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813Productions : Lol I love this! Good job Country Time!

Gavin Seim : Brilliant. It's time to resist this fascist state of anti-lemonade and the thugs wgo enforce it. I went as far as Mexico so I could experience a place where lemonade is still legal. Really!

Baby Gizmo : Absolutely brilliant, Country Time!!

SurroundedByCloudz Gaming : PR Department, you guys win all of the promotions. This is one of the smartest PR moves I have ever seen.

SpectreSoundStudios : Outstanding! Bravo!

ShadowWhelp : That is a damn good PR move. Really smart.

Patrick Vail : I can see that someone is jumping at this PR jackpot, but I don't care, I LOVE IT, GIVE THEM BURACRATIC THUGS HELL COUNTRY TIME, REPEAL THISE ASININE LAWS.

Lionheart Roar : I'm buying Country Time...doing something for kids wins my vote!

Smarter Every Day 2 : YES

Kent VanderVelden : Fantastic!!!

Zippy Toad : As of Jun 8, zero bureaucrats have seen this vid.

kurtu5 : And there it is again. The free market show that it's superior to the state once again.

jonathanlc2005 : I saw this segment on Fox news. When I saw a lemonade stand earlier today I stopped because I thought of your ad. Let me tell you, I regret asking for the drink. It was fruit punch with what appeared to be random debris (I kid you not). I tried it, it was horrible. Despite the experience, I still support your effort

FMBCHOPPERS : Anyone that calls the cops on a kids lemonade stand seriously needs there ass beat

Janet Bufton : This is amazing! I hope you come to Canada, too!

Christopher Michaud : Why not throw the politicians out on their asses.

legroll : I believe that children are the future.....teach them well and give them Legal-Ade Whitney Houston couldn't have sung that better.

RobynLovesPeace : I LOVE IT! I haven't been a customer, but I will be now!!

Zippy Toad : Love it!

Redneck Royalty : Keep it up I'll never drink another brand of lemonade again

crichton raaberg : This is brilliant! And great PR.

Born In Shithole Country : hahahaha This is great!!!

David Pauley : Well done Country Time! One of the best commercials (and causes) in a long time. We'll buy some just in honor of this commercial!

endorphinjunkie : Awesome!

dandeez : Hey country time, its things like this that will make me seek out your product over others when shopping. Thank You for standing up for something that you should not have to. Righteous! nice comedic touch! Love it! Give your ads guy a raise, because they nailed this one! Recommended to come here by greg gutfeld show, that short guy, lol

Sloopofwar 63 : OMG,, This is to good, Kick some bureaucrat booty. High Five.

zsleepwalker : Yeah! Country Time.

Jim B : Not all heroes wear capes... From a small Midwestern town, Thank-you!

Daniel Taylor : I'm off to buy some country time!

Duals Portvet : HELL, I'm buying some tonight! Great ad.

Pete G : I'm buying some Country Time Lemonade!!!

Pat Donovan : This is FUNNY and revolutionary!!!! Will be heading to the store tomorrow CountryTime!

Dave Woods : Brilliant, very well played!

Frank Ney : Waiting for the first police chief to threaten you with criminal solicitation.

Gordon Laplante : Ok I will support country time till the end and I don't even drink lemonade. This is seriously great.

fandude7 : YES!!!!! YES!!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! Gonna go out and buy Country Time Lemonade.

Ари Фёдорович : That’s awesome!

Mat C. : Well done Country Time!!

Jaime Hernandez : LOL taste like justice!!! hahaha

Ty Grenier : Brilliant! Now my nephew just needs a lawn mower company to help him with his young business venture.

The Unboxining : Here before this goes, we'll, like super super viral lol

Haggisdog : This is great! Way to go Country Time, very clever and light hearted.

Jeffersonian1 : Splendid.

01bletsch : Democrat scum are trying to eliminate every speck of Americana from the country. Good for CountryTime. I usually don't drink soft drinks or soda, but I'm going out to get myself a 12 pack. Thanks Country Time.

maymaylingling : badass

ficodecko : honestly one of the best marketing campaigns in a long time.

Andy Poquette : Alright. I'll buy some now.

pj48 : One small step for lemonade, one giant leap for lemonkind.

nicholas daley : Interesting. Let's see how this works out.

linkedaccountssuck : Fantastic!