Why I Hate Steven Crowder

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massan% : now we wait for a ben shapiro vid

eyewars : 12:40 If you watch the video where he debates joe rogan, he says he doesn't care if it's legalized or not, but he simply believes that it doesn't cure cancer (like some are saying). He says multiple times in that video that he really doesn't care about that issue much at all.

Graham Pantalone : You and crowder should have a one on one debate over it. That would be interesting to watch.

Mikenactor : I'm a gay, left leaning, centrist... I'm always interested to hear what he has to say and I agree with him quite often... didn't know I was a frustrated white Christian kid 😅

Domanato S : Says Fact-check.org is sketchy yet uses Wikipedia as a source😂

Ben Roley : At the end of the day he’s an ideologue. He’s never going to say anything that goes against conservative dogma (e.g. climate) which makes him little more than a mouthpiece for conservative talking points, basically the right wing version of the SJW ideologues he mocks.

unknown assassin : The left wing is returded

kentucky mn : Nice video, crowder is a hack. We need more pushback on these clowns, the internet has been too enthralled with this nonsense.

Drank in my cup : Fuck crowder !

Riverr Blue : ohhl look at me my name is eazy and i can use Wikipedia hmmmmm

DieHard567 rick : So basically you disagree with his points and then try and debunk with wiki ok lol.

katrina brie : Now be a good leftist and kill your unborn baby. Save me the virtue signaling. This is why you have so many dislikes. At #walkaway From leftist haters

crosbykicksbutt : I really like this channel, but lets be fair. You attacked Crowder's weakest point, which was only 1 of his videos. 1 of his worst videos. If you actually hate Crowder, maybe covering a few of his views and debunking those individually would make me side with you more. We can put the shoe on the other foot now, if Crowder made a video of why he "hated" you, his video would annihilate yours. Actually, he has segments where he debates people live. I think your audience, and his, would be more than happy to watch a debate.

Leo Gemini : Lol when he says NOAH can't even predict how many hurricanes will hit Florida so how can we trust their climate change predictions... Do you remember when Trump said scientists can't even predict the weather correctly so how can he trust them on climate change.... The idiocy is too real lol

Zachariah Leslie : This video misrepresented him a lot.

DirtyBasket : So you hate Crowder just because he doesn't believe in global warming/climate change? What a pathetic excuse for a video and the word "hate". You just want to an excuse to make another video and add it to your archive of " why I hate (insert popular right wing personality)

Luigi Vincenzo : I really hate people that get rich off of other peoples ignorance. Crowder is trapped in his own money making machine, obviously if he changes his opinion and views he will lose fans, subscribers, and money, even if it has been shown that his views on certain things (climate change) are completely wrong. I don't see why people like that deserve any respect tbh.

Alex Anderson : Triggered Crowder fans galore. A college student took him down on Socialism. Crowder looks and talks like an annoying idiot, and he's not funny.

Mason Janes : Your claim: 90% of scientists agreed that humans were primary cause of climate change Truth: the picture you showed (from Wikipedia of all places) doesn’t even say that, it says they agreed green house gases were the leading cause of global warming *important note* green house gases are a wide variety of gases that can be produced in a multitude of ways. Scientists agreeing green house gases are an issue is not the same as scientists agreeing humans are the leading cause of global warming. It does not take a genius to notice the source that you put on screen doesn’t even line up with you’re saying the source says

Ian Corker : Your video was rather inaccurate, sir.

moloney02 : You deny science more than he does

Proteus : Im a climatologist and there is no conspiracy to trick people into beliveing in climate change, just a lot of inconclusive data and climatologists prefering to be better safe than sorry. This why I personally believe if you dont have a relevant degree and years of work in climatology you shouldnt have an opinion as it will be uneducated. Eazy, both you and Crowder are just plain uneducated on the subject.

Cheese E Man : I hate people who say that the government is the only one who can save us. Not an international organization, not independent scientists, nobody but Trudeau, Clinton, and any other "God" to them.

