HIDE OR DIE - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Horror Game 2018)

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MathChief - Source for New Games! : This is battle royale the Horror way!! If you like what you see, make sure you support Hide or Die on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hideordie/hide-or-die-asymmetrical-horror-royale/description

Ogryska : Dead by Outlast in Garden on friday 13th. That can be a name.

Kratos : *phone vibrates* _"open bob & send vegana plis"_

Ray Back : Why are you running!?

CrackingCody : So it's Dead by Daylight but with 4 times the people, way larger maps, and slightly better graphics. Interesting.

It's not fat, dude. It's power. : Typical teenager, in a creepy building, running for his life and he still can't stop looking at his phone.

Rick Sanchez : the atmosphere and graphic looks great honestly and sound effects are amazing , lets wait and see how this turns out.

Kumol Kumel : So its main horror enemy (the killer) controlled by a real person? Yeah prepare for some trolls who tried to act funny with the killer and destroyed entirely the horror aspect ofbit

ROBERT REYNOLDS : Okay, I like the game. Graphically the game is well done with the environment constantly having unique events, which I find appealing. The real issue is that, in my opinion, the killers aren't necessarily scary. Every killer in games similar in content have some way to make their killer intimidating and give them a jump scare option of some kind. Dead by Daylight had killers far taller than most of the survivors and chase noises play immediately upon being spotted. Friday the 13th has quick movement options which can scare most people with a killer that is twice as tall as everyone else. On games like those such a thing is acceptable as the maps are mostly condensed into a smaller area. However, with this game with a seemingly expansive map, the options are more diverse than that. The current killer I've seen is normal height with minor characteristics which make him look different from a standard survivor. An idea I propose is that you take the chance of going into the more extremes of killer design, and with a map of a reasonable size to support it, it could work. Something extremely tall but slow and scans around with a something similar to a spotlight looking for people. A sort of snake creature that is low to the ground but extremely long. A killer extremely fast but needs to recover after moving such speeds, giving a jump scare option but removing any unfair kills. As previously stated, the options here are exceptionally diverse and if you explored them you could make this game unique and compelling to the horror genre. I'll be looking forward to any further changes to the game. If anything similar to what I had described would happen, I would gladly pay money for the game in order to experience it.

Guanjyn : Looks cool, but please don't force us to have the headbob on. I can tell right now looking at this that I will feel nauseous after a while of playing. Plus, headbob is not realistic at all. When we walk IRL our eyes adjust with our head movement. Other than that, keep up the good work.

nee chance666 : Can you play with Claudette if not I'm out.

Ben Stott : Outlast III: Hide for Daddy Edition

Almero Sepwanzaky : Add guns so it makes it "real" battle royale

Blue Flame : No thank you... I dont want to die from a heart attack by spending my hard earned money on this scary shit... I'll rather try proposing a girl..

F1RST : I think this looks awesome but I hope you add some different characters, not just bold men with different colored t-shirts! XD

Тот самый Тип : DBD + Outlast 2 + Friday the 13th = This game

Davi de Assis : *New Horror Bald Royale Game

Insra Batista : 5:28 R.I.P Dog

Daniel Sousa : Is it coming to PS4?

pastuh : Cant see any 'Royale'

Tadpole : Why is the set price for this $30? I hope the devs of this don't make a huge mistake like f13. f13 was too expensive and not good and that was its major downfall

Vincent Montalbano : Only the bravest will play this game, the kind of people who check their phone with the flashlight on when their phone battery is in the RED!!

Archosaurus : Meh, do something new, not a Dead by Daylight with three times the survivors.

Justin Nordstrom : wow this game is awesome good graphic

MrRedRice : This looks absolutely fantastic

FunTimeVidz : It looks and sounds really good 👍👌

Garrison Moritz : First person Friday the 13th mixed with nightmares on elm street it’s PERFECT FOR A NAME U COULD CALL IT THE 13th NIGHTMARE

Chirag Sharma : these kind of graphics helps in preventing lagging..

NoPill GT : Intersting

shuckle : where we dying boys?

jebus mhist : I have to say that looks like the most promising multiplayer horror game I've seen

パEyepatch : The Friday Within Daylight? Definitely the best title, hands down.

SFC : Did he stealing items from people house?

Casshern ɨ : After playing Friday The 13th, this looks like too much to handle for me.

brendan madigan : Bruh I would call Lester up and get me tf outta there

vhiteraven14 : Awesome! You make great job, fpp and almost no interface make you feel this climate. I'm waiting.

Jelani Time : Friday the 13 th could takes some tips thoe, they def didn’t play with lighting enough for it to be a horror game

gameassist : Dead by daylight 2

Vlad Igor : It's beautiful!

Frost JC : Hide or Die is a large scale asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where all players start together in an underground bunker. After the doors slide open the survivors flood the area looking for items, supplies, objectives, and if they choose to; the darkness. If a survivor gets too close to the darkness it consumes them and turns them into a crazed and corrupted killer. The remaining survivors will need to set up traps, use supplies, traverse the dangerous environment, and activate fuse boxes around the level to reroute power from the bunker to the light towers. When fully powered the tower illuminates the area and clears the darkness. The remaining survivors can choose to travel to the tower for temporary safety, store their collected items before moving onto the next section, or choose to escape. If they decide to bypass the tower, they risk their collected items, but will earn bonus rewards and xp for how long they can survive. Ultimately survivors will need to continue to travel through the world, until they either become consumed and kill other survivors or until they are killed themselves. Each time a section is cleared the darkness leaves the consumed because of their poor performance and awaits to be found again in the next section starting the cycle over. The remaining survivors will die off until the inevitable scenario happens when the hunter is pitted against the final survivor. They will now have the opportunity to find an equalizer in the world, a weapon. The two will then enter a tense, final showdown where only one will be left standing.

MugDude % : Reminds me of dead by daylight and Friday the thirteenth. And that’s a good thing in my book

derrion sanders : Nice

Openworld Freeroamer : The game looks like shit honestly, and it plays like aids too.

パEyepatch : 4:45 That aim though, lmao. Gave me 'Wrong Turn' feels.

Gengosyma : Goodbye Dead by Daylight.. Hello Dead by Friday the Outlast

geezer2ma : How is this a battle Royale game?????????

Jordan Parson : So... What tries to kill you? Can you fight players?

Dhanraj Singh : What's the difference bw dead by daylight and this game

OFFICIAL.moriigon : This looks exciting! Hopefully it holds up to be a well made game. I can imagine this game having different enemies to choose from, some thoughts i had were like the creature from a quiet place, and maybe something that would move in the trees, or become scarier as every player they kill becomes a part of them. This is a very interesting concept for a game, horror royal.

Cogieri : Now I gotta look forward to Last Year and this game, gonna be a good year!