The Simpsons Live Action Opening

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Krissie : Thank you for sharing! I didn't know this existed.

Kathy Hackman : Anyone else realize the baby (Maggie) randomly appears on the couch?!

Filthy Weeb : This show should do this episode in the whole version in live action.

N : Absolutely hilarious. It was so similar to the actual beginning I was like whoa.

Sierra 656 : Wait why is Lisa older than Bart

Yeshwant Dasari : is it weird that this doesnt take place in the usa?

Ariel Barrett : Marge's hair is a big deal im mad they didn't do it right

mushi anime : they should make a movie or episode about it

FC Aliifua : did they really get the voice of marge to be the live action marge?? she looks just like julie kavner!!

kolavec : Also Lisa plays a baritone saxophone , not a tenor

wuala guala : is this european?

Lonely Adventures : can you do this but for futurama lol or flinstones

Tom Mato : The twins should be on their phones

Derf_Wader : 1970s simpsons

VKOOK BTS OFFICIAL : Wow quede wow pero de lo mas wow okno 😂😂

Old Green Cunt : This is perfect. Except I wasn’t expecting to see Lisa with wavy red hair. I imagine her to have the same blonde hair color as Bart in a short cut for young girls.

Proyect pr sound pablito : Esos simpson parecen mas ingleses jajajaja...

Explaining It : Lol excellent 👍

Gal3xyRod : is this actually spring field in real life? 😰😰

El Banner : No mames es exactamente igual!

lps cakepop : Bruhhhh

Aly Cat Plays : Marge looks like Mrs. Dursley

Barack Obama : Why they arent yellow?

Jaynicko : Bart looks like me

X. Baughans : Wait a minute this isn't a fan film

betoen : Almost perfect! And, because perfection doesn't exist, this is perfect.

nikkinoivern : wow, awesome

Sofi Ovejero : La pinshe Lisa tiene su saxofón y yo sin poder comprarme uno 😒😒😂

Gunnhild Edwards : Why is Lisa a red-head and why is she older than Bart

Darkbren Game Room : This is actually really well made

Blanpy larrry : Exelent!!!!😘😘😘👍👍😄👍

Fish Tank : **Sheds a tear**

Rob Gilbet : Simpsons has been dead since season 10

Oli Olive : Bart was on point

First Last : *I am uncomfortable*


Tekarukite Shimada : Noooo mameeeesss

Clipes revertidos : *OMG* 😍

Shit box : Why didn’t “Homer” smash through the door?

Doughnut Master Studios : Homer drives a Lada

org the destroyer : Lisa's embouchure is terrible.

Aaron Anglea : Well Done!

Vale Frenchy : I love it! 😆😄

joe sefa : Well done

auronplay fan : Lo ameee 👌❤🤷🏽‍♀️

Sheila_Jasso 00212 : :V lisa dede ser Rubia :V no peliroja >:V

Satanic Cat : I'm just wondering who spend time for doing thid?

Ayy Ok : This is blasphemy

Katie Andrea : Se supone que Marge era sexy(?

Forever Determinate : Lol