Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded

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Gautam Singh : A normal day in GTA server

runforitman : This is severely mistitled; it should be called “just a bunch of depressing stuff tbh”

MovieFlame : The kill count on this is crazy

Alex Shuysky : 6:56 Should've crashed into it

Aidan Adkins : 1:26 Her car *FLIPPED OVER* and she just seems mildly frustrated! XD

Canis ! : That little shit actually fired a gun in a city like that... put him behind bars for a year and he'll never do it again.

Scrub Lord : 6:56 that red truck shouldve just rammed through that imbecile

Hey Zeus : 6:53 well, hey, at least they didn't miss their precious exit.

Plague Doctor : Girl : Come over I'm horny Me : I can't Girl : My parents are not home Me : 3:05

Balu Kumar : 6:59 and that white car is just driving a way? Wow.....

Jordan Harris : Seems like a compilation of deaths

Erwin : YouTube doesn't care that people have died in this video, but damn if someone curse in a video, prepare to have it taken down.

SyRiAnOo كلنا سوريا : 5:51 i felt bad for the sleeping woman it was the worst nap in her life ahaha

Dru Guerra : 4:30 I would beat the shit out of the kid

keeponrockin : 5:52 wear your seatbelts, kids

Taufan Pribadi : No gay music+no ads= totality 👌

Kumar Kshirsagar : 4:49 let me save you by kicking ur face

Rhett Barnes : Is no one going to talk about 4:35??? Wtf are they doing lmao! I hope they're not firing real bullets out into the city.

EdgeyB : All the asian accidents just prove that they can't see sht with those slits for eyes. 3:53 Running straight through a glass door like its not there. Proof. Plus they never break before, during, or after they run into each other on the road. Like they never saw it and even after hitting it dont know wtf happened.

streaming box : The amount of videos of people dying in here is insane

Joseph krause : I hope someone did call the police on the kids who fired a gun into the street

Kristine Dickason : Female Asian driver just acts like its a normal thing lol

Poophead : 0:20 he was just trying to get rid of his 5 star wanted level

Mohammed Islam : 0:56 I was expecting an Explosion...

Dingo Wendingo : 7:11 now u see the buildings , 7:12 now u dont

Overlord : Basically, a compilation of people dying horrible deaths

Eagleeye Jones : So, cars DO explode after all! Michael Bay and John Woo were right

Death Phoenix : 6:45 i literally kept pausing through this one. I literally thought most of them were about to die. Edit: btw, that could have really gone wrong.

LS_ : Poor horses 🤕

scrumper : this is literally a bunch of people dying. why

Merrin : Wearing seat belts would have saved a few in this video.

Dingle Barry : 6:55 Don't you hate when you miss your turn off? Well, now you don't have too with our very easy to learn crash another car so you don't miss your turn off system. If you order now we'll teach you how to crash a second car absolutely free.

I T : 0:12 EMP

dustinallenphoto : 2:43 and that's why you wear seatbelts people

Marlon Jormungand : This should be called "people dying in many spectacular ways"

Cameron Lawson : Yep, I would never in my life believe that a train hit a truck. Just absurd, that never happens.

triplesix : So basically i just witnesed death..

jmua04 : 1:24. She looks like she is on a ride at six flags. Genuinely happy.

Ali Kareem : 0:20 in syria and0:40 in iraq

A B : *Why it is AGE RESTRICTED*

trycoldman23 : So many people got oofed

Pro Gaming : Rip x😩😩😩😩😩😩😭😪

Neil Tipton : Gravity. Its FAN...TASTIC...

Kkaka Ksks : 1:24 be like *"again?"* *_*sigh_**

Apit Gaming : What The heck 😂 3:49

Frankie Barnes : R.i.P to everyone in this video who passed away

SNIFFMYBADGER : 3:03 you need to be quick if you see a parking space

Fill Swift From stretch paper that’s sticky : Average day in roblox..

Alex Shuysky : 0:30 deserve it.

Toothbrush senpie : 6:58 GIVE ME YOUR LUCK