Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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Canis ! : That little shit actually fired a gun in a city like that... put him behind bars for a year and he'll never do it again.

Mei Shan : 1:26 Her face was like "Damn, I crashed again. I need to repair the car again."

Captain Asher : 6:57 I hope that person in the white car got arrested

Ayman Omran : Wow grand pa is hero 4:47

Remz dnb : sometimes it's clickbait, sometimes it's too much lol

Jordan Harris : Seems like a compilation of deaths

Iam Lost : 0:16 Suicide bombing

Niko 02 02 : welll... soo... umm... maybe.. you should add a warning, that those are clips of people dying horrible deaths....

FracturAction : 6:55 I'm sure it's woman in the white car

10k Subs with 0 videos : 0:55 the poor horses😭😭😭

Gautam Singh : A normal day in GTA server

Christian Silcott : 0:48 that shockwave looks MAD

Smirky Tea : 6:53. I like how the moron who just stopped never got a scratch on his car.

G7130 : 2:51 Why would you push the burning bike INTO the direction of the fuel tanks???

Mo Hazan : 4:58 scared the shit out of me

Joseph krause : I hope someone did call the police on the kids who fired a gun into the street

SteelScooter : Great video if you enjoy watching people die, Jesus Christ. 😟

videomotors : Who's here wanting to laugh, realizing that people probably died in these accidents? Eeh.. "lol"..?

Kwalee : I feel so bad for those horses and people

Boring User : 1:26 I like how she’s just like “goddamn it” when she crashed her car

mindzombie 01 : At 0:24 I'm pretty sure it was a suicide bomber, you can see the car racing up then blowing up once in the facility

Dailyx1 : I guess my day wasn’t that bad after all

Bradley Borg : @4:49 OOOG This is Sparta.

Miketar2424 : 3:26 Excellent jackknife technique, probably save some lives and millions in damage.

cool kid : 0:19 what even happened it looks like something from a marvel movie

Merrin : Wearing seat belts would have saved a few in this video.

Bailey Carter : 1:16 I moved outta the way in real life xD

TheSpeeding Turtle : 8:05 of people dieing

Alexandre Keiv : It´s much more difficult that something is not recorded in video nowadays...

Jack James : The horse one is really sad

Taufan Pribadi : No gay music+no ads= totality 👌

CSM_C0v3r : Guys look at 8:35!!!!

Iamnot Arussianbot : I will never leave my room.

Darlene Jeanette : I like that chick not even a freak out just "seriously again" look and mamas annoyed 1:26 lmao makes me feel calm about an accident with her

Michał Czerwiński : Red Dead Redemption in a nutshell 0:55

Overlord : Basically, a compilation of people dying horrible deaths

Benis Amaya : 4:57 jumpscare

kate carew : And people ask why I’m a homebody 😬😬😬

Oscar jimenez : I'm going to Hell for laughing at this Shit

Anonymousss : 2:33 when you played to much GTA V and you forget what the difference between real life and a video game is 😂😂😂😂

Cameron Lawson : Yep, I would never in my life believe that a train hit a truck. Just absurd, that never happens.

sweet tooth : god bless china for all these multi kill cams

Fahad Aldowseri : Sniffing half kg of cocaine 2:33

_ YungSnakeman _ : 2:27 Now *that's* why you always wear a helmet!

Карина Серебрякова : That's a bang!

trycoldman23 : So many people got oofed

Tim Bauer : I like that these accidents only happen in a parallel world inhabited by chipmunk-people

airbomb34 : Thumbnail is suicide car bomber in Afghanistan.

goldpegasusfantasy : 4:13 and this is a demonstration of how safe your car is ... if you are sitting in the trunk

errecappa : 5:10 so crazy :O