Why I Hate Steven Crowder
Why I Hate Steven Crowder

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Egg : By the dislikes you can tell this video didn't go too well

chuferoni : that like-dislike ratio tho such open minded viewers you've got

8dave : "Pot is more dangerous than alcohol" -- people who believe that still exist? Damn.

Graham Pantalone : You and crowder should have a one on one debate over it. That would be interesting to watch.

Tyler C. : Debunk other views of his like gun control, you picked his weakest subject and then said all his stuff was bs.

Mystic Wizard : Unrelated to this, Why do you seem to have beef with EVERYONE?

Pranav Mohanty : The moment Crowder went from ice sheets to Antarctic ice sheets, his ignorance was laid bare. He basically pulled an SJW. Unapologetically.

LeonGundam : Man the Right wings Yahoo's really are butt hurt here lol

The Angry Voluntaryist : I'm early in the video, but convincing boomers that Trump is the second coming of Christ? He's not even a Trump supporter... I'll continue with the video.

Tournel Henry : A more appropriate title for this video would be "Dubunking Steven Crowder on Climate Change" The current title doesn't fit properly as you only attacked one of his video

Matt Will : Eazyonme vs. Steven Crowder in a debate on any topic let's make it happen 👍

Taylor Walton : He would destroy you in a debate. Change my mind.

Clever Comment : Eazy feels like the personification of the "*Teleports behind you* Heh, nothing personal, Kid." Meme. I can feel the smugness radiating off of him through my phone screen.

Timothy davies : "why i hate steven Crowder", shows one video (admittedly lots of dumb things in it) and says that Crowder is pro trump which if you watched anything during the elections, you would know is false.....

Randy Rogers : Crowder blew up recently so I can’t blame you hopping on the wave by putting his name in your title.

Garrett Phillips : What I find hilarious is the fact you won’t listen to Steven crowder because he isn’t a scientist. But then again are you? Lol also wiki is never an accepted source........ But good to see people motivated. Just wish people wouldn’t only listen to headlines.

Brandon : Crowder has had a lot of YouTubers on his streams. You should find something to debate him with and go on!

KozMc Odin : so youre just not gonna give credit to lil xan?

Shoe0nHead : i don't mind him for the most part he's just an average conservative comedian type. i actually like his new "change my mind' series. it's the really weird trans stuff that completely turns me off from him. he dresses in drag constantly. and makes the weirdest excuses to do so too. like. no matter what the sketch he will find a reason to dress like a chick to make it into an anti-trans thing. like 'tranny bane'. it's boomer-tier humor at the least and trans fear mongering/male rape hysteria at the most.

deathbycoleslaw : every single video calling out anyone on the right gets comments about 'not showing their whole video' or 'taking them out of context'. what would be enough? If he uploaded Crowder's entire body of work uninterrupted in a video?

Joofus the Doofus : That like to dislike... oof.

Crux161 : Crowder just proves the point that the handsome one are often *batsh-t crazy* 😂

Jolly Roger Bay : I found this interesting, because I like Crowder but I don't always agree with him, however, I don't think you did a debunking of him particularly well

Moist : Where have you B E E N?

solutionnotpuzzle : damn man i don't know how you stay so calm. nice rebuttals.

Matt S. : This is an interesting video cause I enjoy the work both you guys do.

Dominic Tumminelli : This isn't "why I hate Steven Crowder" this is about one video that you said you would start the video with. And more importantly, you consistently talk shit about him and regurgitate stuff he says in the video, and edit the part out. You can't pick his weakest issue and use that to show how you "hate Steven Crowder"

goldielox2382 : Steven Crowder is amazing...anyone who hasn't seen him shouldn't believe what this guy is saying.

Human Qrystal : To me, he's more of a comedian than someone who would full on debate others...

Jake Carpenter : Vocal fry: The Movie “Bruh, I’m an intellectuuaaall. [insert stoner laugh]”

Tony Skwara : EazyOnMe TRIGGERS right wing conservative snowflakes with LOGIC and FACTS

eyewars : 12:40 If you watch the video where he debates joe rogan, he says he doesn't care if it's legalized or not, but he simply believes that it doesn't cure cancer (like some are saying). He says multiple times in that video that he really doesn't care about that issue much at all.

Joanne : Even if the Antarctic ice cap is still growing, the fact that it's growing more slowly still represents a negative effect of climate change.

DandereGod : Yeah i like crowder, nah he ain't perfect. yeah i like you too, nah you ain't perfect either. For the record i completely agree with you on this video.

2M DoubleM : Now I do agree that crowder is a bit dumb when it comes to things like climat change and "pot is worse than alcohol" but I do agree with a lot of his contant why because he makes fun of things like the left and so on So I do not hate him but I don't agree with everything that he says

Jack O'Jack : Steven Crowder is popular because he's very easy to understand.

Midwestern Egalitarian : I love that you also criticize right-wingers as well. It's not just some of the SJWs that are stupid.

Raef Mitchell : Bit of a light rehash of Potholer54's thorough de-bunking Crowder's "climate change myths". Nice grooves though.

Tyler Korte : Did none of your teachers ever tell you that Wikipedia is not a legitimate source!!! 😂😂😂😂

Alex Neal : Thank you for this, I sometimes watched his videos and was brainwashed by his false facts. This just shows me how misconceiving he his

Trey Ayy : Wow you quoted Wikipedia exactly multiple times, great source you CYKA BLYAT

Keokeo Guzuma : This dude was playing a character on Arthur and lol the character was very socialist

Mac Davis : These comments are a trip. Seems like people are more mad about debunking their favorite YouTuber.

kirikakirikakirika : I agree. I watch Crowder's stuff, but I watch everyone's stuff. He's said many things about Canada, America, abortion, politics, and climate change that are blatantly incorrect. He ignores absolute facts and science, and does so with a very arrogant attitude. I keep reminding myself that he's just a comedian, but he presents himself as something more. That's a problem. What pisses me off the most is his obvious hatred for Canada, and unfortunately most of his fans believe everything he says without checking the facts. I've left several paragraphs on his videos regarding Canada, and so many people were surprised by my rebuttals. He grew up in Montreal, which is a very poor indicator of Canada as a whole; but he seems to assume it's the same everywhere in the country. He's very conceited and close-minded, which is ironic because he pretends to be so open. And many of his fans can't handle any criticism of him because they think he's the second coming of Christ. In reality, he's a bad source of information because most of what he says is opinion. I enjoy his "change my mind" videos, but that's about it.

Endraw : Love the use of X’s music as background

Wasiq Imran : Steven Crowder fanbitches gone mad.

jason rhea : Steven Crowder puts out good content that's all I know that's just like my opinion man

Bradyn Neace : Show your work!! Oh wait you will use Wikipedia... never mind...

Bright Beem : But human survive ice age before