Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 E3 - Balancing
Its over internet This is the PINNACLE of human achievement

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Welcome at the third event of the 2019 MarbleLympics! This time we will do Balancing after we received a lot of requests! Each team must roll as far as possible without falling off track. Record: 347 (by Rojo Rollers, ML2016) === Credits: === Commentary: Greg Woods Music: Minos Fylaktos Logo design: === Useful Links: === PATREON: MERCHANDISE: (more items will be added soon) More marble news: Facebook: Twitter: Wiki: Bet on the MarbleLympics: === Patrons: === Premium Patrons: Terry Hankamer, the Farcher Family, Dave Knox, Christian Wallace, Joe Hills, Quinton Franks VIP Patrons: Alex Mathew, Ashton Power, Briek Wittesaele, Ciaran, Danny Shaw, Eric Schmitz, Matthew Spadaccini, Jan Seifert, Ian Slatas, Lauren, Adan and Tinu. © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!


ToFu : Me: 408 points, that record will last a while Hazers: Hold my marble

Emma C : The fact that the WR was beaten THREE times this year AND by almost 100 points over the previous records really makes me think the committee should open an investigation into things like the use of oils (oiling) or other forms of cheating. Now I am NOT saying that just because a team is good it means they're cheating (in fact I'm a Hazers fan myself), but if these events want to keep their reputation of fairness then you have to make sure of these things.

Steph H : First the "oooooo" when the O'Rangers are up, now the jungle drum beats when the Jungle Jumpers are up. I love all the little details! Great videos all around!

Elheru42 : This was seriously intense. Im really proud of my Team Galactic. Great job guys. Hold steady.

omgben : What do you do for a living? I race marbles professionally.

The Dipcifican : I really thought this was a real sport. Then, I realized the audience was marbles.

FG. Robinson : Me: Yeah I'm not gonna watch a grown up playing with marbles Also me: LET'S GO HAZERS!! PUM! PUM! PUM PUM PUM!

VinnieTheHeadSifter : Thunderbolts had the MarbleLympics record for exactly 30 seconds. That has got to be soulcrushing

Maddisch : I dont want to be that guy, but having 3 Teams break a record that hasnt been broken since 2016 is a little suspicious in my opinion. The Marblelympic Anti Doping Committee should run some more excessive tests.

James Keo : Hazers coming in clutch! That's how you work as a team

O’rangers manager Vitamin : The o’rangers have had a bad start, but the old champions still have some fight in them. We believe the team will come back late on for the win.

Trx Velocity : I see the recommendations have brought us together once again

Cpt Beowolf : The production value of this channel is better than the actual Olympics.

Augrer : I'd never have thought that I would be sitting in front of my PC actually being invested in marble Olympics. Awesome work man!

Henrik Johnsen : I wanted to calculate the overall leaderboards for all the Marblelympics combined. To make it fair I had to convert the 2016 games because it used a different scoring system, to the ones that have been since 2017 games. By doing that actually some spots changed in 2016 games and showed that Team Galactic was very solid that year even though their placement. I have also put them in groups according to how many games the teams have competed in. So here it is, updated after this event. Oh and the time Team Momo and Team Primary joined forces in Team Momary I decided that both teams get the same points in that game. 4 games teams: 01. Savage Speeders 494 02. O'rangers 403 03. Thunderbolts 377 04. Mellow Yellow 359 05. Team Galactic 341 06. Oceanics 325 07. Pinkies 273 3 games teams: 01. Team Momo 322 02. Midnight Wisps 277 03. Limers 253 04. Team Primary 241 05. Balls of Chaos 238 06. Chocolatiers 210 2 games teams: 01. Snowballs 194 02. Jawbreakers 185 03. Hazers 163 04. Raspberry Racers 143 05. Crazy Cat's Eyes 120 06. Jungle Jumpers 75 1 game teams: 01. Shining Swarm 112 02. Rojo Rollers 106 03. Kobalts 85 04. Minty Maniacs 77 05. Quicksilvers 58 06. Green Ducks 41 07. Indigo Stars 15 After going through this I am very impressed by Midnight Wisps despite being 1 game behind have overtaken Pinkies and closing in on Oceanics. And also how consistent Team Galactic have been in almost every event in all games. Of course Savage Speeders are miles ahead.

