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Ålji Boii : “Do you see how many people who died becoming a astronaut. It’s astronautical” eheheeeeey

CatsMeowPaw : This is what happens when a society celebrates 'every child wins a prize', 'everyone's opinion is equal and valid', and ignorance of science and mathematics is seen as cool. I doubt there are many Flat Earthers in say, China or India. Next time you're at a gathering and someone asks 'What do you do for a living?', try saying you work as a mathematician. People will do one of two things: Screw up their face and say 'I hate math!', or laugh and say 'I'm terrible at math!' as they proudly display their lack of ability.

James G : This guy is schizo. Sad almost. He believes he’s being watched and thinks he could be taken and tortured.

JEBEDIAH KERMAN : PRIVATE SPACE COMPANIES. Sorry flat earth society, but your argument is invalid.

Greg C : Of course the earth is flat. And it’s being held in place by Bigfoot. He tilts the earth back and forth to make waves etc.

Camilo Moreno : 8:39 all the celebritys are coming out, Shaq, Tila tekila, hahaha shiet men

Leonidas Maximus : The internet has become a breeding ground for mental illness. I heard this guy regurgitate the same talking points Alex Jones does daily, mix that with religion and you got a person who is impossible to talk to and is irrational.

Chuck U Farley : He shows classic signs of schizophrenia and his paranoid delusions will just get worse left untreated

Das' Lame : 21st century... and we are still arguing that the earth is flat. No wonder Trump is the president.

David Duncan : Wait, wait, wait.....he said NASA in Hebrew means ‘deceiver’. First, NASA IS NOT WORD. It’s an acronym. It’s. Stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and I’m pretty sure none of those words are from Hebrew origin. Good luck with your flat life, man.

Lucie J. : "We dont apperciate lies.. ." ... "The earth is flat." lmao

RageRambler : how unusual it would be for our planet to be flat when all the other objects in the sky are round, and the fact that Earth would collapse back down immediately, if we suddenly flattened it and the same laws of physics still apply... Assuming it doesn’t collapse back down, but stays flat, we would additionally need to assume that the magnetic field magically is maintained. The magnetic field is generated by something called the dynamo—essentially the movement of molten metal in the outer core, around the inner core of solid metal. Without the current structure of the Earth and this motion the magnetic field would collapse, and we would end up much like Mars. The solar wind would quickly strip us of most of our atmosphere and life (as we know it) would perish. If we somehow artificially managed to create an atmosphere (one that also can protect us from UV radiation, in addition to allowing us to breathe, or we’ll all get cancer), no magnetic field would still wreak havoc in terms of navigation for both people and animals, we wouldn’t have the northern or southern lights (auroras) anymore. The loss of the dynamo means no plate tectonics—which means no more volcanoes, no more earthquakes, no more plates moving around on the surface of the Earth. If none of those mattered... I originally assumed that the Earth would be flat, and horizontal (since that seems to be a popular depiction and that people/water could just fall off the edge if one went far enough). Looking at the sky, no matter where you went the stars would be the same. You wouldn’t have different stars on one half of the disk as you would on the other. The moon would have a straight, not curved shadow (since it’s Earth’s shadow). If it’s a horizontal disk there is no more night and day. Also in this case changes in relief (elevation) would not change your field of view (eg. being on top of a mountain wouldn’t offer a further view than standing on a flat prairie would). What about if we made the Earth entirely vertical? (And everything magically stays on the disk, even though it’s sideways). We would have night and day then though everywhere would have the same length of day. The sun would always travel overhead, so “land of the midnight sun” would no longer exist. Climate would be the same everywhere. We wouldn’t have wind belts etc.

balalunga1 : 1:20 Of course you start believing in a flat earth after one month without sleep. Your brain needs quality sleep to function properly.

Phatec : Flat earthers must have a mental disability, it was literally created as a social experiment to see if they can get people to believe.

chris georgallis : New Topic Is the Moon Flat? 😂😁

SmokedOutSam : These flat earth people are stupid

assmatronix : Tila Tequila believing the earth is flat should be proof enough that it's not.

Ninja Please : Funny thing is, you can debunk every single flat earth model by using rudimentary principles that even flat earthers agree on. Let’s start with what we all agree on: -We all agree that a circle is 360 degrees. -We all agree that 360 divided by 24 equals 15. - We all agree that one solar day is approximately 24hrs. That’s the time it takes for the sun to appear exactly due north, or due south (depending on where you are), go off, and return to due north or south again. Whether you believe the earth is rotating or the sun is traveling, we all agree that one day is approximately 24hrs. So, that means we all agree that the sun moves approximately 15 degrees in the sky each hour, for every observer. Right? Now, apply those basic principles to any flat earth map by measuring the alleged path the sun makes against any location on their map. You will find that the sun moves at wildly inconsistent intervals each hour, in relation to the location you’ve chosen. Some intervals show the sun moving far more than 15 degrees each hour, and some show it moving far less. The results are inconsistent with every single location on the flat earth map. Therefore, their proposed flat earth maps cannot possibly be based in reality, because they completely contradict rudimentary principles that everyone agrees on. If you don’t believe me, you can easily observe and repeatedly verify these facts yourself. *GreaterSapien deserves the credit for this experiment, so this is the link to his video with visual proof of what I explained.* https://youtu.be/m0x8CEp58uE I encourage everyone to check it out; even flat earthers. I’m curious to hear their rebuttal.

