Tim Minchin - a heartfelt song for the Aussies (I still call Australia...)

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Inga B. : Okay. All the homophobes and haters-armchair-critics who appeared in the comments are going to fuck themselves now, dancing cancan and smiling. I infringe the rights of homophobes, what a pity. (Rude? Bad manners? Yes.) The comments are being deleted. Upd: If you express your opinion respectfully, it's okay, even if I absolutely do not agree with you. It's not my business or anyone else's. Let's just not be such assholes.

SpoopySquid : God(s) speed you beautiful sonofabitch

Jet : Lookin forward to my yes vote :: )))

scroopy : Can we nominate Tim for Australian of the year? and Prime Minister come to think of it...........

James Taylor : The reason it is going to be a postal vote is that labour and the greens rejected the original proposal which was to have a compulsory plebiscite that everyone would have had to vote in. Whatever faults the government may have, don't blame them for ones that they don't.

jim bob : i hate this. im not homophobic. but the whole thing with Tim is he's ment to be politically incorrect. but this is too pc

Niamh N : Thanks tim 💕warms this cold gays heart, i hope people forget the words to the anthem and end up having this stuck in their heads

ali can yilmax inittt : VOTE NO

Donna Conn : Way to go! ❤

mattyoxide : This is what will win the NO vote.

Steve Lawrie : On ya Tim

Power Lawrence : Love it fabulous #LoveWins

noy52 : How about we address the bigger problem first, like actually identifying Australia's first people in our constitution. The Aboriginal people of Australia still face the same plight and inequities today as they have for the past 40 years. how about we solve the larger and more pressing issue first. I'm not saying I'm against same sex marriage or anything but these issues Aboriginals face everyday have been stowed away for far to long. just as we see these issues begin to gain traction in Canberra, its overshadowed by either international or other socio-political hyperbole. all to their own i say. let Carrie marry Sally but lets not forget about the people of our own nation, who had just as much a hand in building this great country as any of our families have. two words to leave you with. IDENTIFY and RESPECT.

Yuri Plisetsky : I'm not homophobic but I do live in Australia and I do ship yaoi >:) Halp plz

Shylani Mallett : Omg I love this so much😂😂

Jenny Hallam : Brilliant once again Tim 😁👍💚

1Artfulannie : Brilliant, as usual!

Philip Rhoades P : Bloody classic! Another great one Tim . .

Gerry Orkin : Wonderful.

Jimmy Grant : Honestly, I don't care about gay marriage- as long as it's not in my church, and religious organisations aren't forced to infringe upon their own beliefs

Kyle Adam : We did it.

mrjohnnykid : I will register to vote, then vote against gay Marriage just because of this. lol

Bennyboy1985 : "OMG how do we not have SSM? It's The Current Year and the overwhelming majority of Australians support it anyway!"/ "A plebiscite is wrong because bigots will get to have their say and ensure SSM doesn't get passed!" ^ Which one is it? Regressives yet again showing their true colours... The only people more pathetic than useful idiots like Minchin are the group-thinkers who think his humour to be clever, profound or "edgy"- the kind of people who love to bash the Catholic Church for homophobic bigotry amidst cries of "OMG It's The Current Year!" while gushing over the likes of Waleed and Yassmin without daring to ask what they REALLY think of SSM (being devout followers of a certain Abrahamic faith and all- can't do that because it's racist apparently)... And let's not bother to discuss the abnormally high suicide rates for gay men (which are higher than the suicide rates for straight men, that are already high enough to be of particular concern). Let's not bother concerning ourselves with the abnormally high rates of mental health issues or its' offshoots (alcoholism, drug abuse) amongst gay men either- that's going too far down the rabbit hole. Let's not think too hard about any of the stuff that's really going to make a difference in the lives of people with sexual preferences different to ours. Instead, let's just change our Fb profile pic to a rainbow flag filter, regurgitate what the ABC, SBS and Buzzfeed says and crap on about "equality" so everybody else can see what a good, progressive little Smurf we are and tick a box next to our name as being on the "right side of history"...because that'll fix everything and then we can feel smug and clever knowing that we did our part before we go back to watching The Project or whatever low-rent reality show is serving as the latest vehicle for advertisers to flog their products to the masses...

