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ok : but can it roll over?

Jr B : *the end is near*

Cosmo Trololo : 0:09 when the leather scums record video

Apple : Абасраца можно если увидеть или ночью услышать((

Frizzable : now when can i get a robot wife

Faraaz Iqbal : Your dog looks kinda skinny dude...are you even feeding it?

65bug519 : you take it for a walk and it stops and sniffs every single power outlet

My Phone : Что ты такое???))))) wtf

Xardas BoT : is this half - life 3 trailer?

DarkBoy DxB : Spent years making a robot For a 25 second video

Akz : Demodogs 2.0

Sn0Ke : I guess you could say... It's right around the corner.


a dood : It's all fun and stuff until you see this running towards you at night

Yee Yee : But would it be considered bestiality to fuck this dog? It may look like a dog and bark and shout as i fuck it but you have to under stand that it is only programed to do such thing.

Adrian Perez : Imagine if people that lived 2,000 years ago saw that

Cofo72 : Remote jammer anyone?

Warped Perception : Scarier with every video update !!

Constavlos : coming to a prison camp near you!

blockland30 : Thanks for posting these. Helps us identify what's needed to stop them when they claim world dominance.

hella-flush : Can't wait to give it a bath

EcgameGyor : what a good boy

Nikoletta 18 : Kto z Polski?

Cant Be Bothered : It's so fucking adorable

starcastle : WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!

ChaseOnStage : this yellow dinosaur makes me uncomfortable.

Nikita Levin : по моему миленько

htothejay : Jesus the future looks a bit scary

Vo Bo : Is it new "Pimp my nightmare" series?

martin Gazdočka : it s so creepy

Swaggy Jay : My ad was longer than this video....

haajee1 : Sounds like there comes a couple of accu drills...


Poleopulo Aleksandr : пора печатать таблички на входе частных домовладений:"Осторожно! во дворе злой киборг!"

jam jelly : Ex Machima

M.A.C Carroll : How does it pick up my newspaper tho

Nasho Producciones : *Where's the banana peel?*

Vintality y : Coming to kill you soon

Victor Coyenn : So smooth...

Игорь Калинин : Panzerhound prototype. : Let's add the *seat on top* and ride it like a knight :-)

FEELS 0.0 : I am honestly creeped out

Reptile : Cute

em Poison : Is anyone else extremely creeped out by this thing? No? Just me? Okay then...

Don Boss : soon we will be overrun by our robotic dog overlords

MrYorkieLover Fitness : FINALLY!!! A video that DESERVES to be #1 Trending....

Żałosna Wytwórnia : i like the new spotmini

Jezza Lenko : Half life...

Equinox - : Are these things more reliable and less likely to blow up than hoverboards?

St.JaySo'n : Оооо, какой он милый. Хто у нас туту такой хароший и захватит планету * _ *