. Congrats on inspiring us all missy! <3

espri jeng : I cannot even express how incredible this is... This is impressive beyond words! Fantastic asmr on A WHOLE OTHER LEVEL

The Dancing Wolf : "my eyebrows have a nice... luster" Irony being, I lost my eyebrows in a freak dragon belch accident 2 years ago... How i miss looking supprised.

Harley sakamaki : her ; *talks about my amazing eyebrows* me; am i erwin with his beautiful eyebrows!! love the video tho

Bella's Dank Universe : I didn’t even watch this for the asmr, I’d just like to say your acting is on point !

Elise ASMR : omg Erin, that was fantastic... You arranged the colours perfectly, I love the warm orange shades of it all as well as all the sound effects... and ofc your acting skills are out of this world! Thank you for putting so much work into it! ❤️

Yellowstone The Pony : Maybell could be a Harry Potter character. Or a complete series on its own. The quality is amazing. Good background scenery, good story, good acting. Everything is just perfect!

Sunny : WOW! The amount of effort and craftsmanship is astonishing! This must've taken FOREVER to make and I can totally appreciate that! I love the asmr quality too. Everything seems natural and it's really relaxing! Props to you for this amazing video and bless your soul! I can't imagine the amount of effort that was put into this!

Rebecca Phillips : God i appriciate your videos and editing more than you know. Not to mention HOW FRIGGIN ADORABLE YOU ARE! I love you!!

Anna The Human : the second you mentioned the forest dragon it became my life goal to be a warlock in the woods with one of those dragons, asking travellers riddles and letting them stay in my hut and making them soup.

Gibi ASMR : /bows down

Molly Jenner : I've just completely fallen head over heals in love with her

sadgrill : ok im gay for maybell and would buy anything from her now

Harley sakamaki : She reminds me of Pidge from voltron

BecauseYNot : I have seen this video like 10 times or more, still haven't been able to finish it, I'll never see the end!! u.u

Dan Korff : Oh gosh I love this video so much. I've watched it at least 112 times :)

Steven Hernandez : What the heck? So much effort and production value in a role play. This is awesome! First video I’ve seen of yours pretty immersive gonna sub 🤙🏻

Deserted Pyro : Cute, absolutely the cutest

Matt Adkins : I want the cloud jumper!!!