Why I Hate Steven Crowder
Why I Hate Steven Crowder

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Egg : By the dislikes you can tell this video didn't go too well

Mystic Wizard : Unrelated to this, Why do you seem to have beef with EVERYONE?

Matt Will : Eazyonme vs. Steven Crowder in a debate on any topic let's make it happen 👍

The Angry Voluntaryist : I'm early in the video, but convincing boomers that Trump is the second coming of Christ? He's not even a Trump supporter... I'll continue with the video.

Tyler C. : Debunk other views of his like gun control, you picked his weakest subject and then said all his stuff was bs.

Taylor Walton : He would destroy you in a debate. Change my mind.

Clever Comment : Eazy feels like the personification of the "*Teleports behind you* Heh, nothing personal, Kid." Meme. I can feel the smugness radiating off of him through my phone screen.

chuferoni : that like-dislike ratio tho such open minded viewers you've got

Shoe0nHead : i don't mind him for the most part he's just an average conservative comedian type. i actually like his new "change my mind' series. it's the really weird trans stuff that completely turns me off from him. he dresses in drag constantly. and makes the weirdest excuses to do so too. like. no matter what the sketch he will find a reason to dress like a chick to make it into an anti-trans thing. like 'tranny bane'. it's boomer-tier humor at the least and trans fear mongering/male rape hysteria at the most.

Joofus the Doofus : That like to dislike... oof.

Pranav Mohanty : The moment Crowder went from ice sheets to Antarctic ice sheets, his ignorance was laid bare. He basically pulled an SJW. Unapologetically.

eyewars : 12:40 If you watch the video where he debates joe rogan, he says he doesn't care if it's legalized or not, but he simply believes that it doesn't cure cancer (like some are saying). He says multiple times in that video that he really doesn't care about that issue much at all.

Brandon : Crowder has had a lot of YouTubers on his streams. You should find something to debate him with and go on!

Graham Pantalone : You and crowder should have a one on one debate over it. That would be interesting to watch.

KozMc Odin : so youre just not gonna give credit to lil xan?

8dave : "Pot is more dangerous than alcohol" -- people who believe that still exist? Damn.

Tournel Henry : A more appropriate title for this video would be "Dubunking Steven Crowder on Climate Change" The current title doesn't fit properly as you only attacked one of his video

Randy Rogers : Crowder blew up recently so I can’t blame you hopping on the wave by putting his name in your title.

Timothy davies : "why i hate steven Crowder", shows one video (admittedly lots of dumb things in it) and says that Crowder is pro trump which if you watched anything during the elections, you would know is false.....

Crux161 : Crowder just proves the point that the handsome one are often *batsh-t crazy* 😂

LeonGundam : Man the Right wings Yahoo's really are butt hurt here lol

Garrett Phillips : What I find hilarious is the fact you won’t listen to Steven crowder because he isn’t a scientist. But then again are you? Lol also wiki is never an accepted source........ But good to see people motivated. Just wish people wouldn’t only listen to headlines.

deathbycoleslaw : every single video calling out anyone on the right gets comments about 'not showing their whole video' or 'taking them out of context'. what would be enough? If he uploaded Crowder's entire body of work uninterrupted in a video?

DandereGod : Yeah i like crowder, nah he ain't perfect. yeah i like you too, nah you ain't perfect either. For the record i completely agree with you on this video.

Bright Beem : But human survive ice age before

Jake Carpenter : Vocal fry: The Movie “Bruh, I’m an intellectuuaaall. [insert stoner laugh]”

solutionnotpuzzle : damn man i don't know how you stay so calm. nice rebuttals.

Jack O'Jack : Steven Crowder is popular because he's very easy to understand.

Human Qrystal : To me, he's more of a comedian than someone who would full on debate others...

goldielox2382 : Steven Crowder is amazing...anyone who hasn't seen him shouldn't believe what this guy is saying.

Dominic Tumminelli : This isn't "why I hate Steven Crowder" this is about one video that you said you would start the video with. And more importantly, you consistently talk shit about him and regurgitate stuff he says in the video, and edit the part out. You can't pick his weakest issue and use that to show how you "hate Steven Crowder"

Adriana Villacis : l hate StevenCrowder too.

John Barry : I feel my IQ dropping.

Matt S. : This is an interesting video cause I enjoy the work both you guys do.

Wasiq Imran : Steven Crowder fanbitches gone mad.

PB ThreeZero : your video put me to sleep

Jakob Czarnecki : He is a ted cruz guy

im probably going to jail : Eazy needs to upload more videos. *CHANGE MY MIND*

Andy Ontiveros : I agree with you.

Hansy : Crowder, Milo and Shapiro all have their flaws.

Alph Blishtarl : Crowder can be pretty dishonest, which is why the term "climate skeptic" bothers me, since a skeptic uses critical thinking to find the truth without trying to knowingly frame it the way they see it. Like many other conservative channels, he only really stands out as an anti-sjw. I know it only showed in the last bit of the video, but the #MarchForOurLives thing still really gets to me. I used to be more pro-gun control, but now, I'm not so convinced. Don't get me wrong; I still believe people should have permits to make sure they are using firearms properly. I just hate the protests because the people behind them frame it as an issue with just gun control. It's far more complex (especially considering some just make their own weapons at home) and has far more to do with the shooters themselves. White men and boys are statistically more likely to die as a result of suicide compared to other demographics (other than possibly "indigenous" men and boys). This is obviously a cultural phenomenon because this was practically non-existent in the past. I think the matter of education plays a part, but the most significant aspects have to do with the home (parent relationships, economic status, etc.). I believe the cultural difference presented to boys v. girls also plays a part, especially where feminists and sjws are concerned.

chocomalk : In the comments below: A bunch of people that will refute this video based on anything but the facts lol

Moist : Where have you B E E N?

Taresh Patel : “The Republican Party is the most dangerous threat to humanity” Naom Chomsky on the systematic denial of climate change on the right

joebuddyisyobuddy : Bro I looked at your Instagram where you flexin in a tank top and you got spaghetti arms. I cant even put a shirt on Eminem

adeline dinda : Damn, why so much dislike? People need to chill. I think crowder is fine, but he can be too much for me sometimes. I'm just not a fan of listening to argument when people scream and talk over each other a lot. But hey, a lot of people seem to enjoy him so good for him.

jason rhea : Steven Crowder puts out good content that's all I know that's just like my opinion man


Alex Neal : Thank you for this, I sometimes watched his videos and was brainwashed by his false facts. This just shows me how misconceiving he his