Them Crooked Vultures - Reading Festival 2009 ( Full Concert)

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For the Doggies Guitars : Solid supergroup that definitely needs to do another album and tour soon!

youtert : John Paul Jones is the only man on the planet who is qualified to rock a 12-string bass. Anyone else who tried that would just be a silly wanker.

Marion Farrell : I really don't think half of the audience appreciated the immense wonder they had the privilege of seeing and hearing. Face melting stuff.

drummerwes81 : Elephants - 1:09 Dead End Friend - 8:05 *band introductions* - 11:22 Mind Eraser No Chaser - 11:55 Spinning In Daffodils - 15:57 New Fang - 24:03 No One Loves Me & Neither Do I - Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up - 27:55

Alf Torp : John Paul Jones. Does the guy age? He is as awesome as ever.

Lap Duy Nguyen Thien : JPJ looks like he's back in his 20s or 30s while playing with the "Dudes"

Fiachra Bissett : That was the most badass entrance of all time. They just walked in, "Hello" and the hardest intro possible echoes through the place.

Bill Loehfelm : I love how JPJ looks like he jumped onstage with his son's band and yet straight murders.

GJSJapan : JPJ is the unsung hero of Led Zep. The man is amazing.

Screech891 : I would have cried tears of honey if I was there

Richard Harrold : You know you're a legend if, even when you're a pensioner, the mere mention of your name causes a crowd of thousands of teenagers to erupt - and that before you've even played a note... JPJ, what a goddamn legend. Keeping it fresh, unlike Page and Bonham Jr...

Propjoe10 : Who's the old guy on the bass? Pretty good

DestinLe : These guys should be WAY more popular. Their sound is amazing.

Jonathan Emerling : "Hey, when Dave's going apeshit on the drums, cut to absolutely everyone else but Dave, including the crowd!"-director

Ben C : 26.02 when JPJ just adds that's extra bit of bass flare and Dave face lights up :).

Pablo González Gallardo : Dave is such a monster on drums.

GUSTAVO FRANK SANDOVAL MENDOZA : Dave Grohl with his eyes: I love you John Paul Jones!!!

Sebastian Domingo Baeza Velasco : Its lame how some people doesn't knows who's Alain Johannes (Who actually plays in this band too) :(

Robert C Ellis : I bought 25 copies of this album and gave them to friends, 17 have come back with "seen the light" reviews. 8 have not yet recovered but signs are good.

phoon : based ginger elvis

Christopher Moll : I think its pretty amazing how influential Josh Homme seems to be, because this basically sounds like a QOTSA record at the end of the day. Not just in terms of singing, but also the riffs and songwriting has his handwriting in my opinion.

Dan Bleyer : Goddamn Bryan Cranston.



dylanoneill2011 : Elephants - 1:09 Dead End Friend - 8:05 band introductions - 11:22 Mind Eraser No Chaser - 11:55 Spinning In Daffodils - 15:57 New Fang - 24:03 No One Loves Me & Neither Do I - Warsaw or The First Breath You Take After You Give Up - 27:55 Show less

Connor Smith : These guys need to get back together. At least another tour!

piper.spirit : imagine how excited the crowd must have felt to see dave grohl then josh homme, amazing stuff!

Sven Bakker : One hellofa mystery guest

Joshua Hall : That convo between Homme and Jones during Warsaw tho

24paljim : John Paul Jones is 69!!  Is it okay for me to listen to Josh Homme and Dave Grohl et al; I am 63 this year?  At what age should I 'give it all up'?  LOL  ;-)

Devthedude 91 : No wonder Josh homme lives in the desert away from the motals he's a sick hard-core basterd

Screech891 : Didn't hear gunman in the set?

David Little : I love the way JPJ even with all his experience, fame & knowledge still looks like he is having a blast when he plays with loads of big grins....fantastic!

James Coote : I left this gig with a splattering of blood on the back of my shirt. It wasn't my blood. Epic gig.

Gokhan 0114 : 1:53 what a crowd 👿

TEMPTED_ YOUTH : Half of those at the front were hoping for some shite pop act 😂

Ørjan Skoli : Orgasm starts in my ears and proceeds into my brain... Then my whole body..!! This is divine

Chris Hall : RIP other guy though doing so much fucking work

Alexander Broome : JPJ and Dave Grohl have such amazing chemistry. It's like watching Zeppelin at Royal Albert Hall in '70.

Alex Turner : 1:57 the little guy knows how to rock

That Guy : Dear Gods of Rock,Please may we have another album? From That Guy

Davy Ro : legends simple as that

Alec Davis : 1:45 is a moment straight out of a Rockband game

Dib : Just realised Joshua is dressed up Lullabies to Paralyze tour style.

Jack Conroy : Elephants is the best song ever

BegToDiffah : I came late to this party, but damn did I enjoy this!

Christian Windum : New fang is a beast of a song

Steve Buschemi : so much energy on show here, i wish Growl sticked to drums, truly great.

robert donaldson : could we at least see Alain Johannes during the solos he's playing. just a suggestion.

Tom K : They start playing at 1:10