GTA V I Want to Apologize

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TopNotch Idiots : Gold!

Sly Shooter : That was perfect xD

Nirad802 : What a beatiful love story

DieOrYouWillDie : Apology accepted?

Zairo : When you're acting tough in front of your teacher but she threatens you with detention

sparrow2202 : Apology accepted, captain Needa

PasserbyGengarALH : he even drops his cigarette...

m86 : too real

Blood Stone Guard : That's me when someone points a gun at me

Pequod Chan : I realize now that my behavior was unacceptable. good day.

ZombieGoop : #SorryNotSorry

Knugen av Swärje : He forgot he wasn't on the internet.

koolerpure : lmao this game still surprises me with all these hidden things i never knew about even though i play it everyday

Edgar Banuelos : The left in a nutshell

Nicholas LaRosa : Wow. And here I thought that all the A.I. of GTA V were dumb. I've been proven wrong.

johnnymccraze : That was very mature of him.

ZombieGoop : Yo I’ve been noticing a lot of newcomers (and I mean a lot!) to the channel and this video. Out of curiosity, how have you guys found this video? Regardless, I’m glad to see people are enjoying it!

Melku44 : i saw this in a try not to laugh

ZombieGoop : Damn exactly 99,999 views o.O

Killer Boy Snap : "I want to apologize." "Sorry for being very rude and I want to give my respect to you." "The way I acted to you was very obnoxious and absurbed because there was no need for this to happen so I do want to say my sinceres for the discomfort that I have given you today."

Richard Grouper : This is really awesome. Never senna an npc doing that in gta 5. Usually they run and scream.

fuzzy apple pie : Logan Paul when his fans get angry at him.

Andrew Lee : Where was this taken and why do the people look all weird?

ERIK KILLMONGER STEVENS : Online persona vs real life

Señor Pepe : When you find an internet gangster in real life

SportsFan JW : Lmao Plain n simple

Huntbob123 : I cannot stop laughing is this in game or fake

Wafelwaffel : America in a nutshell

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : Not gonna judge him. I would do the same if someone pointed a gun at me.

James Sumner : -took out gun- I will give you my money

go away : I am very sorry i threatend you i feel remorse please forgive me

Onil Treezy : Wtf😂😂

· xWOLF · : Pqp sou brasileiro mas entendi😂😂😂😂

NegativeEffect : it's been 5 years since released. it's the only game I have never got bored.

Herbert Balating : If u look closely the video start in 0:00

Martin Pizano : Points.. “ASSHOLE!”

NintendoWolf : It's funny how many people you meet when you have a gun, It's almost like the NRA was right all along.

DragoN 3 PG : Rockstar satire and social commentary at it's best. :)

E.P : I just love his response to your first insult. How he points and says 'A**HOLE', dropping his cigarette immediatly after he lights it.

DaPigs InHats : Why isn’t this viral yet

Snow World : A normal day in Los Angeles, California

ejano Crowsnatcher : but why were you harassing him anyway!? Poor guy just wants a ciggy


Amber Sweet : one of my fav things in gta 5 is that if you see a working girl more than once, they will remember you. And you can even hav short conversations with them. The black girl in front of the community center sign next to Franklin's house is different than the rest too. Make sure to listen to their phone calls after they leave their spot!

Happee Birthdae : Literally the funniest video ive seen in a long time.

kc1c13 : Just like Chinese Government in South China Sea

Kamran Ahmad : This Dude Is Savage as Hell!lol

Swell Fellow : When you accidently rose your voice at your mom and you hear her get the belt.

Conservative Leon : This is why I love the 2nd amendment!

Lucy Todd : LMFAO OMG 😂😘💜