Post Malone Pranks People with Undercover Record Store Surprise // Omaze

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Elo Guvna : “Deep undercover” literally a white cap and a white t shirt

Hello guys : *Conveniently kid passing by* Post:So what music do you listen to ? Kid: Better now by Post Malone *How convenient...*

G 6 : *_"I think you need more Jesus"_* 😂😂

Gucci LightYear : Post Malone needs to take a break from smoking, it's damaging his voice

Nathan Mak2.o : Security check 🔒 Scan your finger here ⬇️

Cyranek : post malone got a team rocket level disguise

The big bad wolf : Blonde girl with short hair is gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

Jamie Fitz : There’s a lot of blind people out there

Kratos in Suit : People who doesnt recognize him are literally blind.. enough said

bluejay5139 RBLX : Sounds like sal from impractical jokers

Smart Rapper : He seems like such a nice guy lol

ROSIEXOXO : "Honestly ,I think you need more Jesus " 😂😂😭

Justin Meza : 3:35 the way he fell😂

Shaun : 3:59 Gets copystriked by himself for his own song

Ice water turn atlantic : Man post's such a chill dude I dont get why people hate him i understand if you dont like his music, but that dont mean you have to hate on this guy

Salioudjan Barry : I'm confused how people can not realize it's him like those tatoos HOW

Faze L : Young flashlight , thx for the two likes

SFoxe - Kızıl Tilki : 0:16 Posty: **tries to hug** Woman: **nope**

Lina S : 3:55 I think that guy just suffered a heart attack 😂

Hussein Ali : The woman at around 0:13 is HOT

CDTVProductions : Forever referring to Post Malone as “Young Fleshlight” now

Steph Aguayo : anyone else kinda uncomfortable watching this 😂

Bottom Gamer : Why give a Bentley? If it breaks or needs maintenance it would literally be the price of a small car.

REZAUR RAHMAN : Post Malone Is in the Top Of The List..!!!!!

GoldPranks TV : They are all actors

Brian Velez : That little boys face when he realized he is Posty, gave me life 😂

Mr Wisdom : I'am glade he said l think you need more Jesus. I hope you believe and pray so your soul will be saved. Love your gifted talent Post Malone. ❤️🙏🏽👏🏻✌🏻️

Andrew Vinansky : 'Put Young In Front Of The Last Thing You Bought' Ok Then I Am Young Condoms.

First Name Last Name : Post Malone giveaway: Bentley. Ali-A giveaway: v-bucks to no one.

Kendra_ ;p : "Sucks... Sucks... ....🤷.. Sucks."

_Kaleb _Harris_GB : How did only 2 people out everybody notice I mean the tattoos give it away

SFoxe - Kızıl Tilki : 3:09 You can see the shock inside his eyes 😂

Ayman Jemal : why does he sounds like Sal from impractical jokers

Block fild Zend : Я 1 из 2019 и из россии, I, m from Russia, do you speak Russia.

TheReal Doge : But why did he read 21 Savage's line and not Post Malone's

aRaYMeDiA 2.0 : The guys reaction to Young Fleshlight 😂😂😂

ALEX UST : Post Malone post malone my favorite rap artist!

Skalavery : Any Skylers here? 🙋🏽‍♀️

ROAD TO 1000 SUBSCRIBERS WITHOUTANYVIDEOS : *Undercover* literally eating a white shirt,a white cap and some glasses,lmfao

Qwerty 299 : Did he call the Bentley a belly at 0:21

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : That disguise is not deep. When your tattoos just peep.

Ismael K : I think it would be better if they used make up to hide his tats so he would be *STEALTH:100*

Leo ! : Me gustaría que este subtitulado en español bro

Donald Trump : Hey guys I think this guy might be Post Malone

Jack Borse : What he sounds like when he’s not baked

ConnorTV : I had a hard time recognizing you without the red solo cup Love yah Posty

Mark Kavanagh : Nice of this record store to give the homeless guy a start in life.

Doug Orilio : Now do one with cover up covering his tattoos

MrCorgiTalks : “Young Fleshlight” 😂

Sebastian Barralaga : Young fleshlight