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Whatever Forever : Not the same after watching metalhead

Александр ForestLamp : now when can i get a robot wife

Olivia Martin : *doggo*

AROON M : Metalhead black mirror 😬😬

ChaseOnStage : this yellow dinosaur makes me uncomfortable.

David Bauer : Hey loved your cameo in episode 5 Season 4 of Black Mirror.

Кирилл Бадертдинов : who is watching this after that black mirror episode?

Sergey Maksimenko : I definitely should buy few cans of paint...

Leviatank : The shrapnel unit has been installed already, hasn't it?

Fuzzy Puppet : Skynet sends a new terminator...this time a dog 🐶

Mitch Gosser : AND now this horrifies me. #Metalhead

luk45ful : Just watched Metalhead and this is some creepy shit

Rafael Jrs : Metalhead

Chavez Knows Movies : Whose here because of Black Mirror

ok : but can it roll over?

thesupernashyboy : Metalhead

Vinayak Mitty : Black mirror.. Season 4 Episode 5

Some Guy on a Computer : A weapon to surpass metalgear

Mohammed Salman : For anyone whos watched Metalhead. You've been warned.

Warped Perception : Scarier with every video update !!

Андрей Самодуров : I think that parks with "live" dinosaurs it is one of future applications of similar mechanisms.

Jacques Lazzari : Black Mirror: S4 E5

DTinaglia Studios : How does it feel that Black Mirror singlehandedly made everyone that watches their show hate your products?

Karlito Ram : Maybe in the future we should be careful about having this dogs ☠️

M.A.C Carroll : Looks like a speeding gun with legs

Joara Aguilar : Black mirror brought me here

EnchantingManiac : No thanks. We don't want it.

arber demiri : Anyone else here back from watching the Black Mirror episode?

RayZ : EVERYONE WATCH BLACKMIRROR - The Metalhead episode... shit will make Boston Dynamics look like the scariest company in the world

5K Abonnenten ohne Video? Hilf mit :D : Wtf

Phil Maqui : Black Mirror's Metalhead

bobberkarl : Metalhead black mirror season 4

pnoipr8 : black mirror anyone?

Tyrone Ward : Black Mirror... now give me likes

Jack : Thats a nice doggo.

Sang Jae Lee : Black mirror. I won’t say no more, Burn that thing RN

Ian James Fowler : It's radio controlled...not a real robot, tis got no brains

Antonio C : 🇺🇸 Made In Usa🇺🇸

Nada None : whoever's making these, please stop (:

nobody 6868 : Well I suppose this deserves to be 1# on trending


Tom Schindler : Have you already seen the 4th relay of black mirror? Scary parallels...

pedro spyrito : it looks like the Demo Dog from Stranger things 2

body hider juice : black mirror anyone?

adam mac : If it leaks oil in the house, are you supposed to rub its nose in it?

Officer Bozo : Waldo came true, now we gotta worry about this... thanks Black Mirror.

min yoongi : It’s the robot from metalhead

Mike Brancatelli : how many people came here after watching metalhead ?

Great-ish Owl : You can bet this public Youtube video is not the most advanced models they have. And US companies are NOT the only ones making these things. Let's just hope the "good guys" make the better ones.

Whacky Scripts : " It's not even my final form"