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Flex Weight : They accomplished nothing by burning it down. Good job taking away the kids school from them...

Mary Kinuthia : Stupidity continues.

Chris Fowler : Out of control leftists

Nina. a : that's horrible, what else do these people need to go wrong at the moment? god bless them all and Thanks Right Wing for your amazing updates!

Battleballs : Lincoln is rolling in his grave if he hasn't already been set on fire by the people he saved.

Gene Wiley : All because some people have screwed up minds. What next with these depraved minds. God will handle these people one day. Keep looking up to the Lord.

JRG : They are their own worst enemy

summer breeze : They are probably not even looking for the people who did it..if people would learn the right history they wouldn't be messing with Robert E Lee. Dummies or ignorant, whichever.

Charles Robinson : Obama have a place in history and his story will be told of riots racist attack removal of statues burning of schools. And the 1st illegal president.....on his statue in the burned out city of Chicago. We will let it stand as a reminder that liberty will never surrender to man and patriot God bless America god bless President Trump

Edward Muzichuck : We need to start fighting back

Zak Bagans : Guess what? Abraham Lincoln gave a shit less about slaves and black rights yet he has a monument in Washington D.C.? Lee actually took care of the slaves, gave them their own land and protected them from the North. Want to make a difference? TEAR DOWN LINCOLN'S STATUE!

Jasper Smooth : Stupid arguments. History. That fire to that school was a form of racist.

Chris Icarus : Has anyone not noticed that this kind of thing did not happen until the Obama Administration???

Chris Icarus : When did it become acceptable in this country to either tear down or burn down what someone doesn't like? If this kind of behavior isn't stopped and continues, there will be a backlash.

nub丨いいえ : The name would only be racist if Robert E. Lee was racist, and he wasn't. He fought for his country, not for racism.

Alex Diamond : I thought that when I heard it

napoleon smith : named after a democrat, by the way.

Nick Witt : Fema camps for "progressives" or civilization is lost.

T : Not quite this bad, but in TN they are tearing down an apartment complex named Robert E Lee.

Ray Rupnow : Christ! I am so sick of the morons that still think the Civil War was about Slavery .....WTF up! Now they have no school is that better than changing the damn name!!!! I love how they destroyed it under the cover of Hurricane Irma... I am sure the blacks don't care they don't want to learn is easier to blame everything on whitey and get government assistance....

Elle Rev : *GOD LOOKS UPON ONES HEART NOT THE COLOR OF ONES SKIN!!!!* get right with your Lord

sue bennett : Well now no one will attend class there! Now they will have to be bused or driven to another school, which will now be now overcrowed. Just to make a point.

jersey john : Kids have no school now good job assholes all because of a name they should arrest all who fought that day im sure one of them did it


Terresa Oxentenko : Lee opposed slavery and had originally agreed to fight on the side of the north but after Virginia, his home state, left the union he could not, as he could not bear arms against his kinsmen. He opposed slavery and freed his slaves long before Grant did. However Lincoln could have cared less about the slaves as he used slavery as a means to win the war and preserve the union. Lee led out in free education for blacks after the end of the civil war and was president of Washington and Lee university in Lexington Va making a way for blacks to obtain an affordable and in most cases a free college education. Who knows if this was arson or an electrical fire. Being it was coming from the rafters it is and was most likely electrical. It's a shame.. and a loss for the people of Tampa.

sunia akaveka : I smell Jesuits

Jesuschrist IsLord : I'm sure the white ppl will give in like always,ridiculous. Start one and it will never end.

Clayton Jennings : I wonder how many more Lee schools will be destroyed by these terrorists.

ReeseL4D : Welcome to Detroit .... err... I mean welcome to Tampa Heights! They should rename Tampa Heights to Detroit.

Thomas K96 : The war was not over slavery!

Choadatios Toad : Oh no it wasn't more arson, it had to be an electrical fire. Yeah that's right there was an issue with the wiring and maybe the main breaker bus was fucked up or something and there was an overload and it caught on fire. Oh shit, I forgot. 90% of Tampa doesn't have power because of the hurricane including this place. There is no other way but arson to have burnt down the school. A magnet school a chance for little nigglets to become human by having a good education if they can take that education that is.

MrYeshuaisyhwh : Obviously, IT WAS ARSON.

Daniel Forget : Bunch of idiots !! Such a beautiful school, Now they going to end up in a shity school, and if they build another one, nothing can replaced the architectural of the burned school, it would cost too much money to replace this beauty.

Russell Clendenon : Thumbs up.

holoholo haole no ka oi : round up all filthy BLM and send them to Liberia

Choadatios Toad : Yeah I change my mind about renaming the school. Calling at Robert E Lee Elementary that's okay but nobody wants Robert E Lee Elementary School. So I've decided to OfferUp my suggestion. I suggest we call it Stonewall Jackson Elementary School. Stonewall Jackson would be less controversial because most of the niggers don't even know about Stonewall Jackson he wasn't as famous as Lee. And besides Lido great man survived the war. Stonewall Jackson died in the line of duty so he should be honored as Florida was part of the Great Confederacy and now they're waging yet another war of Northern aggression doing shit like suggesting assault weapons bands getting rid of Confederate statues and other stupid ass liberal shit yep the Civil War is pretty much starting again it hasn't gone to shooting yet, but with groups like antifa, & Blaque Lies Matter, assaulting everything that's good in this country seems like the wars back on.

Choadatios Toad : I love this surge sound that they supposedly heard. Its funny how you got this electrical sound before the fire started hours after the power went out in this area.

mark jones : let me guess they want it renamed sanford and son elementery ! lol is this another racist black thang ? leave the school name the fk alone you black lives matter -NOT - members !!!!!!!

Freddy : Respect for the children the children don't give nobody respect there's going to be a lot of snowflakes sissy people

Clyde Mcphadder : the new generation not going for the bullshit nomore till the death this is only the beginning. lol

Shaun : i have never felt so much hate for blacks then i have been in the last 8 years , they are making more and more people hate blacks

Shaun : war is coming

Shaun : remove whites to blacks lol omg

Jay Tab : Black lives matter or/and antifa did this

Jay Tab : People should learn history not Facebook rumors before burning buildings

George Hayes : Mental midgets seem to not understand symbols work two ways. My grand father was in a camp in Germany I can still remember the faded tattoo on his arm when lie on his death bed. I would never ask a single Nazi monument be destroyed. Why because they also serve to show what was over came. They don't make statues of week people or the mice among men. They don't name buildings after the feeble. So any building that is there with a name on it or any statue shows what people over came. The greater the statue or person it present the larger the accomplishment achieved by those who over came it. In short every confederate statue serves more today to remind us what was over came and that men can be fools and a nation can rebuild and change. Here we are today rewarding a group of people who are apparent incapable of looking at something and finding a positive view. They allow a physical object dictate how they feel. Not sure about you but no person or object dictates to me how I choose to feel. I'm not some weak sniveling snot who can't control his own emotions. To what extent do we let these pathetic weak minded individuals dictate the course of this nation?

jacksonphillips 24 : Tampa Bay stole satsuma alabama elmentry named Robert e lee for 35 years

Russell Clendenon : Thumbs up........

LordoftheJamesClan : erase history

john k. : & i'm never going back to my old school, & i did not think Dindu's could be so cruel. Leave it to leftist to burn down schools but the local weave shop just gets looted. LOL