The Simpsons Live Action Opening

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guambalati : 0:58 holy shit Bart is fast sitting down

Charley Edwards : Never thought I’d want to see a live action version of the Simpson’s but I’d go see it now

The Connonedrum : I could only imagine how many hours it took to put this together.

Esteban Luna : amazing real life

Well Wisdom : I can die now, with no regrets...

Wasago : This is actually well made

Nerkul : Gracias Dios por permitirme ver esto

Вадим Хатько : Лада!!!

Phoebe Louise : Why am I crying

Konstantin Schaefer : 0:35 Nice Lada (Russian car)

1 Bad Jesus : That school orchestra teacher was SPOT ON! lol 😂👍

J F H M : Was this filmed in England? The people look very British and the countryside looks like the music video for Safety Dance

Ed Nerd : Eu assistiria esse filme!

Sooh Marquez : The best i see ever

Baking with white tiger : This is pure beauty

Hal Motley : This was an advert for Sky originally. It's wonderfully British.

eder corrales : For a second I thought Homer was played by James Gandolgini

Mia Jimenez : 0:59 Bart sits VERY fast

verónica cerdán : No al fracking en Argentina por favooooor😢😢😢

Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl : My new favorite video ever

Thug Yared : Lisa es muy colorada, no tendría que ser más rubia

jon talbain : Excelente intro de verdad homero y bart se ven muy chistosos ademas me tome el tiempo de pausar para ver los habitantes de springfields y son identicos

Lorenza Lorenzo : A March le falta la magia de su cabello azul. Solo eso falto para ser perfecto.

Артем Артемов : 0:36 I never know that Homer's car is a Lada Riva )) Write to YouTube or google pictures " ВАЗ 2107" or "ВАЗ 2105" Vaz 2107/2105 is a Lada RIVA

Krissie : Thank you for sharing! I didn't know this existed.

Buddcar Cook : OMG! LMFAO!!! Thanks to whoever did this, great..... Now I want a donut for some reason.

PIMP 101 : I'd love to see a live action movie of Simpsons

Veronika Kinčlová : Někdy udělejte víc

Evil Queen : this isn't an actual live action its the couch scenario they randomly do every episode is a different couch scenario sometimes

Mysteryes : Holy Sheet, I remember watching this on my PSP on Crackle. The "ripoff of YT" back in the day

Sergei play : Кароч круто

WTHbro : Incredible! 😁

COOKIE KING : wow so cool

Explaining It : Lol excellent 👍

Molder sax : Como saxofonista el saxo de lisa me parece algo muy extraño XD

Miguel Gonzalez : Volvo!!

VictorLepanto : Homer's not nearly fat enough.

Zixiang Xiao : 1:00 that baby come from nowhere!!!!!!!

Jason Carpp : ROFFL! This is more fun to watch than the animated series of the Simpsons. :D

El Falazhia : Quien deja a Maggi en el sofá en el minuto 0:59 ?

Richard Gordon : Great stuff

Richie Ingpiece : This is the opening from the very British one done by Ricky Gervais, isn't it?

Sammuel Parris : I like jazz

VKOOK BTS OFFICIAL : Wow quede wow pero de lo mas wow okno 😂😂

Bajitas yTuning puntocom : 😂😂👏👏👏👏👍

Mr Mikro : This was really shitty

VALERA : У Гомера ВАЗ 2105 вот это нежданчик.

Roberta Marsh : KARAIO

Debora mnt : amazing

Vero Capellin : Malísimo 😬😲😠😡😉😝😝😞😼🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