Joji Sets His Face on Fire While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Rich Bick : "I don't believe he thinks the water is making frogs gay." L O L

Dj Vianu : Joji's a cool guy 😀

ArianaCentral : His real voice is so cute

E drop : They should have soaked rats in the sauce rather than chicken. Organically picked from a dumpster.

Prince Kaelos : Anyone hearing in the background "can't touch my eyes"

OtakuBKツ : *Papa franku ;-;*

SwishOhJam : This aint FilthyFrank this is CleanFrank

Ryguls : I really like how joji matured into this, i mean i still liked him back in 2014 but it seems like hes not really rude anymore but still has that humor

Kade Johnson : “Whole milk’s the best, you can close your eyes and pretend it’s a milkshake”

GoLuckyz : Uh.. *_No_*

petit patnais : O R G A S M I C

ryann not winter : “I’m so hungry tho”

Austin Epley : YOU NEED IDUBBBZ!!!!!

urban l : 18:40 "hot nigga"

BeardGangDave : I'm a simple man I see joji I click like

TheGamingAndroid : Good to know he's alive

erica p : Joji cute asf though not gonna lie

Larklan : "tentacle porn and weird flavor kit kats" well that de-escalated quickly....

Sweater Boi : 7 days later he quits it all

Virux : Dude is a legend.

Nate Socrates : His reaction to the last dab was my favorite so far hahahahahahahahaha

Blank The Ninja : 20:02 uvula

Zeus831 : *Is dying* Is this whole milk?

TheDevourerOfDevourerUsernames : Its really weird to not see him act brain dead. Im scared.

Cash Wolfe : You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

Take It Eazy : I like when he’s not in character. Seems like a really chill dude.

Wolf1 Haven : I actually like Joji just as much as his other personalities (filthy frank)

Jorge Clark : Hot ones with pope francis

RavageZZ : Plot twist: The host doesn't get any hot sauce, he just eats it with out any hot sauce

Sergio Serrano : some day he will return or probably not who cares crying inside*

AloneBones YT : F

A D : Alex Jones was talking about a Berkeley study that showed that the chemical Atrazine really is making frogs gay. It's not a troll.

Alex Hu : I love joji and how down to earth he actually is, but another thing, the frogs being gay thing is actually real, the frogs arent gay, necessarily, but there are chemicals in water in heavily polluted areas that turn male frogs into females and allows two male to have children since one is technically a female

CosmicCookie24 : Rest in memes papa franku.

Clorox Beach : "And Good News, there is more new music on the way" 6 Days Later he Quits Filthy Frank...

Bora Boyacı : I think they need some lyf hax *_oh yeah!!_*

Rodrick Gamingz : I never thought frank was normal, until i saw this video. Lol

victoria b : I'm kinda annoyed they didn't let him finish his answers, they kept cutting it.

Onii Ponii : Ey boss Ey.. Boss Ey b-oss Boss? 😢

H T : I see filthy frank, I fap

Who This : Joji, Forever demonetized

Shadow The multi god : Wonder what he said at the end tho.

Yousef Aqel : What is this? Whole milk?😂😂

Age Appropriate : Looking at the comments I️ get why he ended his comedy career. He resents his little kid fan base that can’t realize he’s an actual person with feelings

safari man : Soon after this conversation filthy Frank hit the bucket R.I.P

The Nocturnal Alchemist : Such a great channel

Luis Lopez : People that disliked be like " know you place TRASH ".

SeriousG62 SeriousG62 : T H I S MADE ME S W E A T FROM MY EYES

OG FROGMAN : There’s a little Papa Franku left in him 0:52

CRAZZZYSNAKE2 : I thought filthy frank and Joji looked similar but I didn’t know they were the same person. He is actually good singer as well, nether have I heard his real voice without the filthy frank voice