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ok : but can it roll over?

Whatever Forever : Not the same after watching metalhead

gator tho : "Coming soon" IS THAT A THREAT??

Olivia Martin : *doggo*

DTinaglia Studios : How does it feel that Black Mirror singlehandedly made everyone that watches their show hate your products?

David Bauer : Hey loved your cameo in episode 5 Season 4 of Black Mirror.

Александр ForestLamp : now when can i get a robot wife

ῠ̔ποκρῐτής : Metalhead black mirror 😬😬

Some Guy on a Computer : A weapon to surpass metalgear

Faraaz Iqbal : Your dog looks kinda skinny dude...are you even feeding it?

Sergey Maksimenko : I definitely should buy few cans of paint...

Kirill Badertdinov : who is watching this after that black mirror episode?

Mitch Gosser : AND now this horrifies me. #Metalhead

Андрей Самодуров : I think that parks with "live" dinosaurs it is one of future applications of similar mechanisms.

FAREY : That's a weird looking dog

luk45ful : Just watched Metalhead and this is some creepy shit

Leviatank : The shrapnel unit has been installed already, hasn't it?

falling down stairs : black mirror anyone?

Rafael Jrs : Metalhead

Krock : *Metal Gear Jr.™*

Chavez Poindexter : Whose here because of Black Mirror

Vinayak Mitty : Black mirror.. Season 4 Episode 5

getschwifty16 : Metalhead

Garrett Lent : Black mirror just made this 1000x scarier then ever thought possible

hella-flush : Can't wait to give it a bath

Steve Longoria : this looks like the 'dog' from black mirror metalhead episode

Mohammed Salman : For anyone whos watched Metalhead. You've been warned.

Jacques Lazzari : Black Mirror: S4 E5

AlexReynard : Welp, I'm getting flashbacks to the Hunters in HL2e2.

Adrian Adrian : Imagine if people that lived 2,000 years ago saw that

Joara Aguilar : Black mirror brought me here

Best Cover Ever Forever : Black mirror season 4 ep 5

Lavender town : Horizon Zero D"a"wn ????

mog dor : Hurdy durrr....Black Mirror hur hur hur. I'm so smart for noticing the similarities, nobody else figured that out except me, and a million people haven't already said it durrr......

Akz : Demodogs 2.0

Karlito Ram : Maybe in the future we should be careful about having this dogs ☠️

Nada None : whoever's making these, please stop (:

pnoipr8 : black mirror anyone?

falloutmuse thebault : is that black mirror s04 e05 ? :o

Boni4 Real : Who is a good boy?

Phil Maqui : Black Mirror's Metalhead

bobberkarl : Metalhead black mirror season 4

arber demiri : Anyone else here back from watching the Black Mirror episode?

Tyrone Ward : Black Mirror... now give me likes

Swaggy Jay : My ad was longer than this video....

EnchantingManiac : No thanks. We don't want it.

Crud Bud : When can we get one big enough to ride for fun

fooshfoosh : Metalhead prototype...

Ian James Fowler : It's radio controlled...not a real robot, tis got no brains

ΣHAANTI : I was a little scared when he looked at me.