H P : I have a deeper connection with crazy cats eyes than I do with my parents

Nidhal Charryzle : Orangers have most issue in every marblelympics ever, like fan riot, stuck at the beginning, and the foul start, i wonder what theory could explain this...

Christian Andersson : Spoiler Roldo is seen, I think, at 4:12.

Jackson DeStefano : Congrats to the Crazy Cats Eyes on breaking the record! Wait, no, congrats to the Thunderb- nope, congrats to the Hazers! You broke the record!

Lightning Tells Games : Youtube algorithm is so weird I am questioning what I am watching...

John Chessant : You could say that the Balls of Chaos run was a bit... chaotic.

swagmytwang : "Tommy! Dinner is ready!" "Leave me alone mom! I'm playing with my marbles!!!"

Kingus Carlitus : Try watching this while on opioids, it's the best.

Gunman Santa Claus : Crazy Cat's Eyes : Yay knew world record ! Thunderbolts : Hold my beer Hazers : Hold my Haze

אבשלום אלוני : Me: This is rediculis, im not gonna watch marble compete. Me one minute after : I wonder who came first..

Manuel Salgado : No idea why this was in my recommendations but that you YouTube, I appreciate it :,)

Craig Bailey : After watching this, I attempted to sky walk (fly) to my job afterwards... That's how scrambled my brain is. "Who's gonna win?!" 😑 the marbles, that's who

Ben Luecken : Hazers climbing to the top! We're coming for you Savage Speeders

Jake Hudson : 1 New Record = Oh nice, Congrats CCE 2 New Records = Holy Cow! Thunderbolts! 3 New Records = Holy Mother Freakin Duck!!!! What am I witnessing???

Doctor Bonkus : I cheered for the Crazy Cat's Eyes, yes, we are dissapointed, but at least we got on the podium #EyesOnThePrize

Johnny Twice : The jungle jumpers are not so good as last time. With their new coach you see the nonchalance in the team. So pitty.

Lotek Nomad : Consistently amazed by the production and commentary quality of these videos :)

Clément Tison : Come on Hazers, Yellow Mellow and Team Galactics! You're my favorites!!

glowou : For anyone curious, the referee is fine, his chair was just jostled from the force of the starting gate.

MrSirFluffy : I'm so disappointed with the Orangerd this year, I've been a fan for years. I still believe though. Finish strong OooooRangers!

roomiller : Still missing my Limers this year. I refuse to bandwagon the Savage Speeders though.

Firelord Azula : 6:00 I thought for sure, right when I saw this score, that this record would never be beaten. 408 is a ridiculous score, with 3 players getting 100+. It's unheard of! And then the Hazers beat it a few seconds later...

joelpalkia : #WillOfTheWisps Our champs ain't doing too well... fellow midnight wisps fans, we gotta channel that midnight energy, GOGOGO MIDNIGHT WISPS!!! #ItsMidnightTime!!!

qdHazen : Love the fact that the officials/referees are black-and-white striped.

Alec : I love how official everything is. Clearly a lot of work and love went into this and it shows. This is most fun I've had watching marbles

daltonrussel : me: *nothing* yt recommendation: this vid

Hux Gaming : Green ducks been very consistent GO ON LADS!

The KkoRe : Raspberry Racers disappointing :/but I'll continue cheering Congratulations to the hazers they really showed what motivation and good training can do

nikolas Lastname : The amount of work put into these games is truly impressive. #RaspberryRacers

Grandle Jams : Watching all these teams getting records is very humbling. _Says the Jungle Jumpers fan_

Sirisin Kulchutisin : Gogogogoo crazy cat's eyes!!!!! even your marbles are the logo of THE WHOLE MARBLELYMPICS!!

YieM 1331 : This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen and I loved everything about it . Subscribed!!!!

Snoop Tiger : Tbh I always believed in the Hazers

BakedMoMo : man Galactic at safe 2nd place, but then 3 groups keep breaking the records......