Older Men At Public Urinals

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DammitSinged : _He used the outro music for the intro , you spicy boi._

DogBeef : passing a kidney stone

Gus Johnson : taking a whiz feels so good and so does following me on twitter @Gusbuckets also I just realized if you're a lady you might not get the joke. older man grunt and lean and shake at public urinals. sorry ladies, I'll getcha next time.

Hotra : *_Nut_*

Natalie Alfera : Gus be out here having seizures

blu : I guess gus hates bathrooms

Devon Palmer : It's funny until I get old

NosterafuTV : yeah, can't stand when an old guy next to me tries to cramp into the urinal like he's looking for Narnia... every damn time. so annoying.

Jason and a Camera : *Fila*

Buttard : This isn't a skit, you just took a video of a public bathroom.

Abbreviated Reviews : They have to fight that urine out past a prostate the size of a cantaloupe.

Nathan Shlapobersky : Wut

Ultimate Fan : *Oh Boy*

Juani Elias : The fact that his cap fell of and then it was back on magically gives this video a special touch

Ultimate Fan : *pEePEr*

Vlog Creations : Freakin yes

Capt. Burdock : Pissing with kidney stones is like pissing lazor blades.

Steak : Imagine being the guy that was about to walk in but heard this shit happening inside. Then, imagine if that same guy went in anyways.

JP Raps : Nice work on that urinal Gus!!!!

Haley F : Is this a cut fight scene from infinity war?

Nigel West Dickens : You gonna pay for that wall you knocked off its hinges? Cuz now I'm in trouble for letting you film in there. Seriously my manager is pissed!

Speedi1103 : Why the outro song at the start

heyopc : the flannel shirt bar harbor hat combo made this all too real for me

Jitze De Jaeger : Nailed it with the shoes

Sushix8 : You forgot the constant sniffing.

Rastley85 : most accurate part: *walks out without washing hands*

Pepp Boi : Always be catchin up on law and order.

Suppuh : Why are you watching old men pee Gus?

Khorum : Truly a genius of our time, Im honored to share this momentous time with you all.

Danny RAWner : The dad shoes are the cherry on top for me in this vid

Sophie Prins : why did it start with the outro music I am uncomfortable

Dr. Andy Johnson : stop staring at men in public urinals.

BiteyMcGar : Gus is the type of guy who moans louder than the girl during sex

Blade RED : This is my dad

Erika G. : Inspirational

Mikka Mach5 : I don't get it. Why? 😶

WELL THEN : Why is this a thing?

Jan xd : Your outro as an intro made my brain hurt.

Geoffrey Taylor : This may be the best video gus has ever made

Delfario Travles : That kidney stone is givin him the succ

Space Preguiça : did you get the Dove sponsorship my dude?

Average Steve : This is every guy at my gym

gsm1091 : We always did call putting one hand on the wall while pissing the "Old man at the ball park"

Takashiari : Every. Damn. Time!

frenchiveruti : Ok, that's the *weird* video

Alasdair Gemmell : 0:57 hat off, hat on, hat off

omonaitsvennie : When you already nutted but she keeps on sucking.

iPoxy : lol it's my simple trip to toilet.

No : As a woman, I am very confused yet entertained

Annoyington : I was not ready for such intensity.