Inside The Safest School In America | NBC Nightly News

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DromasGamerHD : Man I wish my school was like that having bulleg proof doors, hot zones, and everything.

F Huber : And they never report crimes to the police. Because if they reported the crimes they would lose their "safest school" rating.

Kevin Borge : This is what the U.S. has become...lovely.

Cody Fields : Well this is over the top. a) Many shooters are students themselves, so it's not like the cameras would give early detection b) Hallways are empty in this reporting video, but they're jam-packed during a normal school day. Plenty of targets still. c) Because shooters can blend in, now an entire class is stuck with a shooter in a room police can't access because the door is fortified and bulletproof. d) That seems like normal smoke, with the goal being to obscure the kids. But the problem is that shooters are there to shoot indiscriminately. Just because they can't see the kids doesn't mean they're safe. e) Windows are a thing f) This is $400,000 per school lol. We can't even afford to give them markers.

Sabine Engle : Anybody aware that there's money in selling the security equipment? Whoever sells this has a REAL interest in keeping guns being sold.

Ben Fitz : what happens when school is out and the kids leave the school...what prevents somebody from running them down in an suv

Esbern : "Scary new world*" *applies only inside the borders of the united states of america

MagnificentXXBastard : HAHAHAHA Americans. This is so unreal to the rest of the world.

Lorenozone : I’m just annoyed that their security cameras are misplaced/randomly placed...

Emma Jaworski : Meanwhile my school has all the classroom walls and doors made of glass so we can "have more natural light"

Mike Borisov : I’ve calculated 90,000 public schools times 400,000 that is 36 billions dollars yes a lot but while we are at it we can give schools supplies and technology just a little from the defense budget and boom millions of people are safe or I don’t know STOP GIVING PEOPLE SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPONS Edit: OMG this is the most attention I’ve ever had on my comments on YouTube. Anyways bump stocks a big no no ,but if people are tested monthly or gradually like they do in countries like Spain I’m honestly firm with Semi Automatic Rifles ,BUT not the fact that a person can’t drink or smoke at the age of 18 ,but they can buy a gun that is completely absurd. Plus there isn’t one problems it is multiple problems like having better program for having police or security guards neutralize a target or targets with minimal to no deaths or injuries of others.

flu dog : Beside not teaching your kids anything here another reason for HOME SCHOOLING Why would you want to send your kids to this school?

geo745don : Still waiting for camera videos of supposedly school shooting

Panda Bear : They need to do this in every school!

Caitlin Asuncion : ya girl is moving to Indiana bye

stanly ramos : Last time someone told me "well be safe here" those were the last words he ever said to me

Adrian Alexandru : lmao, what a shithole of a country

Moot : Great tell them every single one of your precautions

Justin Hensley : Now watch this school be the next to get shot up because they make a video calling it the "safest". Way to challenge the criminals.

Juan Obando : That's what I'm talking about. Extreme measures like this one need to be taken in order to prevent another tragedy from happening.

Jayla Funk : This is what we should be doing to protect our schools. Not adding more guns to the situation by "Giving Teachers Guns"

parker mohr : That is my school go Spartans

Ava Warkentin : Better than arming the teachers with guns

The Secret Man TV : we need this at my school just incase

Gehrog : Imagine trying to juul ...

darkrift1111 : Can it get more stupid than this? Duck and cover and hope that help is on the way [from 10 miles away], instead of arming the teachers.

Zrazzerz HD : Y not bullet resistant text books?

Joe T : 400k that could go towards teacher pay! Unfortunately we have to do this.......

Just Angel : What happens if a student is like in the hallway if they were to use the bathroom?

That1Guy : To all the people who think this is a good idea and want it implemented more, don't ever complain when they increase your taxes to pay for this!

Cameron Ryan : Bullet resistant does not mean bullet proof

Short Rap Lyrics : "Schools secret weapon" that they just revealed to the whole world lmao... Good job, you guys just revealed all of your security measures to everyone, now people will figure out ways to get past them. And may I just point out that spending 400,000 on security that may not even work, that money should go towards creating strong anti-bullying and mental health programmes at schools. Rather than preventing the problem WHEN it happens, prevent it from its core.

Dman Boarding : The safest school in America would be the school with the most trained pistol equipped teachers

Eric : Show this video to Florida Students there's your answer

Wade Knox : This is ridiculous. Easiest thing to do would be to just get rid of the guns. I'm a gun owner and would gladly give my guns. The whole point to the 2nd Amendment was so State militias and the people of those states could protect themselves from a tyrannical Federal government. That purpose has faded. Do you think your guns stand a chance against the government? It would be like shooting bb's at an oncoming train.

RED S7VN : Well let's show the whole world what to expect and how to defeat it. 12GA slugs to defeat the door locks, gas mask and electronic ear muffs to defeat "Hot Zones, shoot out cameras. I'll never understand the media's need to weaken everything. They should have never shown this.

Autumn : My school doesn't even do lock down drills anymore 🙃🙃

Savage Boy : Challenge accepted Just kidding😊

Awesomeness Productions : Couldn't they see the flipped over desks and the fact that there is a classroom with backpacks and such with no kids, wouldn't it then be obvious they are in the corner?

Digs 1320 : I love this i really want this in my school

juki0h tuki : what about during recess when everyone is outside?

Phuc Huu Bich : Seems pretty secure. The smoke traps, however, are dumb. Any active shooter caught in it will still open fire on students, albeit more erratically. Maybe one with concussion blast. Better to incapacitate the shooter than blind.

Sola Orelaja : Our school spent 3 million on an amphitheater that we don't use....

Totam Cat : Lmao our teachers have guns if someone attempted a school shooting they would die before getting to the main hallway

Mystery Man : all you need is huge bullet resistant doors. Thats it. Im a teacher and our windows have bars on them and the only way in is through the door. If a shooter gets through. Were all stuck in there like sitting ducks.

King Bibi : All this talk about "how," but no one ever asks "why." Bizarre.

7bendigo7 : I what one ☝️ in my house 🏠 and at school. in Melbourne Victoria Australia 🇦🇺. But I think 💭 everyone should have one ☝️.


Marcus Mariota #MariGOATa #ProBowl2016 : Yeah, hiding your face behind your textbook will work to keep you safe.

Varekai Ascendant : It used to be that a school was a place to go to learn your ABC's and 123 but now they are turned into Prisons for kids and they are taught that we live in war zones.. We have succeeded into teaching our children that the 'outside' is a dangerous place rather something to explore in wander. If you go back in time you will clearly see that that danger began with the changes in gun legislation that allowed the sale of rapid fire weapons. Yes there were the occasional shootings but not like the ones we saw in Las Vegas and in Florida and beyond. Why would anyone NEED a rifle like this for home use? If you truly love your children you will act to see that these weapons are severely restricted.