Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Bora Boyacı : I think they need some lyf hax *_oh yeah!!_*

Adam Andrews : It's really weird cause Joji looks hot normally but when he gets excited he turns into goofy-ass Pink Guy on a dime

Whateverfloats Yourground : my eyes got teary just by watching this xD

Java Lava : I love how chill Joji was

BunDem : i eat fish on rice thats chill

Ibraheem Firdaus : "without memes I will die" and joji said idk what that means but I think as frank without memes frank will die

Damario Universe : I can see how you put the milk as far away as possible so its obvious that they are reaching for it xD

Maya : I’m so fucking in love with you Fucking kill me

Haim Kiedis : Wtf! frank with another T-shirt and his real voice :'v Its so strange

Caroline Sadorra : *coughs severely* "i'm so hungry though"

Ross Miller : I used to get the fired pork cutlet in Hawaii, it is so good!

Ghost Marine : Ian from Idubbz need him now ! but he will probably rip you apart thou would be hilarious thou

Johnny Duchene : Holy hell, his actual voice is kinda hot. (Pun intended)

fizzybublep nylon : the first time I've seen joji speaking normally

Joseph Stingley : great questions, great guest, great interview, liked subscribed,,, good shit

sokmin : I like the part when they pretend that they've always wanted to be on the show

Valentin Mihalescu : After 3 great cakes i don't think some spicy meat even touches Frank

Ирина Ирина : понимать бы о чём они говорят(9)

Diego Brando : Bring the nigger faggot

AK : Yo, is that JojiVlogs?

chicken voyage : Why did you ditch the sriracha

Yoko :v : Franku

Untaimable Killstreak : Filthy frank is using a napkin......


TheFirebird32 : Hip hop "artists" lmfao

YOU NOOB !!! : Ey b0ss

Jelly Bean : Choji

Dot : He's so much different from what I thought.

Mathew the Faggot : Who the fuck is this faggot?

White Thing : I just realised something, I have seen Joji in public twice now and haven’t realised it. I am fucking retarded.

Phoenix : I started sweating just from seeing the last dab. Jesus christ

Jade Michael : You need an episode with ReviewBrah from ReportoftheWeek

EATDAT_ _PUSSY445 : So wierd to hear his real voice

Izak Ponce : I was expecting a racist joke from da bomb

OMGitsEphora : I never knew he was so chill and dope

James : i love this channel, because its clear the interviewer has done research and asks interesting and non obnoxious questions and keep himself and the guest real.

IcerockPlays - Pixel Strike 3D : I didnt know Frank had a normal voice

Alex Blacrow : Every fucking time I watch one of these videos I want to eat hot wings

Trinity Robertson : I only clicked this video because Finn Wolfhard liked it 😂😂

Opat Radivoje : It's so weird to see zhe guy who yeld HAMBARGARS PLZ speaking normally

Lavdrim Ahmeti : big EP coming out october 24th


Tom Windsor : He should of done this as frank

asfsafd : So weird hearing his real voice

yolo dont steal my senpai : Holy fuck his voice is so fucking different His voice is hot thou

Uncle Tachi : Joji not being in his persona is strange


danielle : *can you eat pussy like that??*

Reverend Dickie : Get Alex Jones on here. He's a good sport, and a really fun guy. He'd have a great time.

SillyHelloKitty : I feel so bad...