POKEMAN! (parody)

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Some of you might remember i did this flash a while back.(when it had like 3000 views... ) Now re-uploaded with way better voices,some tweaks here and there,and also some improvisation on Sir Undead's part! So thanks SirUndead ! music by chesderman : http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/9209 Program I used was adobe flash


Bass Ryu : He should've used the rock and the paperclip.

Kanine : That's how all pokemon battles should be. Short and sweet without alot of talking and distractions

Minotaur Candy : That battle was better than the current actual anime in my opinion

thundararious : its bad getting caught by a pokemon but magikarp is REALLY low

Alvin Ng : I won by stabbing the flygon with a paper clip

StarstormGaming : lol He really failed big time if a Magikarp caught him.

Stabby Stabby : Don't worry gold at least u weren't caught by an unown


Miles Matheson : You may have been captured by a Flygon... But at least it wasn't a Magikarp.

Korji : "Oh that's weird I don't remember you learning FAIL!!!" LOL always get me

socks : flygon cant be found in the wild in ANY game, EVER

Amy47101 : Getting caught by a pokemon must suck. But getting caught by a Magikarp? WOOOW. 

Gluttonous Illusion : You + Pokeball + Getting Caught By a Magikarp = Most Pathetic Trainer Ever Me + Same Situation = Extinction of all Magikarps

Jorge de los Reyes : HeytemB don't you animate anymore?

Christian Davis : thats weird. i dont rememer you learning FAIL - best part in the whole video

Warsrecker : Never underestimate a pokemon who can jump over a whole mountain with one big splash :)

Corey Larcomb : The fail part was what made me laugh

ZRAIARZ : Magikarp is the Pokemon Master afterall

Super Master Of The Obvious 4 : magikarp too OP

Jack Geirland : Who wants to attempt to capture a magicarp? I always bring a fire type pokemon , a fork, and a knife for when I pull a magicarp out of the water.

TheCornFarmer : play this with captions

Firehawk3672 : The animation looks amazing in this!!! Especially the scizor vs. Flygon scene!!!

Ichigo Samekagji : Wow Gold... That's just sad... I feel bad for you...

the chicoborider : LOL XD He got caught by a magicarp!

WhereDidILeaveMyKeys : Were the the roles reversed, I'd be the sort of guy who'd get immediately carried off my a Drifloon.

Joshua Oliver De Leon : I love the fact that it was Flygon

Jos R : This is pretty freaking amazing! Not gonna lie. Those were some fantastic action scenes.

Alpha Rexon : 0:44 I always treat my pokemon like that in the younger days...

Trung Van : This should be like a new pokemon idea where u can intercept moves and attck pokemon if other pokemon are too slow so basicly games should be like the anime

Blizting : rule 1 about scizor: scizor can't learn fly qq

George Gogo : what if the reason human cant be caught by pokeball...was that they already are?

Bruno Bahia : The background music is very nostalgic

Lil Flamie : well poor gold he got caught by a magikarp

Victoria Kostara : "You got caught by a Magikarp?" The story of my life.

Cat Mew : Red caught by a Flygon Gold caugth by a Magikarp XD

MutantArbiter34 : "Hmm that's funny I don't remember you learning FAIL!,,,

Tr4sHCr4fT : Flygon uses KAMEHAMEHA

Matthew Lima : poor gold he's my favorate

LavenderYulu : raise youre hand if you thought the title said pokemon *raises hand* *looks around* AM I THE ONLY ONE

Sikuriini : 1:20 Magikarp XD

FøxRebel SP : gold got caght by a ****** magikarp XXXXDDDDDDD!!!!!!

cHo TiMe : the battle scene is actually really good

Pablo Villa : aw... poor gold

isuru : "You got caught by a magikarp?" 10/10

Luckybravewolf AJ : Yay i finally got my first humanmon :D!

Average Joe Gaming Show : *Cough* DBZ *Cough*

5N34KY : Love the DBZ sound effects :p

jackie wilson : XD you got caught by a magikarp*silver looks down haha lmfao

missy rayne : Poor gold