ASMR Maybell’s Menagerie: Dragon Egg Shopping

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ASMR Power Of Sound : Wow simply wow!

Klony : This popped up in my feed quite a while ago, but I usually watch two, even three other ASMRtists.... But your Character reminds me SO MUCH of the doctor, it inspired me to create a roleplaying character. ;D

Lany Liem : She's simply *gorgeous* 😍

princepeterwolf : I hope you realize that the content you create is art! You are elevating ASMR to another level. I have no idea how were you able to create this set, it looks absolutely incredible. I can imagine these might be very time consuming but keep creating high quality content because no one else is making videos like these rn and I really hope you go viral because you deserve WAY more views!!

vicky kavvatha : Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: *Maybell's Menagerie*

Rhiannon May : i don't even know what to say to you anymore my girl this is perfect

SpaceWaifuu : I lost count of how many times I watched this video, seriously

Musical Larry : Can I just say that this is literally my favorite asmr video ever? I love the sounds. She's at the PERFECT distance between being too soft and too loud. Volume is literally perfect, and I love the music in the background and how you came up with a background for each dragon. This video is just 😍

Omgilovesteak : You are cute as a button!

stealair s : Your videos are so good, i can't believe it! The props, the stories, the acting, the editing! And the sound, gosh, the sound. All of it seems/is so professional. Anyone know the mic she uses?

SensationalTingles ASMR : You are definitely the producer of the highest quality of ASMR videos. This is beyond amazing! 🐉

Eden Mac : which dragon did everyone end up getting? i got the first one :D

I Have No Life : Theodore why don't you love me

Hannah Joytotheworld : welcome to the nicki minajerie,

Matthew Ferris : This isn't just a story created for ASMR this is an entire universe you are creating. Dragons, marauders, witches and cosy inns. This could be a book. I really like some of your ideas as well, for example how people can get a dragon from a shop if trusted. This idea is so fresh and unique because in most story's with dragons it is normally like a prophecy or one rider or whatever but here its just yeh care for it and you can ride it, it would be great to do another video on the menagerie or related to it somehow. Anyway great content and great ASMR.

Amy Anastasia : I will take the rock please :) haha

millie bowen : Please do another one of these like a sequel or something!

Danny Petersmith : It's like Harry Potter had a baby with Barb from Stranger Things.

christof Radtke : This needs *All* the views

american phoenix : Am I the only one that finds it sad that in order to hold the ardente you have to use gloves made of its fallen elders

Nyla Vox ASMR : You had me at, "Your eyebrows have a nice luster." You're amazing~simply amazing. ✨🐉✨

Masked B1tch : I liked the little critter sounds. They gave me intense tingles, and I thought of cute little Gizmo the Mogwai.

I Kiss Girls : Have you thought about art direction for film or television? You have a knack for building interesting, believable, and beautiful sets. I'd be amazed to see what you could do with a solid budget!

Danny Dan : This needs to be your main character in my opinion! MAYBELL IS AMAZING!!!!

Abbz_Fhc : Me- *barges in* “I WANT A BOGGART” “Uhm, we don’t actually have those.. no one knows what they look like..” Me- *screams angrily*

Juicy Jew : By far my favorite asmrtist by far. The editing in this video is top tier in terms of youtube videos. Please continue doing fantasy roleplays like this, made my month.

Crochet Love :D : I lost count of the times I've watched this masterpice! lol It's just to good to be true!

Not Jeff : Highest quality ASMR video of all-time, no question.

Olivia Starner : Her : your eyebrows have a Luster Me : i’m a redhead what eyebrows

Ashtree28 : I would happily watch a tv series about Maybell and her adventures... I was so captivated by this video I forgot I was trying to sleep! Just amaaaazing, I'm a very happy new subscriber.

Darya Lozhkina ASMR : Wow! that is only I can say))because I am paralysed))

H U N T E R : Where do you get your props for these videos? I'm obsessed!!!

american phoenix : I legitimately listen to this every night while I go to sleep your very good at what you do

Dan Korff : Plot twist: Maybell was able to perfectly read us and knew we were looking to acquire a dragon egg (hence bribing us with the dragon mints), but she didn't want to reveal it to us. Instead, by looking scatterbrained, she was able to effectively evaluate our character to see if we would try to pull one over on her. Once we proved loyal, Maybell felt better about giving away one of her beloved creatures and continued the transaction. Of course, I could be wrong since she showed us an egg that turned out to be a rock...

Jakob Cunningham : please make a sequel to this later on down the line!

Lance ASMR : Suuuper original! Me encanta!

raetehytan : This is the most adorable and creative asmr video I have ever seen. This character is golden, more of her please :) First vid of yours I've stumbled upon, and subscribed immediately. You put SO much work into this!

Faith Senske : "to be honest i think it's just a rock" omg i love this

Jasmine Undómiel : This is perfect!!! How do you manage to always create the perfect set?! Absolutely Amazing!!! Greetings from italy!

Raula Alice : ,,NO, Ihave absolutely no idea!" -Me in school. You are the sweetest person ever Erin. I cant even imagine how much effort you put into all this. I'm impressed! Love you 😘

Renzo Clement : How is she no more popular if it was new to her channel i could watch 1 vid sub and watch all the other vids in like 1 week

ObsessedOtaku : All of your asmr videos are so creative but overall they deliver this peaceful feeling and they are very warm☺️ i cant describe how obsessed I am with your videos!

Aden Engle : Maybell,What size would you like your creature? Me, small enough to fit in my pocket. Maybell, how about a dragon with 160 foot wingspan. Me, 😐

demi has a opinion : The music makes me feel like I'm in magic town centre. Like there's probably just magical instruments that play themselves

bio - : Part 2 anyone? Tbh this was nicely done 10/10

HappylilASMR : I.....have no words. This is fucking amazing.

Shade y : And the ASMR Oscar goes to...

tinyrocketship : May I ask if you watch doctor who? Maybell reminds me so much of Matt Smith’s doctor, I’m getting severe nostalgia 😂

Demi Videos : i would actually watch a full movie about/with this character... I dont know why, i just really like the character!

Anthony Flores : Am I watching a movie? Beautiful mise en scene *Ms.Tolkien* :3