The Vanishing of Flight 370
An interesting video about the vanishing of Flight 370 The quality is outstanding

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On the 8th of March, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished during a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China. The case has since grown into one of the most puzzling mysteries in aviation history. In this video, I examine the findings of the official investigation and explore some of the leading theories. [Credits & References] Patreon: Subreddit: Twitter:


physika : Internet makes the world small. A missing plane makes the world big.

ethan arredondo : the scariest part of this 'mystery' is that SOMEBODY on this planet knows exactly how, and what happened to MH370...

Q1307 : Just thinking about what the passengers experienced is enough to make me think about it all day

jmgmarcus : The fact that it flew back over Malaysia is disturbing. I think Australia made more of an effort to find the plane and figure out what actually happened than any other country. They should be commended for that.

Merritt Animation : Oh jeez it disappeared over 5 years ago? It seems so much more recent than that.

BlueIntegrity [BI] : I would be happy to go to school if we had lessons planned like this

Jan Bouzek : Very good document. So far, the best one i have ever seen about MH370.

Christoffer Hoff : most clean cut investigation documentary I've seen to date by a youtuber, you sir is what we call a professional to the highest degree!

Keep Out : Hard to imagine this guy used to make top 10s fact about porn and memes... times have changed

Coleman J. Rimer : If I die before they find this plane, I'm going to be an angry ghost.

Katty Koo : Aside from 9/11, I've never wanted to hear the contents of a black box more.

Luis Javier Castro : The quality of this documentary and the fact that was made by a single youtuber, beggars belief.

Soban Faiz : The quality of the videos on this channel is heavenly

Cheesmo : This genuinely made my day, thank you LEMMiNO.

soft ie : A student in my school,her mum was on the flight.She was so affected with her mother’s dissapearance she quit school.Just imagine the pain she had to go through...

Aseng Peace : What bother me is Vietnamese refusals to share military radar data.. Somethings off with the case

Porbeagle’s Random_stuff : It’s sad how a plane crashes with people on board that just want a vacation and to relax

Rice : Either they are on a deserted island or in the water. Dead.

TABBY : *_This channel shows the true meaning of quality over quantity_*

Marsilla Dewi Baruch : As a Malaysian, I am saddened by the incident. Rest In Peace to all victims

zidane Khansa : This is like national geography channel documentary with next level editing just one person hand made, amazing!!!

Sami : I am the only one who got creeped out when hearing the pilot saying good night.

Aardvarks Compilations : I think the mystery is a cover up

Tikit : Incredible production. This is just awesome

shook eth : I surely hope deep down in my heart that the passengers and the flight crews survived this. If they ever discovered alive, it could've been the biggest story of the entire existence. Wallahualam.

Net Lag : Before watching: Video too long. After watching: Finished already? Edit: Man. Can't believe truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction

__tragn [OFFICIAL] : Next video should be about those Thai kids who got stuck in a cave for 10 days...

Oakie oak : was it just me or did the voice sound different when saying "Good Night MAS370" and "Alright 132.6 MAS370". To me it sounds like someone else is talking. Also, if the height (z-axis) data from the military radar is so off, how can we trust the x axis and y axis data from the same military radar. Also, Also, I wonder if the military height data irregularities were created by pieces of the plane falling off

Krypt GMD : Watched this on the tarmac before taking off on my six hour flight... It was not good for my mental health.

Louisa Farmer : What a great, clear and factual documentary! This is very impressive!

Rudefalxon : Why do they keep making switches for turning off the location of an aircraft??

David Macomber : The only real question need worthy of asking is who was aboard worth killing in this way? Who knew too much about whom?

Paddy Mc : I've watched basically every documentary, theory & Current Affairs video I could find on the subject over the years, so at least 30-50, and this may seriously be the best. Amazing job. Truly. The detailed information of the debris, where it was found, and where on the aircraft it would likely-to certainly come from was just perfect. Then including the 'official' rating of the debris in terms of how likely it is to have been from MH370. Also the Earth Observation Satellite imagery from March 2014 is significant and interesting. Plus the Malaysian Military Aircraft Radar 'unreliable' altitude readings are totally new information to me and are pretty interesting. Also good job clearly stating that the initial turn off course was too sharp for the autopilot to perform, and even if after that the autopilot was in control it would still have required that course be programmed into it.

5iwot5 : Man this was more intense than an episode of Aircrash investigation

John McClane : If the trajectory is indeed correct, it is obvious that the aircraft was controlled manually, as the islands were obviously used as a visual aid to navigate. After each island a curve was flown...

Alpha Cule : Your editing is on another level, Your work is commendable, need more of these 👍

MoonAndStars : I still remembered that I first heard the news of the missing plane from radio news. I was studying for my tests and I could not believe what I heard and it felt like a lie. Someone I know lost a family member in that very plane. I am so sorry to all the family members and friends of the passengers, crews and captain. I cannot imagine the pain they had went through of not knowing the wherebout of their loved ones.

Michael Harto : they should've made a seperate power supply for the transponder so it couldn't be manually switched off and could only be switched off remotely from air traffic control if needed be. i really hope we find the plane in my lifetime.

cbreef : The vanishing of MH370 is almost as mysterious as Lemmino's upload schedule.

teofilo : Clearly there's a major cover up from the US government and the Boeing, because the aircraft was defective

Dave Pflieger : I certainly hope that some sort of closure can be given to the families of those missing. Thanks for sharing!

Spectre johnson : he always makes the best clean cut factual videos, i truly appreciate what u do man keep up the good work !

Master Somrak : Keep up the "Quality over Quantity" content we enjoy your vids :D

Sachin Venugopal : This video is more Informative and well designed than many of the documentaries I've seen. Hats off LEMMiNO!

Fued Un : cant found because they are using globe earth model. It is obvious for flat earth

Splatink : Humans: We weren't able to find the plane underwater Fish: I'm about to destroy this creatures whole career

Breakfast Storm : Remember when this channel was called "Top 10 memes" ?

Anirban Dey : If it flew over the Bay of Bengal on to the Indian Ocean, then Indian Military Radars must have picked up a lot of valuable information I think. :/

Nemon Cubez : My possible theories Hijack They ran out of air A fire started Engine failure Pilot error Pilot that was mentally ill And the fact that the plane must’ve crashed in one piece (of course because no debris was found)