GTA V I Want to Apologize

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ZombieGoop : #SorryNotSorry

Brobi : For a minute I thought it was staged

m86 : too real

ZombieGoop : Damn exactly 99,999 views o.O

PasserbyGengarALH : he even drops his cigarette...

sparrow2202 : Apology accepted, captain Needa

DieOrYouWillDie : Apology accepted?

- Zenthus - : And here at this moment Anthony knew he fucked up

Blood Stone Guard : That's me when someone points a gun at me

Zairo : When you're acting tough in front of your teacher but she threatens you with detention

Gamespilot : Hey there, I recently discovered your video and first of all: your videos are amazing! I work for Gamespilot, a gaming page here on facebook with a little more than 200k fans ( Would it be ok for you if we created a video based on this video here? We would credit your channel/video in the top-comment and tag your FB-Page in the post's status, so that our fans could become fans of your page in a second. I think that your work could reach a lot of people who yet have to see your amazing work! Let me know what you're thinking. Cheers, Franz

Andrew Lee : Where was this taken and why do the people look all weird?

Richard Grouper : This is really awesome. Never senna an npc doing that in gta 5. Usually they run and scream.

ZombieGoop : Yo I’ve been noticing a lot of newcomers (and I mean a lot!) to the channel and this video. Out of curiosity, how have you guys found this video? Regardless, I’m glad to see people are enjoying it!

Killer Boy Snap : "I want to apologize." "Sorry for being very rude and I want to give my respect to you." "The way I acted to you was very obnoxious and absurbed because there was no need for this to happen so I do want to say my sinceres for the discomfort that I have given you today."

Nicholas LaRosa : Wow. And here I thought that all the A.I. of GTA V were dumb. I've been proven wrong.

Huntbob123 : I cannot stop laughing is this in game or fake

koolerpure : lmao this game still surprises me with all these hidden things i never knew about even though i play it everyday

Nirad802 : What a beatiful love story

James Sumner : -took out gun- I will give you my money

Cucamunga Cracker Killaz : Online persona vs real life

: A 100 to 0 real quick. 👌😂

Onil Treezy : Wtf😂😂

Señor Pepe : When you find an internet gangster in real life

Pequod Chan : I realize now that my behavior was unacceptable. good day.

johnnymccraze : That was very mature of him.

fuzzy apple pie : Logan Paul when his fans get angry at him.

Melku44 : i saw this in a try not to laugh

Kamran Ahmad : This Dude Is Savage as Hell!lol

The Joker : LMFAO OMG 😂😘💜

Wafelwaffel : America in a nutshell

DaPigs InHats : Why isn’t this viral yet

Emilio DuhGoat : Congrats on 1mill bro 🤧🔥

Mystic_ Angel : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah thats all'i have to say hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Knugen av Swärje : He forgot he wasn't on the internet.

Emily Ho : hahahahaha

Negaton Pillock : Lol cool

James Holmes : Omg all the views and I did this a million times!

ReaceSM : Logan Paul's whole career in 15 seconds.

FNAF COP : Meme!

KyoFanDuB : 9gag got ur vid

HitmanNumber86 : This is why there's so much less violent crime in the US.

pickle games : I am very sorry i threatend you i feel remorse please forgive me

Quacking Dragon YT : I'm adding this to my Divine Playlist.

Prestige Clips : Hey man mind if I feature this in my next GTA 5 Fails episode? I have 650k subs and will credit your name + channel if you like! Let me know asap :)

hungryninja123 : That's awesome xD

Trevor Phillips : lmao

Xtreme Gamer is Currently Offline : 1 millionth viewer 😎

Carnivorous Corner : Reddit :)

Anthony123 : it really be like that