Why I Hate Steven Crowder

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Shoe0nHead : i don't mind him for the most part he's just an average conservative comedian type. i actually like his new "change my mind' series. it's the really weird trans stuff that completely turns me off from him. he dresses in drag constantly. and makes the weirdest excuses to do so too. like. no matter what the sketch he will find a reason to dress like a chick to make it into an anti-trans thing. like 'tranny bane'. it's boomer-tier humor at the least and trans fear mongering/male rape hysteria at the most.

Spen Tro : Steven crowder fan boys gone mad

eyewars : 12:40 If you watch the video where he debates joe rogan, he says he doesn't care if it's legalized or not, but he simply believes that it doesn't cure cancer (like some are saying). He says multiple times in that video that he really doesn't care about that issue much at all.

Mikenactor : I'm a gay, left leaning, centrist... I'm always interested to hear what he has to say and I agree with him quite often... didn't know I was a frustrated white Christian kid 😅

Zachariah Leslie : This video misrepresented him a lot.

Joey Salads : I watched almost every Crowder video, and this is just all like 90% wrong, I have my own criticism about the guy, but this was just all false, it was like you only watched 3-4 of his videos and made a whole bash on him. Like, u said he praises Trump, he HATES Trump for the most part. Like if you watched his videos you would know that, just shows the lack of research and bias in this video.

Ian Corker : Your video was rather inaccurate, sir.

hanna rodriguez : I hate crowders debate style so much. I don’t see many comments on this but I notice he tends to manipulate the situation every chance he gets. Making subtle comments like “I don’t care, BUT...” and shit like that. Trying to make himself look like the good guy and manipulate the audience. I just notice he does this in very video and debate I had to stop watching him. I wish I had more example of this it’s so subtle I can’t describe it.

Domanato S : Says Fact-check.org is sketchy yet uses Wikipedia as a source😂

Mason Janes : Your claim: 90% of scientists agreed that humans were primary cause of climate change Truth: the picture you showed (from Wikipedia of all places) doesn’t even say that, it says they agreed green house gases were the leading cause of global warming *important note* green house gases are a wide variety of gases that can be produced in a multitude of ways. Scientists agreeing green house gases are an issue is not the same as scientists agreeing humans are the leading cause of global warming. It does not take a genius to notice the source that you put on screen doesn’t even line up with you’re saying the source says

EazyOnMe : Watch the video before judging; Crowder gets some things right, and some things wrong. I've been slacking on videos for a while; my bad! Gonna get it back to multiple videos per month instead of just one per month. Next video on Kanye. Let me know what else you wanna see. <3

DieHard567 rick : So basically you disagree with his points and then try and debunk with wiki ok lol.

Billy Lee : You have more dislikes than likes. Says it all.

moloney02 : You deny science more than he does

kirikakirikakirika : I agree. I watch Crowder's stuff, but I watch everyone's stuff. He's said many things about Canada, America, abortion, politics, and climate change that are blatantly incorrect. He ignores absolute facts and science, and does so with a very arrogant attitude. I keep reminding myself that he's just a comedian, but he presents himself as something more. That's a problem. What pisses me off the most is his obvious hatred for Canada, and unfortunately most of his fans believe everything he says without checking the facts. I've left several paragraphs on his videos regarding Canada, and so many people were surprised by my rebuttals. He grew up in Montreal, which is a very poor indicator of Canada as a whole; but he seems to assume it's the same everywhere in the country. He's very conceited and close-minded, which is ironic because he pretends to be so open. And many of his fans can't handle any criticism of him because they think he's the second coming of Christ. In reality, he's a bad source of information because most of what he says is opinion. I enjoy his "change my mind" videos, but that's about it.

Make Russia Great Again : Crowder doesn’t like trump it’s like you’ve never watched his stuff just his climate change video

Ben Roley : At the end of the day he’s an ideologue. He’s never going to say anything that goes against conservative dogma (e.g. climate) which makes him little more than a mouthpiece for conservative talking points, basically the right wing version of the SJW ideologues he mocks.

spencer knowles : I like some of what he does, but he’s rude a lot. Interrupts people, talks over people, then complains about other people being disrespectful. He also dodges legitimate questions sometimes. He overreacts and overplays evidence. Gets “facts” wrong sometimes. The change my mind about Prolife boiled down to opinion and emotional appeal and he talked about it like it’s absolute facts. You can watch his confirmation bias in his arguments, research, and looking at what he chooses to pull from sources. I want to add that I’m a conservative and he gives us a bad name on many topics esp with his power and being so well known.

SuiSunday : Wow, this was... bad. Not only do you hate him because of one video, but... his worst video. Not only that, you weren't able to prove he lied about anything. Yes he did make some dumb points and cherry pick some data, but he does have other very great points in the video. If you want to convince me you have good reason to hate him, give me more than one of his arguments, and show me one place where he has lied. Not to mention he treated trump like "the second coming of christ" Steven isn't even very fond of the guy, which of course you wouldn't know, he just thinks he is better than Hillary or Bernie

CoolExcite : Steven Crowder may very well be the biggest doucehbag on youtube

tom possessed : Steve cowarder is a fun guy but his is not correct.

