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Krock : *Metal Gear Jr.™*

Jonathon Lee : It's so awesome to watch this technology improve and finally turn into something that looks like a real product

b i t c o r p : 0:08 when you're a filthy organic and they find your hideout

YouToob : i think your doggo has autismo

Fresh hh : Reminds me of a hunter from half life 2 episode 1 & 2. We are in for some shit. Get ready

ok : but can it roll over?

OnlyVerify : *Skynet*

Apple : Абасраца можно если увидеть или ночью услышать((

Water Man : Fucking Pansies no wonder you are scared of beards now Can't wait for Gekkos and some Metal Gear Ray in real life

Original Username : So this is what would be the end of humanity.... a robot dog uprising

Canadian Prepper : Wow they are getting eerily close...

jenny villavicencio : Nothing like your own headless dog running on your backyard

Jameson Lovegrove : I bet it does some epic shits out of that USB port asshole.

brdy : here before the world ends

ZAVIEAR WRIGHT : Soo cute it got upgraded

Boni4 Real : Who is a good boy?

Gangstapixel : So this is what we will be fighting in the near future

Too Much Jinkeys : it looks like its running backwards.

theTRIOS : More like TERMINATOR coming soon.

Hassan Rehman : It's all over

Swaggy Jay : My ad was longer than this video....

Denis Future : Это у вас кот? Нет Это у вас пес? Да Это у них песда

Kin Winz : He's all like sup nigga.

65bug519 : you take it for a walk and it stops and sniffs every single power outlet

SumTingWong : YouTube Trending? Darpa Chief? Metal Gear?

MrYorkieLover Fitness : FINALLY!!! A video that DESERVES to be #1 Trending....

Lucas Alfaro Andreu : Which is the usefulness of this robot?

E S : 한국인

General Gaming Lemon : Wtf

theTRIOS : So basically Boston dynamics main goal is to just make sure that SKYNET becomes a reality. Well things all these organisations do to make sure humans don't over populate bravo.

ΣHAANTI : I was a little scared when he looked at me.

mexxy :D : Begining of the robot apocalypse .. xd

ZackSucks AtMc : were all fucking doomed. it'll sniff us out and kill us like to stop MAKING THESEE!

Timothy Jack : It's funny how scientists assume this 'dog' just happenstance'd itself over millions of years.. And yet we know otherwise!

Michelle TheGamerGal : Someone please give this thing squeaky shoes!

Van Houten 46 : That genuinely frightens me.

Alternative Facts Survivor : Now lets use to kill arabic people in the name of israel and jewish zionists.

Colton Munoz : Just having a flat face instead of a head is somehow cuter

Discord Overseer : From horses to cars and back to Robotic Horses

Buck Dangle : more liberal bullshit scientists playing god and bringing the end times its no joke when this shit becomes possesed with a virus and kills us all its this and the stem cell bullshit cloning humans and pig hybrids the shit is disgusting and down here in arkansas we dont support that robot shit humans are the best for anything this thing is gonna take more jobs

Eddie Martin : It’s a demi dog...

Moss Fett : I want one send me one for testing I will incorporate electromagnetic weapons system on it

M B : I love this! 😃💚

X-Planer : thid nigga weird fam

Игорь Калинин : Panzerhound prototype.

M.A.C Carroll : Looks like a speeding gun with legs

carl jeroldson : lol I need this

haajee1 : Sounds like there comes a couple of accu drills...

Jetstarfish _ : He will *remember*

Атамана Мана : Это вам не робот Аватар