Why I Hate Steven Crowder
Why I Hate Steven Crowder

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Wasiq Imran : Steven Crowder fanbitches gone mad.

Cambridge : Wow, guess the audience... Didn't go EazyOnYou

Matt Will : Eazyonme vs. Steven Crowder in a debate on any topic let's make it happen 👍

Brandon : Crowder has had a lot of YouTubers on his streams. You should find something to debate him with and go on!

Águila701 : So you go after both Conservatives and Liberals? Noice.

Tournel Henry : A more appropriate title for this video would be "Dubunking Steven Crowder on Climate Change" The current title doesn't fit properly as you only attacked one of his video

DutchLeMan : Unrelated to this, Why do you seem to have beef with EVERYONE?

deathbycoleslaw : every single video calling out anyone on the right gets comments about 'not showing their whole video' or 'taking them out of context'. what would be enough? If he uploaded Crowder's entire body of work uninterrupted in a video?

chuferoni : that like-dislike ratio tho such open minded viewers you've got

Zach Richard : Ohhh. So you hate Steven crowder because he disagrees with you... got it.

Dave Terrasidio : Crowder a Koch puppet

eyewars : 12:40 If you watch the video where he debates joe rogan, he says he doesn't care if it's legalized or not, but he simply believes that it doesn't cure cancer (like some are saying). He says multiple times in that video that he really doesn't care about that issue much at all.

Pranav : The moment Crowder went from ice sheets to Antarctic ice sheets, his ignorance was laid bare. He basically pulled an SJW. Unapologetically.

Graham Pantalone : You and crowder should have a one on one debate over it. That would be interesting to watch.

Alph Blishtarl : Crowder can be pretty dishonest, which is why the term "climate skeptic" bothers me, since a skeptic uses critical thinking to find the truth without trying to knowingly frame it the way they see it. Like many other conservative channels, he only really stands out as an anti-sjw. I know it only showed in the last bit of the video, but the #MarchForOurLives thing still really gets to me. I used to be more pro-gun control, but now, I'm not so convinced. Don't get me wrong; I still believe people should have permits to make sure they are using firearms properly. I just hate the protests because the people behind them frame it as an issue with just gun control. It's far more complex (especially considering some just make their own weapons at home) and has far more to do with the shooters themselves. White men and boys are statistically more likely to die as a result of suicide compared to other demographics (other than possibly "indigenous" men and boys). This is obviously a cultural phenomenon because this was practically non-existent in the past. I think the matter of education plays a part, but the most significant aspects have to do with the home (parent relationships, economic status, etc.). I believe the cultural difference presented to boys v. girls also plays a part, especially where feminists and sjws are concerned.

Arthur Morgan : Steven is such a hypocrite.

Joofus the Doofus : That like to dislike... oof.

Jack O'Jack : Steven Crowder is popular because he's very easy to understand.

Joey Salads : I watched almost every Crowder video, and this is just all like 90% wrong, I have my own criticism about the guy, but this was just all false, it was like you only watched 3-4 of his videos and made a whole bash on him. Like, u said he praises Trump, he HATES Trump for the most part. Like if you watched his videos you would know that, just shows the lack of research and bias in this video.

Matt S. : This is an interesting video cause I enjoy the work both you guys do.

Taresh Patel : “The Republican Party is the most dangerous threat to humanity” Naom Chomsky on the systematic denial of climate change on the right

solutionnotpuzzle : damn man i don't know how you stay so calm. nice rebuttals.

Alpolo007 : I stopped watching him after realizing how dishonest he was when it came to climate change.

The Angry Voluntaryist : I'm early in the video, but convincing boomers that Trump is the second coming of Christ? He's not even a Trump supporter... I'll continue with the video.

gearhead 130 : Hahaha! Look at the dislikes on this video! I think we know who the REAL snowflakes are.

Andon Giese : Steven crowder isn't right wing

Clever Comment : Eazy feels like the personification of the "*Teleports behind you* Heh, nothing personal, Kid." Meme. I can feel the smugness radiating off of him through my phone screen.

Randy Rogers : Crowder blew up recently so I can’t blame you hopping on the wave by putting his name in your title.

Rink : I like Steven, but I always try to come in with an open mind.

Antonio G. : I like how you have valid points and people are triggered H O E S M A D

Martin Pigeon : Facts don't care about steven's feelings

Jakob Czarnecki : He is a ted cruz guy

Timothy davies : "why i hate steven Crowder", shows one video (admittedly lots of dumb things in it) and says that Crowder is pro trump which if you watched anything during the elections, you would know is false.....

PB ThreeZero : your video put me to sleep

MasterMarshallGaming : Well global warming can be cause by the earth and by us equally


Joanne : Even if the Antarctic ice cap is still growing, the fact that it's growing more slowly still represents a negative effect of climate change.

Human Qrystal : To me, he's more of a comedian than someone who would full on debate others...

Bright Beem : But human survive ice age before

Alex Neal : Thank you for this, I sometimes watched his videos and was brainwashed by his false facts. This just shows me how misconceiving he his

joebuddyisyobuddy : Bro I looked at your Instagram where you flexin in a tank top and you got spaghetti arms. I cant even put a shirt on Eminem

actual trash : Why i hate Steven crowder: climate change. Seriously? That’s your only argument

PP_Weiner_Rod 69_420_Dab : I have to say right now I am a fan of Steven Crowder and I agree with most of the things he says. That being said I do not agree with his stance on climate change 100%, I do think he makes some valid but for the most part I disagree. I have a bit of an issue with this video however, all of your counter arguments are you just quoting some "Facts" from an unknown sources. The only time you show your "Proof" is when it's from Wikipedia. I checked your description box and not a single link to any of your sources. Your entire argument was basically "There's more evidence supporting my claim, look it says it right here on Wikipedia" your argument is no better than Stevens. Now all that being said I am still a fan of you Eazy and you have ever right to your opinion but maybe next video link your sources and maybe come up with a few more response. Can't wait for the next video! Thanks and have a great day!

Adriana Villacis : l hate StevenCrowder too.

Endraw : Love the use of X’s music as background

Stop sign CL : Steven crowder fan boys gone mad

Hayden long : Why is Steven crowder considers a comedian when all his comedy is just looking at the camera and screaming “ AAAAAaNNNNNNNDDDDD”.

Mr mushroom : Eazy, you can't just provide screenshots of Wikipedia pages to bolster your own argument while criticizing crowder for using dodgey data sources, that's just being hypocritical. There's a reason why most universities are against using this site for research.

KozMc Odin : so youre just not gonna give credit to lil xan?