Rebecca Black - Friday

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Anime Games Online : Who else is watching this in 2018?!

That Person : 90% of comments "I came here to see the dislikes" 10% of the comments "Still listening in 2018"

nikki belinda : her voice sounds like a girlier version of spongebob if that makes sense edit: ty for the likes lmao

s k i n n y o tay : *catagory : DO YOUR HOMEWORK IF YOU ALMOST FORGOT TO DO IT!!!!!!!*

Randel Casanes Nudalo : I thought she said fried egg

Steffie Swift : David Dobrik brought me back here again hahaha

Angelika Joy : honestly she is so strong, imagine getting 3.3m people hating your song whcih u worked so hard on and being told she cant sing? and yet 7 yrs later she is so successful. u know how down i would feel if that happened to me? i would quit, deleted the video and just sunk. but sher kept going andi honestly respect that. yess girl

Jacob Salas : 2018....its time i admit that i always liked this damn song

ElJoche126 : I dunno what is worse: This or Jake Paul EDIT: Replace Jake Paul for the actual singer

Kenzie Gontes : This song is kinda catchy 👁👁 I swear listen to it again and you'll start singing the lyrics 😂😂😂💔🏃

chaimiki : Who came here to check how many dislikes this has? xD

Alice Sofia : Quem mais veio pelo canal Você Sabia?

kaylee lyon : 1669 anyone? ❤️😘

Grainne O'Connell : Her next song is gonna be Saturday just wait lol

Henry Lloyd. : Remember when this was considered the worst thing on YouTube, and now we got assholes posting videos of dead bodies to worry about. Man, those were the days...

Reckless Waves : Thanos should've snapped twice

Carissa Chilson : Tbh i don't know why people are hating so much she didnt write this song and she was only 13, fast forward to 2018 shes so successful and has grown as a person, mad respect for that

Aliza Chowder : I actually like this song so FIGHT ME 🐸☕️

Christopher Davis : Like if youre coincidentally listening to this on a Friday :D

ALEF A. AZEVEDO : 2018 ainda rindo litros kkkkk

Luis Rodriguez : Who’s here from the four ? 😂

Biraj Khadka : she is pretty 😢

Edgy Mouse : When you sniff sugar but it’s not actually sugar

Daisy Clark : I wonder how much they had to pay those people to pretend to be her friends.

Unicorn Garland : This developed the cancer of 2018 - tik tok

Vaishnavi Joshi : *god has left the chat*

Jason Leer : Happy black Friday everyone 😅

Samuel Heft : When 17 Year Olds didn’t make songs about Gucci Gangs

Diamond jarjan channel : Every one hates this video because you used auto tune and changed your voice you should have known!!!!!!!!!!

Call Me YouTube Version of Vince : I'm only watching this since I heard it was the most disliked video. lemme tell you. *TRIPLE OOF*

RunnerEye : It's sad that this video has gone from so shit that you could make fun of it but now it gives me nostalgia... and makes me sad 😂

Aryan Blouria : Who else liked the video?

Liana Gentile : Is it *FRIDAY* for anyone else? 🥳

DANGEROUS Chicka : Every time I listen to this song and makes my Heart warm up I always sing to it very good song

Versaucey Bwoii : Tomorrow is Saturday

Aussie Girl : anyone else here after David's vlog??

Im-_ Matty : Let's get this to 5M dislikes.

Carola Brousset : It’s Friday today like my comment

DANGEROUS Chicka : You are so sweet omg I loved the song

sai nath : Who else came to see dislikes

inspirepaul : Who is here after her audition? 😄

Sam Sam : It’s Friday my dudes

Bitz : It's the girl version of Justin Bieber except of Baby we have Friday...

rainy soul : Those dislikes, oomph.

The Great : Why everyone is disliking this video? I dont get it, can someone enlighten me?

Dylan : Sometimes I come back to this video to see how many dislikes in has now. And to have flashbacks to when everyone was blasting this on Black Ops and MW3

HotS Li Li : This has nothing on Diablo Immortal's trailer

Топ Лайкеры Мьюзеры и Тиктокеры : Хотя бы дни недели по английскому выучу

Paul Patricia Ioana : La felicito por su esfuerzo pero esa pantalla verde no se la cree ni mi abuela

Gucci Potato : iTs FRidAy FRiDAy