Older Men At Public Urinals

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Devon Palmer : It's funny until I get old

DammitSinged : _He used the outro music for the intro , you spicy boi._

DogBeef : passing a kidney stone

Gus Johnson : taking a whiz feels so good and so does following me on twitter @Gusbuckets also I just realized if you're a lady you might not get the joke. older man grunt and lean and shake at public urinals. sorry ladies, I'll getcha next time.

Natalie Alfera : Gus be out here having seizures

Hotra : *_Nut_*

NosterafuTV : yeah, can't stand when an old guy next to me tries to cramp into the urinal like he's looking for Narnia... every damn time. so annoying.

Abbreviated Reviews : They have to fight that urine out past a prostate the size of a cantaloupe.

Buttard : This isn't a skit, you just took a video of a public bathroom.

Rastley85 : most accurate part: *walks out without washing hands*

Juani Elias : The fact that his cap fell of and then it was back on magically gives this video a special touch

JUAN CRUSHER : You gonna pay for that wall you knocked off its hinges? Cuz now I'm in trouble for letting you film in there. Seriously my manager is pissed!

Ovi : As a woman, I am very confused yet entertained

Sushix8 : You forgot the constant sniffing.

Jitze De Jaeger : Nailed it with the shoes

Steak : Imagine being the guy that was about to walk in but heard this shit happening inside. Then, imagine if that same guy went in anyways.

DrumWild : One day it will happen, when you piss at a urinal, put it away, and your underwear gets drenched with the final squirt. PRO TIP: When this happens, use water from the sink to get the front of your pants wet. Then walk back to your table and complain about how the sink sprays water all over the place. After that, pull the fire alarm and run out the emergency exit. You're welcome.

Capt. Burdock : Pissing with kidney stones is like pissing lazor blades.

Haley F : Is this a cut fight scene from infinity war?

BiteyMcGar : Gus is the type of guy who moans louder than the girl during sex

Jason and a Camera : *Fila*

heyopc : the flannel shirt bar harbor hat combo made this all too real for me

Danny RAWner : The dad shoes are the cherry on top for me in this vid

Suppuh : Why are you watching old men pee Gus?

Sophie Prins : why did it start with the outro music I am uncomfortable

Pepp Boi : Always be catchin up on law and order.

Speedi1103 : Why the outro song at the start

gsm1091 : We always did call putting one hand on the wall while pissing the "Old man at the ball park"

Khorum : Truly a genius of our time, Im honored to share this momentous time with you all.

Delfario Travles : That kidney stone is givin him the succ

ISN ISEENOOBS : _Old man_ *VS* _Public Urinal_ -Gone Horribly Wrong-

Average Steve : This is every guy at my gym

Dr. Andy Johnson : stop staring at men in public urinals.

Geoffo : This may be the best video gus has ever made

Spencer Schmidt : *LAWLNORDER*

Blade RED : This is my dad

kreehomel : "Credits: me" ...Then...who filmed him? -Cue the X-Files theme-

Logan Darling : Plot twist: *She was female the whole time.*

Vlog Creations : Freakin yes

Jan xd : Your outro as an intro made my brain hurt.

Erika G. : Inspirational

Alyssa Waite : I can smell this

JW in HD : In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

Romo Domo : The really loud sniffing was the icing on the urinal cake

Ultimate Fan : *Oh Boy*

WELL THEN : Why is this a thing?

Miguel : did you get the Dove sponsorship my dude?

Alasdair Gemmell : 0:57 hat off, hat on, hat off

Time Remap : *I've always wanted to know* . . . Why the depressing music in the beginning, and end of your videos?

Annoyington : I was not ready for such intensity.