Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Chris Kogos : This Joji kid reminds me of filthy frank

smoothy : Yall heard SLOW DANCE IN THE DARK

sxbris : Joji ate vomit cake and hair cake He can take some spicy wings

Despacito Infinity War : Out of character: beautiful male voice In character: beautiful male voice

Jaqen H'ghar : 5:28 Pink Guy tries to come out


Onii Ponii : Ey boss Ey.. Boss Ey b-oss Boss? 😢


Nick Rossis : I support his life decisions. He wanted to make everybody laugh but to the point that he was injured. The only reason I wanted to have Filthy Frank back is because he (together with max idubbbz htb anything4views) were what made youtube actually entertaining. Right now youtube is just a platform to make money. There are very few people who actually want to make their fanbase laugh instead of treating them as "customers"

Gabriel Fonseca : Does anybody else think Joji kinda looks like Filthy Frank?

Take It Eazy : I like when he’s not in character. Seems like a really chill dude.

Banerna : “that gentlemen, with the stomach”

//Jaamin// :3 : “What is this is this whole milk” “Yea its whole milk” “Whole milk is the best” I love him 😂

Loli Oratoria : *takes a bite from the last one* "Woah woah" *is dying* "...I'm hungry though" *GRABS AGAIN* Lmao idk why this got me laughing real hard

rebecca finn : "I can't help it I'm so hungry" why is that me????

Zoe Clark Vlogs : He is, and will always remain the man of my dreams

Alyssa van Soelen : Joji is the real life hannah Montana

Igmyster Derp : Tentacle porn or Weird kit kat flavours. Your choice

RedyTheLegend : Joji works for Chin Chin and betrayed frank and pink guy so he can recieve the ability to sing like pink guy and be sexy like papa franky

MS PAINT : “Tentacle porn”

Kei : I feel like this guy would be huge on YouTube he should def make a channel

Bailey Watson : I’m just glad to see that he’s a normal person when out of character.

Jake10donn : I miss Filthy Frank so much

CRAZZZYSNAKE2 : I thought filthy frank and Joji looked similar but I didn’t know they were the same person. He is actually good singer as well, nether have I heard his real voice without the filthy frank voice

Luigino : *I like when he’s not in character. Seems like a really chill dude.* I tought he was in his 40's when he play as Frank !

Dat : i want joji to grope me

Wyrm : Any chance of getting idubz to appear on the show? Also maxmoefoe if you can. Feel like that would be so dope.

GodlyPotat0 671 : In year 2018: I wonder where our dank knight is now...

David Kennett : 19:54 that was a good filthy frank woah

Saxton Fail : Those Chickens should be honored

Britt any : Its so cool to see him outside of the Filthy Frank persona more and more. He used to avoid being out of character in front of the camera.

Kings Time : Damn so his frank voice was an act?! Wow!!! Mind blown

Scum Gang : this video was released one week before filthy frank posted his last video ever..😔

15 days of irreverence : I miss old frank.. the one that ended the vegan race and the weaboos

Alex Lego : pause at 10:45

Dat : yall should get pink guy next

kakyoku : a self loathing psychopath in a blue buttonup describes me

Alaïs L. : Poor guy's just hungry.

juggalo for life! : Im kinda glad to see that joji isnt 100% mental

Nikola Poiukov : didnt know that filthy frank had a gay twin

Patrick Ramsay : How does his normal voice sound sexier than Papa Franku.

The Furriner794 : * bursts through door while screaming in pain * I'M A LEMON!

Soy Bean : He literally ate hair cake and he’s over here spitting out a chicken wing

Crispy Blindead : “I’ve been arrested for everything BUT that.” Is smiling a bit. Thoughts go through. Smile fades. I HAVE BELIEVED IN LIES

Harsh Raj Always free : I bet I would have died with that much spice Not while eating While excretion

A crybaby thats also a demon : his voice just dosnt match franks lol

Sqooshy : "Kanye west revolutionized sound with each album" *P O O P I T Y S C O O P*

Mason Marchessault : I like this show but I can't watch it because it makes me hungry

Ted Gunther : "I've always wanted to be on this" Proceeds to add sauce to wing

Alonely reecesspuff : Rip filthy frank