IKEA | opening Day in Hyderabad | India

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Zachary Taylor : imagine the smell.

Mark$20 : i wonder if the ikea has toilets or do they shit outside?

slacky : It’s funny if they wait a week or two that like be completely empty

Jonathan Castillo : Scammers convention

Turd Doodlesworth : India has such a bloated self esteem. They think they're some sort of super power. They can't even stand in line properly, let alone stop raping women.

Annoying Guy : Stay classy, India.

Preacher Slocum : WTF? It is like Black Friday, but worse. Why do people in crowds turn into mindless animals? Here, there, everywhere, people are the same. Put them in a crowd and they are animals. Now, with that crush of brainless people, all it would take is a spark and it would turn into a riot. One woman screaming, one idiot throwing a bottle, then chaos. And all for freaking IKEA? I don't get it.

Edward Carnby : You think _this_ is bad? Just wait till they try and get out.