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Olji Boii : “Do you see how many people who died becoming a astronaut. It’s astronautical” eheheeeeey

chris georgallis : He is putting all his energy into a dead-end topic.

chris georgallis : This poor guy, I feel sorry for him.

chris georgallis : New Topic Is the Moon Flat? 😂😁

Experimental Fun : Do these people think the moon is flat also? because you can actually see that it is a ball shape with a telescope

JEBEDIAH KERMAN : PRIVATE SPACE COMPANIES. Sorry flat earth society, but your argument is invalid.

chris georgallis : The earth is round 🌍

Crow : Did usa have schools?

chris georgallis : The Bible has been altered via the elite publishing companies are owned by them. Most important is the Chemtrails and Vaccines. Earth 🌍 is round like the planet's. He mentioned flat earth in Bible, bible has been altered to suit now and to plant seeds.

David Gronich : The only proof that exists here is that there are lots of really dumb people in the world.

SoleWalker07311 : First Moon Landing is not real and now this? Earth is flat? What are we going back in the dark ages of ignorance?

IceRex : “The sun wouldnt go from the east to the west, it would go around in a circle.” “It kinda does in my opinion” You’ve got to be kidding me...honestly


tommywreck : "I'm just out here trying to wake people up" - by dumbing them down

Samantha Poole : “Gravity is nothing more than a theory” HAHAHA ok so a high school physics student is smarter than you. I’m laughing so much. Seriously how stupid are you people?! I guess Issac Newton was never alive either? My goodness the stupidity of people astounds me still.

Panda Prince : I don't think it's a coincidence that all flat earthers have never taken a college level math course or astronomy class. There's zero mathematical proof to back their claims and the so called "ice-wall" sounds like bad fanfiction. I'm not sure whether to laugh or be really concerned.

funniest fun : They actually believe what they say thats just sad

Cosmic : you cant scientifically prove something because of the bible, heck you cant even prove the bible

Evan Pritchard : How can the earth be flat if u can go from alaska to Russia without going east?

MrZebade : Really stupid but hillarous, the U.N wasn't even started until 1945 and why would they and NASA spread lies to stop people knowing the world is a globe, I mean what's the poibt . Also gravity is a real thing u flarttard muppets 😂😂😂

joakim andersson : Never mind the flat earth thing but that might actually be The Worst Beard Ive EVER seen

Kevin Casillas : And I believe England is my City

Alexander Tomaino : The earth is round see...🌎 #Debunked

Douglas Takle : Let's just send the most powerful flat earther to the fricken moon, it would be the most hilarious thing ever.

zazen108 : Now do you see how Trump got elected?

Blame the Social Media : If the sun rotates above the earth then why does it rise above the horizon.....straight up?

pedro griffin : 8:39 all the celebritys are coming out, Shaq, Tila tekila, hahaha shiet men

tihotamo : I got a headache..

Norm DePlume : If the sun were like a flashlight above a flat surface, you would see it all the time from the entire world...

bolay : If the sun follows around the flat earth how come it doesn't melt the ice wall, and all the oceans spill over the edge? But then again if someone named Tila Tequila says so... lol bs

Charlie Cook : This is why you never do drugs

Favier Wei : Real question is "Why Do Stupid People love Conspiracy?"

Crow : In 3:33 you can see the clouds and notes the curve of earth lol

Lexy J. : I honestly can't tell if this dude is actually just as dumb as he sounds or if he's trolling lol

Rishi Prasad : The night's watch is protecting the wall, and there is white walkers north of the wall

Pao Chongloi : I believe that England is my city 😂 and Moon is really a hoax beacuse of the interview of the astronauts.

Leonidas Maximus : The internet has become a breeding ground for mental illness. I heard this guy regurgitate the same talking points Alex Jones does daily, mix that with religion and you got a person who is impossible to talk to and is irrational.

Ross Marah : special knowledge lol special needs more like 😂😂 we should load all those flat earthers on an elon musk rocket, fire them into space so they can see for themselves that its a globe then direct it towards the sun

melissa caban : Either way, if it was “flat” or “round” what difference does it freakin make? What are you gaining and loosing by it? I believe the earth is round, if it happens to be “flat” then cool, good on the earth for being flat. 😆🌎

Andrew Pieterse : Saying the Earth is flat is like saying there is a god... it is not possible😂🤣

Kelly White : Already lying in the first two minutes of the video. These people don't do months of research and come to the conclusion the earth is flat. They jump in as readily as rioters jump into a fight, just because there is a fight.

Draven Toothman : Don't talk about 911, think about all those that lost their life's that day, like jeez

Darth Plagueis : You're flat earth map has been debunked a lot of times.. your ice wall too.. you can literally travel to the south and north pool to look for yourself

Alexander Tomaino : Every other planet and moon is visually round, but the earth is magically round?

EarlyTrail ET : I was putting a pizza into the microwave, and that’s when a light bolt 💡 hit me, the earth is round but flat, just like my pizza!

ASHISH AGARWAL : 5:40 he said" jump on top of train and spin the train" im done 😂😂

Ethan Pirso : "When a plane is up at high altitude it flys stationary" 😂😂😂 does he know what gravity is 😂😂😂

Bergen Nicholson : Airplanes do not fly stationary, nor do they fly at a constant pitch. The autopilot makes those tiny adjustments. You just can’t see it. Just like when you drive across the country or something, you don’t notice a change in your pitch while in the vehicle. It seems flat the whole time. The computer program has to have that piece in it to keep it in flight.

Chuck U Farley : He shows classic signs of schizophrenia and his paranoid delusions will just get worse left untreated

Bite Code : I love comedy.