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Adrian Adrian : Imagine if people that lived 2,000 years ago saw that

Whatever Forever : Not the same after watching metalhead

DTinaglia Studios : How does it feel that Black Mirror singlehandedly made everyone that watches their show hate your products?

Speedo Sausage : "Coming soon" IS THAT A THREAT??

David Bauer : Hey loved your cameo in episode 5 Season 4 of Black Mirror.

Александр ForestLamp : now when can i get a robot wife

ῠ̔ποκρῐτής : Metalhead black mirror 😬😬

luk45ful : Just watched Metalhead and this is some creepy shit

Sergey Maksimenko : I definitely should buy few cans of paint...

hella-flush : Can't wait to give it a bath

Some Guy on a Computer : A weapon to surpass metalgear

falling down stairs : black mirror anyone?

Olivia Martin : *doggo*

mog dor : Hurdy durrr....Black Mirror hur hur hur. I'm so smart for noticing the similarities, nobody else figured that out except me, and a million people haven't already said it durrr......

This Little Critic : This whole time I’ve been preparing for the zombie apocalypse and I forgot about the pet robots!

Chris Mise : The fact Boston Dynamics is sponsored by the US military makes it even more Black Mirror material.

Leviatank : The shrapnel unit has been installed already, hasn't it?

Chavez Poindexter : Whose here because of Black Mirror

Kirill Badertdinov : who is watching this after that black mirror episode?

FAREY : That's a weird looking dog

Garrett Lent : Black mirror just made this 1000x scarier then ever thought possible

Steve Longoria : this looks like the 'dog' from black mirror metalhead episode

Vinayak Mitty : Black mirror.. Season 4 Episode 5

Mitch Gosser : AND now this horrifies me. #Metalhead

John Loberger : Holy shit, a BostonDynamics robot that does not look like a crossbreed between a broken dishwasher and Frankenstein's dog. Bravo

Ton : These guys are about to get so much Black Mirror hate.

Chemical_KO : Having watched Black Mirror Season 4 I am now absolutely terrified of these.

C P : That's it I'm keeping my shotgun close from now

Mohammed Salman : For anyone whos watched Metalhead. You've been warned.

Faraaz Iqbal : Your dog looks kinda skinny dude...are you even feeding it?

AlexReynard : Welp, I'm getting flashbacks to the Hunters in HL2e2.

Jacques Lazzari : Black Mirror: S4 E5

War Ninja : I didn't know that Black Mesa worked with Boston Dynamics.

EnchantingManiac : No thanks. We don't want it.

Virginboy3D : Do you want to destroy the world

Rafael Jrs : Metalhead

arber demiri : Anyone else here back from watching the Black Mirror episode?

getschwifty16 : Metalhead

Joara Aguilar : Black mirror brought me here

UnPhayzable : That's one extra thicc robot

Digital_Ladd : I’m surprised not a lot of ppl are kinda worried about this. Skynet is gonna be a real thing in the future.

Tyrone Ward : Black Mirror... now give me likes

lupinearsenalALT : Go see Black Mirror Season 4 "Metalhead" yalls.

Ryan Fuller : Glad to see I’m not the only one here because of Black Mirror

Андрей Самодуров : I think that parks with "live" dinosaurs it is one of future applications of similar mechanisms.

Paper Dragon : You can bet this public Youtube video is not the most advanced models they have. And US companies are NOT the only ones making these things. Let's just hope the "good guys" make the better ones.

The Truth Be Told Podcast - Hip Hop Podcast : just watched metalhead on black mirror.. kill it lol

: Well I always found those creepy but after watching Black Mirror it is a whole other level of creepness...

BoniBon 666 : Who is a good boy?

Karlito Ram : Maybe in the future we should be careful about having this dogs ☠️