The Toasting Knife

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Bilbo_Gamers : As an added bonus, if you manage to cut your hand, the wound will be instantly cauterized.

Andrew : Redhot knife before it was cool..

Calvin Laudrensio : Glowing 1000° knife since 2015

Grace Smith : Beats all the hot knife vs videos out there

ShutUpMichael : can you make a jetpack

TheLaXandro : If you see a maniac with a knife like this, remember- you're toast.

Christian Patton : The best thing since sliced bread.

Dinklepuffus : Make a weaponised drone from scratch, put a flamethrower on it or something like that

John Rodrigues : looks like burnt bread....

Loftysky : Dude you should make a jet pack

Diamond Pick9 : U should try and make an exosuit #invention

Luke Pickering : Should’ve added a lever that you can use to adjust the current going through the wire therefore it has Temperature controls

MetalAteMySoul : Seriously its time for a jet boat!!

Kaztab : The start of the 1000 degree knife vs trend

Fullest : he should make a candle that smells like SUBWAY!!!

tittensmitten : I want to see you make an EMP gun, that shoots steel ball bearings, and can penetrate a 1/2 inch steel plate.

sebula lets play : Collins Furse IS Best

SEPPDROID : 1000 degree knife hehe

colinfurze : The Knife that TOASTS as it CUTS....

JS6 : Human drone

Sean Norris : you should sell it to mr gear

Stunt Bros : gas powered Dora tricycle ak47s on side and nitro boost

szymeq : The first ever 1000 degree knife video

ImNotDownFox : colin you should make a fire sword that the sword is on fire

bryan herrera : how a flying pig

Majestc Butter : Can you make scorpions spear from mortal kombat??

Twml : I wanna know the volts/amps running through that thick wire to get that knife hot... Anyone else?

GameHunterz : Black bread

Nihal : his craziness is contagious

Zachary Hess : Make a machine for summer that is s cold it instantly makes ice cream or a slurpy

The Ant : snowball maker

Pfalzriderzzz : Hello from Germany (merry christmas )#staygrenzig✌

TheNoobyNoob : A pillow that always stays cold?

DANTE 499 : grand theft auto v rocket voltic made and usable make it and I'll give you £900,000

Cooper_L33k : Make a your own welder with your YouTube name on it 😃😃😃

User THC : 1000 DEGREE Toasting GLOWING Knife!!!

Elon musk : This is where the 1000 degrees knife vs ... started :l

colinfurze : Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is now not fiction

PineShadow Gaming : wait I think that he made the first 1000 degree knife challenge video!! before it even became a trend!!

The demon gaming : you should make a bed that remote control bed that u can sleep on while it moves

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : ...could patent this and actually sell it to toaster companies.

The demon gaming : make a remote control bed that moves while you sleep on it

bob jennifer : A washing machine that also drys your stuff

magic the gatherer : Could you make a Warhammer 40,000 chainsword?

john kelly : a microwave gun

Jadeum : The original 1000 degree knife

Slay Scopezz : Make a bed hvit engine and hweel

Zak L : This is the best thing since sliced bread

WaterLemon 0 : EXPERIMENT! 1000 degrees knife VS Toast!

Crazy biys : Please build a gum spender