The Vanishing of Flight 370

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On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China. The case has since grown into one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history. In this video, I examine the findings of the official investigation and explore some of the leading theories. [Credits & References] Patreon: Subreddit: Twitter:


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anandmg : When I was young, this is exactly what Discovery and NGC used to be. Pure data, expert analysis and mesmerizing narration. Now its all antics of naked ppl. Kudos to LEMMiNO for such an awesome video. Top notch quality

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Pascal : It took google only two weeks to find out I got a new job thanks to positioning. But a modern plane can vanish from radar.

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Zayan Simon : Do a video on the Vanishing of Top10Memes

Makis Makiavelis : Amazing work. Particularly the detailed map graphics. As for the subject, it's a reminder of the fact that no matter how advanced we are, the ocean remains a really big place and a 60-meter, 150 metric ton aircraft becomes something really small and insignificant by comparison.

Fawwaz Mohd Nasir : Really liked your video. You covered all the facts and didn't jump to conclusions without any concrete proof. Certainly one of the best video on this very sad tragedy.

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o k : this event seems so recent but damn, its been years

Nathan Fanstooik : The biggest question for me is still simply: why?

Reddit Cunt : Flight 370 said:🛫💨 Then said:

Benjamin Goodnight : Wow. I remember watching this on the news when I was a younger lad. This was a amazing video. Thanks for amazing content.

Yoojoon Kang : I really hope one day this mystery will be solved.

Fates OuO : idk the airplane was probably eaten by some gigantic sea monster

David Slattery : 23:06 That is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories I've ever heard... So many countries would have to be spoofing their Data... Edit: correction to time code

chickenisbae 03 : Quality and hardwork put in the video is amazing!

I'm Bored : I'd like to see people from Cicada to find this airplane

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I watch youtube but I also gmail : Malaysia Airline: Exist Indian Ocean: It's _free_ real estate

Codex : the simulated flight path from his flight sim to him somehow "forgetting" to repeat the frequency as protocol dictated I feel as if the captain was playing a larger role in this mess, the investigators found something but subsequently covered it up by order of the higher ups and everything is charted to remain a mystery

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Austin Reed : R.I.P all 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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Rizky indra Pratama : the question is who get the benefit if all passenger died or missing and never found again? yeah we know.. but without evidence its impossible. Edit : if they use MKUltra then there will be no evidence. Deep mind project..

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