CoCoTheGamer : Literally my science textbook says that the scientist really don’t know what’s causing the warming...just saying ;)

Spen Tro : Steven crowder fan boys gone mad

SuiSunday : Wow, this was... bad. Not only do you hate him because of one video, but... his worst video. Not only that, you weren't able to prove he lied about anything. Yes he did make some dumb points and cherry pick some data, but he does have other very great points in the video. If you want to convince me you have good reason to hate him, give me more than one of his arguments, and show me one place where he has lied. Not to mention he treated trump like "the second coming of christ" Steven isn't even very fond of the guy, which of course you wouldn't know, he just thinks he is better than Hillary or Bernie

Servanthood Productions : You literally showed one of his videos about probably the most irrelevant political topic ever. Maybe the reason you find him annoying is because he keeps kicking your butts.

Timothy davies : "why i hate steven Crowder", shows one video (admittedly lots of dumb things in it) and says that Crowder is pro trump which if you watched anything during the elections, you would know is false.....

dbooted : You're a nice fan of ad hominem too.

Samuel .Watson : Eazy have you seen the Illinois Livestream? Its about socialism and this kid named Yoseff absolutely demolishes Crowder. Makes him get super flustered and aggressive. The comments are all praising Yosef and raking Crowder over the coals, you have to see it

scody159hs : Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah. Kept waiting and waiting for you to talk about this evidence that proves crowder is wrong and laughed my ass off when u pulled up wikipedia as ur source.

Mistermax30 : Lol, no one likes Crowder.

Make Russia Great Again : Crowder doesn’t like trump it’s like you’ve never watched his stuff just his climate change video

wanerty2 : While yes he made the mistake of saying that Crowder is pro Trump, it does not negate the other facts stated in this video. Although asking may be too much because considering other videos of his, a good percentage of viewers are probably conservatives who happen to agree with Crowder. All I ask is that people don’t let an honest mistake negate other facts of the video.

OmahaAtheist : Liked this video. One thing I do admire about Crowder, at least he list his sources. Most you tubers do not.

TheHound : Your commentating is garbage..sounds forced. Also voice sounds weak and nasally

Bullsfan23 gg : You talk like you just woke up from a long nap and smoked a fat bowl bro. At least Steven sounds sober.

m e : I am atheist and much younger than a boomer and I like him. I think he is dead wrong on things like god and climate change but he has some good points on topics like gun control, personal liberties, the current state of the left and islam. I was a Democrat for most of my life and now they are far worse than the right.

Headshot Deadshot : I like that he has as many dislikes as likes

Rafal Brejwo : all your points about Steven Crowder are wrong he seed doesn’t like trump in video and I watched almost every Crowder video, and this is just all like 90% wrong and stop nitpicking videos EazyOnMe.

Andrew Vanbibber : Waste of my time, wish I didn't watch this, I don't even agree with crowder too but this was bad

GG Random : You truly deserve my subscription! Thanks for this video man!

Armpit Gland : He’s a comedian that makes fun of liberal extremists. Sure I don’t agree with all of his views, but he does make some very good points. Each political sides has certain fallacies in my opinion, but the extreme left has proven to be a bigger problem. The “extreme white nazi supremacist” is FAR LESS of an issue in terms of numbers. I think we can agree that freedom of speech is necessary to freely expressing yourself (which used to be what liberalism was about). If Crowder can make some far leftists change their mind to being more centered, I’d say he’s doing us a favor. People can always disagree with an idea, but you should always listen because they may know something you don’t. Take in the good ideas, expel the bad.

unknown assassin : Eazyonme your a science nerd that can be proved wrong by just about anyone

Jeff Glasgin : 6.6 right wing bandwagons disliked this video because they can’t stand losing

Run to Altar : You can do better man.

Poisonedblade : Let's talk about Climate Change. Man Made CO2 is 0.0014% of the atmosphere. The IPCC, International Panel on Climate Change reported to the UN that 0% of their predictions have come true and they do NOT know what is causing the fluctuations of the Earth's temperature. If you would actually read an IPCC report you would know this. Man is NOT causing the climate to change. My source is the actual IPCC reports published for the United Nations. When Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement we were supposed to pay $20,000,000,000,000.00 in a non-binding agreement, which is insane.

J.J. McCullough : Very cool videos man. Great production quality. Really unique style.

Slacker Engi 2 : Finally someone acknowledges it Dudes a ass forcing his opinion

CoolExcite : Steven Crowder may very well be the biggest doucehbag on youtube