SEMontages : Triggered crowder fans disliking

iEfrideet : You're a nice fan of ad hominem too.

unknown assassin : The left wing is returded

kentucky mn : Nice video, crowder is a hack. We need more pushback on these clowns, the internet has been too enthralled with this nonsense.

marduk : Having disagreements with crowder doesn't mean that you have to hate him ffs, change the title.

Luigi Vincenzo : I really hate people that get rich off of other peoples ignorance. Crowder is trapped in his own money making machine, obviously if he changes his opinion and views he will lose fans, subscribers, and money, even if it has been shown that his views on certain things (climate change) are completely wrong. I don't see why people like that deserve any respect tbh.

Jeff Glasgin : 6.6 right wing bandwagons disliked this video because they can’t stand losing

Salaros : I do respect the point of view of people who believe in climate change, but what about Jurassic / Cretaceous period when the temperature was much higher if compared to what it is now? What changed since Ice age? Did people stopped it by firing torches here and there? Don't you think it's all about Sun being more or less active in different periods / eras? I do think that humanity is responsible of pollution, but not of global warming, just like dinosaurs weren't responsible of rain forest on territories of future Antarctica and future Europe covered with seas, because of completely absent ice caps. Neither mammoths and our ancestors were responsible of low temperatures of the Ice age.

Servanthood Productions : You literally showed one of his videos about probably the most irrelevant political topic ever. Maybe the reason you find him annoying is because he keeps kicking your butts.

Theomachy : Nice one, Ali. Take your time with content creation, Ali!

Smash Guy : That like to dislike... oof.

Hi! I had to cut poverty in the school gymnasium : EazyOnMe is the most underrated political channel on YouTube.

TheHound : Your commentating is garbage..sounds forced. Also voice sounds weak and nasally

Alph Blishtarl : Crowder can be pretty dishonest, which is why the term "climate skeptic" bothers me, since a skeptic uses critical thinking to find the truth without trying to knowingly frame it the way they see it. Like many other conservative channels, he only really stands out as an anti-sjw. I know it only showed in the last bit of the video, but the #MarchForOurLives thing still really gets to me. I used to be more pro-gun control, but now, I'm not so convinced. Don't get me wrong; I still believe people should have permits to make sure they are using firearms properly. I just hate the protests because the people behind them frame it as an issue with just gun control. It's far more complex (especially considering some just make their own weapons at home) and has far more to do with the shooters themselves. White men and boys are statistically more likely to die as a result of suicide compared to other demographics (other than possibly "indigenous" men and boys). This is obviously a cultural phenomenon because this was practically non-existent in the past. I think the matter of education plays a part, but the most significant aspects have to do with the home (parent relationships, economic status, etc.). I believe the cultural difference presented to boys v. girls also plays a part, especially where feminists and sjws are concerned.

Hendrius Oliveira : The point is: even if climate change is man made, none of the crazy policies proposed by the stupid left would solve it.

Drank in my cup : Fuck crowder !

Taresh Patel : “The Republican Party is the most dangerous threat to humanity” Naom Chomsky on the systematic denial of climate change on the right

Siennawall : The like to dislike ratio 😂 wow at least it’s better than every day bro

Karen Hunter : "Steven crowder is so dumb" yet proves his point with evidence mostly from Wikipedia lol

SimmerBot : I always thought of Steven Crowder as right-wing Buzzfeed

Church174 : I love the Crowder defenders. "Yea, you caught him lying and being wrong or disingenuous on purpose, but it was only one video! And not even a good one, and everyone already knows that." You can't buy that kind of blind faith in a person with money. Just because this video focused on a specific and low hanging fruit doesn't make it any less true. Some people just can't accept that those who champion their own tightly held beliefs can be just as wrong, but it doesn't diminish your beliefs, unless you hold the same ignorant or incorrect beliefs.

Rafal Brejwo : all your points about Steven Crowder are wrong he seed doesn’t like trump in video and I watched almost every Crowder video, and this is just all like 90% wrong and stop nitpicking videos EazyOnMe.

unknown assassin : Eazyonme your a science nerd that can be proved wrong by just about anyone

Silas Elliott : This is so dumb😂

UNR Network : This is a pretty disengenous video. You misinterpreted a lot of his statements and opinions. Like when he said humans are the PRIMARY cause of climate change and you pivot by citing a study of 32 scientists saying "humans do not cause climate change" and then attributing that point to Crowder. Those two statements are saying two separate things. I don't agree with that particular point of Crowder's, but don't misrepresent his views. You also made several jabs towards him like saying that he thinks Trump is the second coming of Christ, which is just stupid, he's never made a statement remotely close to that. Again, stop misrepresenting his views, you should be better than that as a skeptic.

David Terrasidius : Crowder a Koch puppet

Pastafarian Prophet : Uh oh class RETARD ALERT

John Cunningham : Crowder countered every one of your arguments before you even made this video. By the way, Conservatives are much more aware of factual science than anyone who believes that humans are the main cause of climate change; for which there is no proof. I believe Crowder also pointed this out.

wanerty2 : While yes he made the mistake of saying that Crowder is pro Trump, it does not negate the other facts stated in this video. Although asking may be too much because considering other videos of his, a good percentage of viewers are probably conservatives who happen to agree with Crowder. All I ask is that people don’t let an honest mistake negate other facts of the video.