Kelly Valleau - Mission: Impossible Theme - Fingerstyle Guitar

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MDep : To play it is an impossible mission!

PUB G WORLD : Sir can you make a tutorial video please...I want to learn this

Jakob D : That was pretty boss.

Adriano Quadros : Amazing!

I hate words : You stole my heart.

Gibson SG : The guitar sound is perfect

Matt's Crazy Art : - Overall execution: beautiful. - Putting an awesome 5/4 song into boring old 4/4 for the simps: booooo!

Anant Gupta : U R just great

SpybottleMessuage : O, my God! Great job. Now, if it would not be from spy movie, I'd never be such astonished, then.

Sweeney Music Channel : this song is officially in my head

Metehan KILIC : Awesome

JaTess MySG : New cover ;). Where your nice smile? Where Super Mouse?

Tracy Gittins : The COOLEST part of the original is that it's in 5/4. Resist!

Lowel : how did u keep that hammer on going so long :s

Kajetan Wilk : thats the best movie on your chanel seriously

Kavafy : Why the switch into 4/4 though?

Seihan Noriega : kelly i love your fingerstyle style:D

crsaikley : Great playing, but why the time change at about 0:16? Isn't the original in 5 all the way through?

darthdude : pleeeeeeeeez do a tutorial, it'd be great to busk

Felix Martex : I'm speechless....That was both cool and loved it❤❤❤

Sandy666 : I wish I could do this! Awesome.

Hariben Ben : Amazing arrangement ... The easy best on youtube

ELITE GAMING MATT : Whine the world is he he's so good he sound way better than Sungha Jung

Cruzious Panganiban : This music reminds me how awesome their tactics is

Ali Haider : who's want 30 sec to mars up in the air or hurricane or do or die cover. hit like so hopefully kelly gonna made it 🤔

Nicholas Ng : Playing this should be really Mission:Imposible

Time : Wow! Amazing!

Mas Radhar : Waow njer gilak 😂

d rice : looks so seemless. fair play

Russell Hope Sanchez : why ssooooo damn amazing!

I hate words : PERFECT

Pomidorczik Ljudoed : Нормально, нормально... 😉

Sangmin Kang : the best cover I'd ever heard

Gregori Philips : Sexy buddy! !!!!

Robin Jame Cale : awesome! :D

PoppaFunkBand NYC Funk Rock Band : Fantastic

Basheer Yasheer : 😚😚🌹

John Cena : it was perfect bro......amazing

Julian Schwind : 🎵😍

Now You See SB : Oooo 💓💓

Amr Gamal : the end was amazing

satyajit karmakar : world is full of talented guys, i am here good at nothing.

Clauss : This was awesome. Great work, Kelly! :)

jaythizzle1969 : Very cool.

coustic A : wonderful

Ravi Kumar G : Excellent..

Nathan johnson : OMG

claudio oliver : Outstanding!

anam shah : great

alex perro : muy bien