HIDE OR DIE - Official Gameplay Trailer (New Horror Royale Game 2018)

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MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers! : This is battle royale the Horror way!! If you like what you see, make sure you support Hide or Die on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hideordie/hide-or-die-asymmetrical-horror-royale/description

Rick Sanchez : the atmosphere and graphic looks great honestly and sound effects are amazing , lets wait and see how this turns out.

brendan madigan : Bruh I would call Lester up and get me tf outta there

Samuel : This looks cool, takes a lot from famous movies in this genre and puts it into a hella atmospheric gameplay immersion. My question is, wahts the premise/ goal of the game? like will the fisherman be NPC, or APC? APC could make the game terrible since it relies on one person to basically start the game. NPC could be too difficult/predictable, after a while same map (it is battle royal) ? don't know, but looks amazing the concept is dope ASF

Tay&Jass : Is this gone be on PS4 ? I need this now !!!

Dylan Carroll : 16 players, quite brave if you ask me, because more people in scary situations the less scary, but if they can pull it off the more impressive it will be.

Ogryska : Dead by Outlast in Garden on friday 13th. That can be a name.

shuckle : where we dying boys?

Mallow : Oh boy, I can't wait to spam the phone-lines with "omgbbq we r gonna diieeeee LOLZ owo;;!!"

Justin Nordstrom : wow this game is awesome good graphic

Frost JC : Hide or Die is a large scale asymmetrical multiplayer horror game where all players start together in an underground bunker. After the doors slide open the survivors flood the area looking for items, supplies, objectives, and if they choose to; the darkness. If a survivor gets too close to the darkness it consumes them and turns them into a crazed and corrupted killer. The remaining survivors will need to set up traps, use supplies, traverse the dangerous environment, and activate fuse boxes around the level to reroute power from the bunker to the light towers. When fully powered the tower illuminates the area and clears the darkness. The remaining survivors can choose to travel to the tower for temporary safety, store their collected items before moving onto the next section, or choose to escape. If they decide to bypass the tower, they risk their collected items, but will earn bonus rewards and xp for how long they can survive. Ultimately survivors will need to continue to travel through the world, until they either become consumed and kill other survivors or until they are killed themselves. Each time a section is cleared the darkness leaves the consumed because of their poor performance and awaits to be found again in the next section starting the cycle over. The remaining survivors will die off until the inevitable scenario happens when the hunter is pitted against the final survivor. They will now have the opportunity to find an equalizer in the world, a weapon. The two will then enter a tense, final showdown where only one will be left standing.

Ben Stott : Outlast III: Hide for Daddy Edition

george 1527 : RIP Consoles with that generator thing .

Kratos : *phone vibrates* _"open bob & send vegana plis"_

Dre : Console? 😭

Ray Back : Why are you running!?

Davi de Assis : *New Horror Bald Royale Game

BarackObama : Footstep simulator 2019


33booyaka33 : "Large scale" "16 players" "Horror Royale"just kys you useless bandwagon jumpers pls.

ABOsahar DJ Upper Egypt Sound❶ : where the Horror??????????????????????

The Inconceivable Glue Man : Looks quite nice!

Chirag Sharma : these kind of graphics helps in preventing lagging..

divinitiesLOBOTOMIZED : This game will never be like how its showed here i guarantee when it drops it gonna be half butchered af n downgraded like all other games that come out

Insra Batista : 5:28 R.I.P Dog

Justin Nordstrom : its so scary to love it

Paul Joseph : never trust a staged kickstarter. ever.

Sam L : hiding simulator

Тот самый Тип : DBD + Outlast 2 + Friday the 13th = This game

ZimmZammm : love the concept of the game should be different!

saico : hey Joe, wanna play a battle royal game?

The Domain : I hate battle royale games but this one peaks my interest.

NightShade _ : Because it has the word Royale doesn't mean it's a battle Royale game/mode, unless it literally says BATTLE ROYALE it isn't a battle Royale, for example, Clash Royale, isn't a battle Royale game even though it has Royale, please stop questioning how this is a battle Royale game...

Gengosyma : Goodbye Dead by Daylight.. Hello Dead by Friday the Outlast

Antonio Salcedo : See this is innovation The same innovation I hope to see from BO4 BlackOut I want it to be unique and have awesome features I applaud this company

Blue Flame : No thank you... I dont want to die from a heart attack by spending my hard earned money on this scary shit... I'll rather try proposing a girl..

Kevin Nelaj : who is here from Ninja 😂 ?

Phantom64 : Is the killer an npc or a player chosen from those 16 people?

Jordan Parson : So... What tries to kill you? Can you fight players?

Sam Branco : i like the texting mechanic

Gregg Mathis : On their Kickstarter they are giving away Exclusive Characters to Backers. This is a terrible playstyle choice. No character or game mechanic should be behind a VIP paywall. Friday the 13th did it with an exclusive Jason version and now their game is facing lawsuits and has been stuck in the mud for months. This game looks amazing already but if they decide to give backers special characters to play as for backing, I will not ever buy this game in the future. It's quite frankly a fucking terrible decision.

Dhanraj Singh : What's the difference bw dead by daylight and this game

Havoc Reaper : Just looks a lot like dead by daylight. The horror genre is not good anymore.

Owlman : Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rogelio Iioka : Can you put it on ps4 its so awesome

indranil chaudhuri : This is so cool! Can't wait to play it

OldAgitator : Yawn

GingeyBread : What do the phones say

Adrian Guzmán : For ps4?

MugDude % : Reminds me of dead by daylight and Friday the thirteenth. And that’s a good thing in my book