Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Grant Manor : nice necklace joji

Tye Robertson : Tentical porn. It's called hentai and it's a art

AloneBones YT : F

Bryce Cloniger : Can we appreciate how this interviewer asks a question, listens to Joji's answers and stories, and just lets him talk? He doesn't fake Fallon-laugh over everything he says or do the O'Brien interrupt. Legend

Pine Boy : zooms in on joji's face,and adds ear rape. "so lets talk about pink guy." "NO"


sulayman jones : I love how Joji still licks his lips like Chin-Chin

Zer0P : *Nothing is better than eating hot ones while watching Hot Ones*

Thelonious Vic : 1:40 “I just eat fish on rice, its chill” lmao gotta love Joji ✊🏿🤙🏿

BookOfJack : Idk if I've ever seen Joji out of character.

Marcin Adamowicz : I enjoyed is soooo much, thx :)

NB 14 : 13:58 yes, yes, yes and yes. Wasn't even listening lol

pineapple : “Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there. I did not die.” -Mary Elizabeth Frye

Austin Schroeder : I'll be the one to say that I love joji more than filthy Frank or pink guy. Such a cool and interesting guy

do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you : This looks like a passive-aggressive torture.

Nater : You didn't even ask him if he's seen Chef?!

Cian Kearney : ITS TIME TO STOP Not really just papa franku memes

Ashton Rees : *CANT TOUCH MY EYES*


Let It Takeoff : Around 18:21 is the thumbnail

MauriceGauthier 64 : I never clicked a video so fast

Jose Apodaca : Is this whole milk? 😂

Tyler Garcia : He's turning to pink guy in the video

Drew Yang : yall came for this 1:48

Instant Gratification Monkey : 1:48

DakyGamma : Hot sauce with hotter memes.

smokeyjo123e : Gotta love the man, I know he doesn't do the whole FF thing anymore but he did it for a long time and did it well, may his future efforts do him well. He's still around so we can enjoy the stuff he makes now!

Ipunk Aja : Pink guy number one my heart

Scabadubadoo Boogaloo : This episode is the fuckin best

Galactic Gamer : He was asking him question as he's dying

Rycon Roleplays : Great interview! Hilarious

That OneGuy : He's so awkward when he's not filthy frank

DJ Yugi Khalid : “I been arrested for everything but that[stupid funny shit he did with pink guy]” LMAO

Dean and Danielle Ouano : F

ryan wilson : F

Devon the sneaker head : R.I.P dad we will love you forever

Malia Sucks : Tentacle porn and kit kats

Fluffythedestroyer10 : I feel like filthy frank is the most down to earth YouTuber you know. He was shunned by the platform you was trying to live off of and he still kept doing what he wanted to do with out going with the flow.

Lotri's Blizzard Guides : *I can't touch my eyes* *I can't touch my eyes* *I can't touch my eyes* *I can't touch my eyes*

EFE Atılgan : F

Sam Terry : yes.

Ashton Rees : Im hungry

EricJrTheRed : Who else came from emisoccer?

Crazy_hope 9 : Joji is a hottie 😍😍

ABEKICK GAMEZ : You don't know how much I would to be on this show

arcticthenik : 20:05 *is coughing, choking, dying* "i'm still hungry tho"

Mark Modos : F

mlg pro : F

Ryan Yonka : F

DogBeef : uh *NO*