Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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Jordan Harris : Seems like a compilation of deaths

Alex Shuysky : 6:56 Should've crashed into it

Dru Guerra : 4:30 I would beat the shit out of the kid

StanleySimmons REACTIONS : 4:30 Dumbass better be in jail

Rhett Barnes : Is no one going to talk about 4:35??? Wtf are they doing lmao! I hope they're not firing real bullets out into the city.

Gautam Singh : A normal day in GTA server

Frenchify : 1:20 that chick took that accident like a fucking boss. Looked completely and utterly unfazed.

scrumper : this is literally a bunch of people dying. why

streaming box : The amount of videos of people dying in here is insane

Tyflo : 4:55 Jumpscared me. I’m still wondering to this day if the driver survived that.

Canis ! : That little shit actually fired a gun in a city like that... put him behind bars for a year and he'll never do it again.

Dingle Barry : 6:55 Don't you hate when you miss your turn off? Well, now you don't have too with our very easy to learn crash another car so you don't miss your turn off system. If you order now we'll teach you how to crash a second car absolutely free.

LegionSlaughter : Poor horses 🤕

Bob Sarmiento : @2:51 stupid biker throws his bike down spilling gas all over... really stupid...

LunaticDizzy : Was @ 0:20 a suicide bombing? You could see a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed through a complex.

Taufan Pribadi : No gay music+no ads= totality 👌

SyRiAnOo كلنا سوريا : 5:51 i felt bad for the sleeping woman it was the worst nap in her life ahaha

Matthew Pilgrim : 0:53 that driver is an idiot

Jacob R : do you have clips of people not dying instantly?

Mr. BearBot : 4:55 I am trying to feel bad but I can stop laughing about how the scream cuts to music (what have I become)

Joseph krause : I hope someone did call the police on the kids who fired a gun into the street

King Jayy : So, how many people did I just watch die? Damn, that is some scary stuff.

Kermeet da Frug : 4:59 for the record that was a suicide bombing of a police base and more then 40 people died from the explosion

NathanWweMaster : 6:56 thug life for the white car

Iridia Furnival : 6:56 Idiot! Just accept you missed the turnoff!

Merrin : Wearing seat belts would have saved a few in this video.

Anthony Nwankwo : 3:50 when your mom tells you to clean the windows but you end up making them too clean

Alex Shuysky : 0:30 deserve it.

Scooter Scoots : Me when I go to work at my own shop at 711 no more work

Arif Koenigsegg : 4:56 Holly sh1t...

Overlord : Basically, a compilation of people dying horrible deaths

Jason.A : Guy editing probably got turned up adding the music

Thomas Mahoney : These are just videos of people dying

Fill Swift From stretch paper that’s sticky : Average day in roblox..

A B : *Why it is AGE RESTRICTED*

zzzut : This is by far the very best compilation I have seen in a long time. The vast majority of these clips I had never seen anywhere else before. Congratulations!

Marlon Jormungand : This should be called "people dying in many spectacular ways"

卐ŞφΞỆÐŽ ҰŤ 117ツ : 2:19 i'd get out of the truck and roll on that milk

Dingle Barry : 0:01 snap into a Slim Jim!

Good Stuff : lol this is funny af

mindzombie 01 : At 0:24 I'm pretty sure it was a suicide bomber, you can see the car racing up then blowing up once in the facility

A White Quail Called Quayuh : Satisfying

Dingle Barry : Most efficient truck stop ever 3:25

iMuhammad Siam : 4:49 lets go baby, ninja kick

Apit Gaming : What The heck 😂 3:49

Cameron Lawson : Yep, I would never in my life believe that a train hit a truck. Just absurd, that never happens.


卐ŞφΞỆÐŽ ҰŤ 117ツ : 0:12 how to die in 0.50 seconds.

az0970449 : they got to learn how to use there blinkers

Sam Thompson : Did that train just travel back to the future? 0:30