Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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Il Regno : *Explosion*

MovieFlame : The kill count on this is crazy

runforitman : This is severely mistitled; it should be called “just a bunch of depressing stuff tbh”

Kumar Kshirsagar : 4:49 let me save you by kicking ur face

Mohammed Islam : 0:56 I was expecting an Explosion...

GrungeRockGod : i think ill stay inside today

Georgeo : Ah Youtube. A place where saying anything politically incorrect, or not family friendly will get you banned, but videos that show gore, loads of deaths, and pedo frozen elsa shit totally gets a pass

SandKing_298 : 4:58 this is a SsanYong(Black SUV) 7:11 Oh My God!

Alex Shuysky : 0:30 deserve it.

Bigbobjone697 : Remember kids, this a dangerous and cruel world we’re living in.

Joseph krause : I hope someone did call the police on the kids who fired a gun into the street

Aidan Adkins : 1:26 Her car *FLIPPED OVER* and she just seems mildly frustrated! XD

Eagleeye Jones : So, cars DO explode after all! Michael Bay and John Woo were right

Bigbobjone697 : 4:55 OMG

Alex Shuysky : 6:56 Should've crashed into it

Chris 414 : Be safe guys

SAW : 3:02 When your late for work.

Plague Doctor : Girl : Come over I'm horny Me : I can't Girl : My parents are not home Me : 3:05

keeponrockin : 5:52 wear your seatbelts, kids


Nobody : Why would anyone question a helicopter falling out of the sky or a car bomber blowing up a compound? why would they need a video to believe these things?

SPalash : 0:29 Surprise Motherfucker!

Hey Zeus : 6:53 well, hey, at least they didn't miss their precious exit.

Flippy _ : Age restricted let's me watch happy tree friends witch is extremely bloody oh and you tube will let me watch people burn to death but not this? YouTube logic failed again!

Scrub Lord : 6:56 that red truck shouldve just rammed through that imbecile

Wibbly Wobble : 3:06 That guy really didn't want to pay the toll!

worĸғlow : 1:38 Terrorists Win!

Fruity_Frost : *age restricted*

Marlena k8 : Yeah... So whoever was in that silver car the bus just drove over, I hope they had their life insurance paid up because their family is going to need it to bury them. Wow

Neil Tipton : Gravity. Its FAN...TASTIC...

Death Phoenix : 6:45 i literally kept pausing through this one. I literally thought most of them were about to die. Edit: btw, that could have really gone wrong.

Balu Kumar : 6:59 and that white car is just driving a way? Wow.....

dustinallenphoto : 2:43 and that's why you wear seatbelts people

Dingo Wendingo : 7:11 now u see the buildings , 7:12 now u dont

Flet urf : Explosions are beautiful

jmua04 : 1:24. She looks like she is on a ride at six flags. Genuinely happy.

scrumper : this is literally a bunch of people dying. why

Kristine Dickason : Female Asian driver just acts like its a normal thing lol

Daniel Discord : Some people shouldn't be able to drive any type of vehicle

Elma : YouTube doesn't care that people have died in this video, but damn if someone curse in a video, prepare to have it taken down.

Lancastersta games : That tractor at 3:42 is funny. And stupid at the same time. 😹

I T : 0:12 EMP

Oskar Gerlach : Not all people should be allowed to drive!

Kushal G : Scary

Pro Gaming : Rip x😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😪

B-A-M F-A-N : 3:43 Dude was either joy riding some farmers tractor or he was really drunk and thought he was on the ranch.

DanielTheCooliest : OH MY GOD at 5:10 that one car is absolutely crushed. I hope they were SOMEHOW okay..

Poophead : 0:20 he was just trying to get rid of his 5 star wanted level

Overlord : Basically, a compilation of people dying horrible deaths

Already Taken : This is funny how easy to detect Russia