The Toasting Knife
Genius way to make toast

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So my first invention that has came from a viewers suggestion “a knife that can toast as you cut the bread” and here it is the “FurzoToasto” and as well as toasting the bread it make's spreading hard butter a dream to. Check out more Furze’s invention shows on my channel. or on this playlist Background song by Rick Simpson and the full version with lyrics can be found here. For those who have paid subscriptions to vessel you can the next episode right now here Subscribe as its all this good


Andrew : Redhot knife before it was cool..

Calvin Laudrensio : Glowing 1000° knife since 2015

Grace Smith : Beats all the hot knife vs videos out there

Christian Patton : The best thing since sliced bread.

Dinklepuffus : Make a weaponised drone from scratch, put a flamethrower on it or something like that

Loftysky : Dude you should make a jet pack

ShutUpMichael : can you make a jetpack

MetalAteMySoul : Seriously its time for a jet boat!!

TheLaXandro : If you see a maniac with a knife like this, remember- you're toast.

Kaztab : The start of the 1000 degree knife vs trend

Luke P : Should’ve added a lever that you can use to adjust the current going through the wire therefore it has Temperature controls

Thethirdman 703 : Hitchhiker's guide to the galixy: laser bread knife.

Fullest : he should make a candle that smells like SUBWAY!!!

Songs With Added Pew Pew : Have you ever wanted a >100 Celsius A.C hacksaw for the singular purpose of cutting bread into burnt slices of toast? This knife is for you!

Mason Lake : Mom: don't touch it's hot Me: *thinks to self* don't touch.... Don't touch... Don't touch 5 minutes later AGHHHHHHHH mom: WHATS WRONG me: I ughhhhh may of sorta touched it

Pineapple Kyle : Is dat whole wheat bread?? .-. my respect for this channel has been lowered

Tom Patterson : could you make a jet powered cake that go's 100 mph

Alan Fox : Can't believe Scorpio on itv totally used this idea.

little a Barnes : can u make a off roading buggy with a jet pulls

The demon gaming : make a remote control bed that moves while you sleep on it

TheWolf Guy : Can you make a remote control sofa? IT WILL BE COOL

TheNoobyNoob : A pillow that always stays cold?

Sam Hauck : Could this even light your smoke? Wooooaaah

Aa The Gamer : This man s crazy, in the good way

Twml : I wanna know the volts/amps running through that thick wire to get that knife hot... Anyone else?

User THC : 1000 DEGREE Toasting GLOWING Knife!!!

colinfurze : Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is now not fiction

Sideonx3 : A LA hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!!.... Bud..your nuts!!! the vids keep it up!! Shout out from Canada!!

Majestc Butter : Can you make scorpions spear from mortal kombat??

phantom rider81 : U should try and make an exosuit #invention

Samuel Klassen : can you make a quadcopter that lifts you

bob jennifer : A washing machine that also drys your stuff

The demon gaming : you should make a bed that remote control bed that u can sleep on while it moves

Cam Moto : I'll use my toasto after smoko

Techno : Make a gravity hand that can control metal from far away

DANTE 499 : grand theft auto v rocket voltic made and usable make it and I'll give you £900,000

WaterLemon 0 : EXPERIMENT! 1000 degrees knife VS Toast!

AcidVirus19557 : can you make a glove that you can climb walls with

ETHAN IATAURO : Make a Merchandise of the inventions you make

Technicalg13515 : Love your vids colin You got me into this kind of stuff and hope to be building soon

Lorenzo Leonardini : YOU ARE A GENIUS

the sarcastic one : I don't know if you've done this can you make a car Hydro powered engine

sebula lets play : Collins Furse IS Best

edmwwesmackdownshow : Thanks for the comment theflacker99 you had one heck of a great idea for furze's invention show

Martin Lydon : I have a somewhat theoretical idea you could try. Take water, atomise it, compress it through some sort of magnetic coil compression system (water being ionic).......electrolyse it en-route....... pass products (HHO) into earlier built jet engine as fuel.........and use the jet nozzle to make tea in an Urn.

Zak L : This is the best thing since sliced bread

Luke'sLocomotives : You should put a petrol engine in a push bike and make it go 100 miles an hour.

TRUTH LESS : The most brilliant idea on youtube

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : ...could patent this and actually sell it to toaster companies.