Woodle1 Snurz : They have no science or evidence to back up their stupid claims.

Kevin Casillas : And I believe England is my City

me nkat : I find it best not to argue with cultist as they can be dangerous when proven wrong and who really cares what a flattard thinks any way?

Graham Yates : "The globe earth model ... was devised by the Devil" - this is what you get when religion is allowed into science classes. Farewell America, it was nice knowing you.

Yago Too : No one truly believes that the world is flat. Most of these people simply want attention because they are insecure. The other flatheads are either trolls or are just stupid people who are taken in by crap like this.

John Casey : O.k I have several questions: 1) If the Earth is flat then how thick is the Earths' crust? With the amount of drilling we have done over the years, you would think at some point in time, we would've seen something or see through something. Hell the deepest holes dug was 40,230 ft (Kola Superdeep Borehole), 40,318 ft (Al Saheen oil well), & 40,502 ft (Sakhalin-I Odoptu op-11 well). 2) Are the other planets on our solar system flat as well? If not what happened during earths' development that caused it to become flat & not the other planets? 3) Is the moon flat as well? If so what happened to the moon that caused it to become flat? I also remember watching another video of a flatearther saying that the moon is transparent, if so then how the hell does the solar eclipse happen? 4) If the Earth is flat, why are there different time zones? How does the day/night cycle work on a flat earth? 5) The BIG question I also have is why....... why why why why why? Why the big secret? Why the big coverup? Why is it a conspiracy? If the earth is flat & you have irrefutable proof then why would "they" go through all this rigmarole wasting money, resources, & man hours to hide the fact that the earth is flat? What are "they" benefiting from doing this? What possible reason are "they" getting from covering this up? 6) Also if "they" were that dedicated to keeping this a secret, wouldn't these flatearthers' be dead by now? Like the people who claimed that they were turned around at gunpoint for trying to see this ice wall, you would think those people would've been shot on sight & not shooed away. 7) If this ice wall does exist why aren't there pictures or video footage? & the people who have been there & saw it with their own eyes never bothered to take any pictures or film anything?

Favier Wei : Real question is "Why Do Stupid People love Conspiracy?"

83 Ricky Spanish : I've never looked down on the Earth from space so I can't tell you with 100% certainty what shape it is. But judging on the science behind it I'm pretty sure it is a ball shape. Sorry but the earth is probably spherical . If you study the so-called proof that the flat-earthers present, a lot of it contradicts itself , is incorrect and sounds like paranoid regurgitated nonsense and I'm not trying to offend anyone.

Adnan Kauser : Stand on a hill and look at the horizon... what do you see? The curvature of the Earth.

Luke Hill : "After about a month of not sleeping and really just digging through the information, I was a flat-earther." Pretty sure sleep deprivation is a tactic cults use to warp the minds of their recruits.

Tom Chapman : He seems to think people view him as a threat whereas they actually think of him as a gullible idiot !

Kelly White : Already lying in the first two minutes of the video. These people don't do months of research and come to the conclusion the earth is flat. They jump in as readily as rioters jump into a fight, just because there is a fight.

S A S : Goddamn stoners bro!! lol

Joel Graham : "I heard people have been turned around at gunpoint" at the great wall of ice. LMAO this guy is an absolute clown

haider hlsk : This guy with the flat brain just repeats what the flat earther youtube videos say

NonEventHorizon : "After a month of not sleeping", there you go, theres your problem right there. *head slap*

ASHISH AGARWAL : 5:40 he said" jump on top of train and spin the train" im done 😂😂

Sparkling Bella : Stupid flat earthers

82nd AA : "I've heard" people have been turned around at gunpoint from the ice wall. This is not evidence. This is unsubstantiated heresay. He doesn't even try to claim who these "people" are.

Richard Young : Not many FErs are as open minded and willing to challenge their belief that the earth is flat. I’ve come across so many who are closed minded and say they seek the truth but have no interest in questioning evidence provided to them

Tom Fisher : Wow, serious cringe. Hope he never smartens up to realize and feel the embarrassment of how stupid he sounded.

Experimental Fun : Do these people think the moon is flat also? because you can actually see that it is a ball shape with a telescope

TheJathys : "I pray every day, they don't torture me. Because I really think, I've got cross hairs on my back. I don't know if it's the CIA or the FBI..." <-- Have you considered it might just be because in your paranoid, conspiracy oriented mind?

Badge Badge : These flat earthers, are really onto something. Sorry, I meant on something

Random Task : One thing is painfully clear! Our American school systems have failed many people!

Thomas Farrow : The Bible teaches flat Earth --

Stefan Gill : The earth is flat cause he fell flat on his head

Els Verwilgen : Off course it's religiously inspired... Whenever people start such stupid claims they have stupid reasons.

Big Cizzle : People that run the world ha ha ha. Dude no one person or small group of people have control of the entire world. No way to manage that many people.

Dan Halverson : The earth is round !

Thomas L.S. : These people are absolutely Stupid !

Crow : Did usa have schools?