Mike Hunt : White dude with dreadlocks trying to stay relevant.

annikae 280806 : I love this! Likes for aussies!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺 This is soooo funny!

Christian Clarke : Awesome dude!!!!

TheDebinoz : Thanks Tim, you are awesome. Love the new song.

Jakob Jakob : What is it about the Libs? As all they seem to be good at is corroding away people's rights and freedoms, whether at home or at work!

Joshua Barry : I do not think Homosexual union is for the good of the nation. Homosexual couples already have the exact same rights as married couples due to De Facto laws. Marriage is, and always has been, defined as a union between a man and a woman. As a Christian citizen of Australia, while I may love and seek to save Homosexuals, my loving them does not mean accepting their way of life. Vote to keep marriage as it is: beteeen a man and a woman.

Scott Mac : Who is this Tim bloke? So lets all roll over and not have a point of view opposite to others. Geez, there's so much other important sh@t going down, why do they want all the focus.

AlwaysGonnaSing : Bless him, I never get tired of his clever wordplay

lilly penny : Gee whats next, beastiality. Love is love right? Bullshit.

Bridget : Perfection

Matthew Dunn : I am not homophobic but it was very rude when you said to shove the bible up your ass

SUMMERTON PRODUCTIONS : i see no reason why we shouldn't change that law

Nathan Fowler : It's ironic how they argue for what they think is acceptance and equality and yet verbally abuse anyone who thinks differently.

Tennille Fleming : Give me the chance to marry when I'm older. YOUR VOTE COUNTS AND GOES TOWARDS PEOPLES FUTURES AND LOVE LIFES.

Robert Peacock : I can't vote in Australian politics, I'm having enough issues currently being an American, keep up the wonderful work .... please. Your work towards basic human rights is astonishing, commendable, and appreciated, Mr Minchin.... thank you.

issa osama : Love this song!! 😂❤️ let them get married!!!

Tim Millsom : I don't understand the big issue here, I mean there's much more important things that we should be worried about such as being nuked

Just Pepe : This ruins the song for me, just no mate

Big Smoke : Can't wait to vote "no"

Jules Hemsworth : Nailed it once again Tim!! love it.

Annabelle Gleeson : Lots of people are saying that voting yes shouldn't matter to non-gays cause it won't effect them, but the thing is it might effect them one day through their children or something. I'm a Christian and im not against gay marriage, I think everyone deserves equal rights, but at the same time I also want people to be able to vote no without getting hated for it, because freedom of speech is also our right. Everyone's allowed their own opinion and everyone else should respect that opinion (doesn't mean you have to agree with it, but don't say that opinion is wrong), just like I've got loads of friends who don't believe the same things I do, and I accept that and I don't try to force my beliefs on them. If someone wants to vote no, that's their right.

amira maya : I'm done with hearing about LGBT and all this marriage equality stuff, enough you have so many rights as it is. Marriage is for man and woman.

Troy Kiernan : I just think it takes a man and a woman to raise children, the primary reason for marriage in the first place. Is that ok to think that Tim. Dont pull out the old homophobic chestnut its getting old

Fraser Martin : I'm proud to be Australian 🇦🇺

saturn580 : I support gay marriage, but there’s a degree of smugness and sanctimony coming from the ‘Yes’ camp that makes me think some of its representatives are doing the cause more harm than good. You don’t win hearts and minds by telling people who disagree with you that they’re stupid and hateful. Carry on down that path at your own peril, but don’t come crying to me if the shit hits the fan in November. If you don’t understand why people might be opposed to gay marriage, ask them. Try seeing the issue from their perspective before presenting them with your own (you’ll probably be more persuasive that way). Marriage is an ancient social institution. Don’t assume the worst about your fellow Australians just because they’re undecided or erring on the side of tradition.

Greg Dundee : Honestly, who really truly cares if Bill and Ben or Jane and julia get married? It doesn't effect me whatsoever, it's a complete non issue. People get annoyed, angry and stressed out over the weirdest things. Just live and let live

Empire of Chaos : Ironically, about 52% of Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal and will probably vote no. The only people obsessed with race and identity are the left and because Australia is an accepting and caring country,, need to create straw racists and straw bigots to justify their narrative. When gay marriage is passed, and it will be, I would like to see protests against Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries where the penalty for being gay is death. There is a Saudi embassy in Canberra. Who's up for it? #Crickets