Can't Help Falling In Love on a Kalimba

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AcousticTrench : What other songs would you like to hear played on the Kalimba?

Godot : Some say that if you play this song in a forest, you will summon the goodest boy of them all

SandGirl : Doctor: you have 42 seconds to live Me:

Quahntasy - Animating Universe : This got in my recommended. Falling leaves? Good doggo? Heavenly music? Yup just cured my depression. This is what heaven is like.

elizabeth pierce : this video radiates such an overwhelming amount of goodness and pureness i'm gonna cry

Unknown Boy : *Depression cured?* *Mind blown?* *Anxiety gone?* *Hotel Trivago?*

leonthesleepy : Doggo sits for a while to listen *Doggo will remember that*

lyn. : A kalimba playing can't help falling in love? A dog? Surrounded by fall leaves and the sound of wind? This is the level of peace I'm searching for in my life.

Martin : *I’m ready to die.*

Levi : Sadness left the chat

Nathan Taylor : I watch this when I have panic attacks. I watch it a lot.

Karl Anthony : 0:00 repeat button for a like

Shakira McHuffy : 0:01 don't mind me just making a repeat button

BB Films : Breaking News: Suicide Rate around the world has dropped to 0%! Thanks for 110 likes!

petra : *This is so calming wtf*

Abidinator 12 : CNN: *Leaked footage of HEAVEN*

SUPER SPARTANS : I’m a simple man, I see a cute dog, I click

Jenna R. : Wise men say Only fools rush in But I Can’t help Falling in love With you ❤️

Ava’s World : Finally something pure on youtube

TheFiftyYearOld FourTwentyGamer : Doggies are the BEST

hazza : ppl always ask *whos a good boy?* but they never ask *hows the good boy?* 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Revenom : I hope this is what im greeted with in heaven

Jimholy Long : In heaven angels play kalimbas not harps

Queenpotatotv Animal jam : Why are people even disliking lol I can’t believe I have so many likes

Madison Pratt : If you disliked, comment on this comment. We can settle this some place less pure.

Ziaxx : How to Make a Viral Video Step 1 do something awesome Step 2 have a cute dog in video Viral Video 🔥

TrickyKitty : I can't help falling in love with that pupper <33

melanhead 2 : The 2.6 dislikes on this video come from people who can’t play the kalimba so they’re jelly at its majestic powers

Μικρή Λουλού : Wow! Thats great!!!!!!!

XPRAIDER : give me your dog

Astrid waterlion : Make a full version

Alicia Parker : This is so sweet!! Your pup is the cutest. Quietly listens and then some love.

Mariah Johnson : I think I broke the replay button

kina meen : Close your eyes😔 and just listen to..... Musi🎶.


Nopa : this is what heaven looks like

woahitsnix : all my problems have been cured

ATV Outdoor : 1. Why did I only see this NOW!? 2. Just ordered a Kalimba online 3. Gonna learn to play this heavenly instrument 4. :)

Purple Moon477 : This is so beautiful...just like your soul

golfeverysecond : best 42 seconds of my life

BenjerminGaye : Can you play that 1 song from cowboy bebop. The one on the music box

Miss WhatZitToYa : That's why I love the internet.

Jacob Chap : Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you.

Robert Downy : Play Sultan of Swing next please

Grace Lee : The music and colours in this video is so gorgeous, and the doggo is a bonus😍

Twitch Drawz : This cured my depression

Gary Johnson : Now play Africa by Toto

RadioactiveRamenPonies : Listen to it a 0.5x speed. It’s so beautiful.

Sinx_x x : I want to die in thats place!

AAK Music : That dog is so lucky, it gets to hear songs from such a great musician for free.