Adam Hills Live at the Apollo

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Rade : International bonding songs also include Bohemian Rhapsody.

Corrosion Audio : "Me, 5 comedians and Michael McIntyre"  Did no-one else get that? lol

Franky Novotny : He's so instantly likeable

Alex Lawrence : I think the middle guy should of been the gay one of the band, to be honest

Devil's Advocate : 5 comedians *and Micheal McIntyre*

Andrea Ong : For the uninitiated, the buff guy that the ladies are gonna is love is actually Nick Hamilton, a British racecar driver with cerebral palsy and not just some guy who looks like a celebrity

KT926 : Wow! Adam can sing really good!!! :O

Henrik Jensen : It's weird how so many comedians have nice singing voices like Adam Hills and Micky Flanagan. I think they both sing much nicer than any member of one direction

globalman : Adam is extraordinary, not just funny but his humanity makes him unique among comedians. With Nick he didn't miss a beat. Remarked about his CP and moved on. We need more people like him. He disarms people's being ill at ease with disabilities.

Jayfive276 : #TeamLadInTheMiddle

Stella4eva : Most beautiful guy on the planet, I can't cope! Adam Hills, there are no words!

Adam Haase : By the time they got off the stage they probably exchanged Facebook and Twitter details.

Phoenix 24 : I love how there are all nervous and then when the song comes in they are improvising an all sorts. So funny, and actually a bit impressive

RealJustinCrow : I love the stuff he's saying about Nicole from pussycat dolls, cause nick Hamilton with the cp, is Lewis's brother lol! He's a moto gp driver incase anyone was wondering

Heidi Adick : Funny guy! Love the instant boy band!

skippetj : now I really want to know who that Belgian comedian was xD

Thig ar Latha 96 : I love how he says me 5 comedians and Michael McIntyre

watvid1 : Haha that was certainly unique

Stephen Potts : Anyone else think the guy in the middle with the toque was a girl?

Tash Finch : I swear the guy in the black with the cap on in the middle is a girl... Or trans

Matt Bailey : What a pro!

Heidi Adick : Funny guy! Love the instant boy band!

PDS_Ginger : Oh, that was beautiful. lol!

Sarah Foster : I love his singing voice when he sings 'well I cant sing a love song'

Josh Porter : I'm trying so hard not to laugh as everyone in my house is asleep and I I don't want to wake them

inkbotkowalski : "me, five comedians, and Michael MacIntyre" hehehe

Tom Ford : The disabled lad is Lewis Hamilton's brother for those who dont know

synthonaplinth : Jon BonJovi's music will bond anyone in the world, UNLESS you talk about the time they had Jimmy Barnes on stage with them and they turned his mike down so low that you could hardly hear him while singing 'Good Times'. In AUSTRALIA.

jeebersjumpincryst : blah... 2nd one i didnt find any good. must just be me today.

Claire baker : look at alex brooker supporting Adam #TheLastLeg ;)

Shav Prakash : dam his aged!

ILI CarrieDoll : dayum the band might actually worked! <3

Sarah Foster : Bon Jovi will ALWAYS be a cause of Jon-bonding worldwide

Mary Lacias : When is the album coming out?

Minepro140 : All the people commenting on Adam's singing when The Last Leg fans already know all about that XD

2Heavy4U : "Pick the guy with Cerebral Palsy...make him walk up some stairs" 😂😂

Dave Batten : If Adam wasn't disabled, that joke about walking up stairs with cp wouldn't work. But is does.

R T : Wait, the black guy is Nick Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton's brother.

Edward Wood : Are you sure the center one is male?

vividesigns : Adam Hills has to be one of the most creative comedians I've come across. Great comedy.

Andrea Ong : 10:39 not sure if gay or just cheeky

OreoWarrior : the guy in the middle reminds me of @VeeOneEye

AtlasRockstheKazbah : hahahahaha

Adam Haase : Is it just me or does the tall guy look a bit like Jamie Lambert from Collabro?

Deevo037 : I remember him doing the boy band gag on Spicks and Specks once. That and he proved the Australian National Anthem can be sung to the tune of Khe Sanh.

Nikkisoslove : In Adam's Characterful and Joymonger, he showed us he could dance, now he shows us he could sing, on top of his comedic genius. 

KING Techniique : Cringe when that one in the hat got on stage, odd fella.

Aiseruchaan : the prosthetic leg guy's cute af

Smoke : Guys, that's how you treat a disabled person. Just treat them like they are everyone else, if there's a problem, they'll tell you.

Combustion69 : I feel sorry for the disabled guy everyone was laughing at him