It's sodium chloride

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Don't need to Skeet. Music: Naked City - Notre dame de l'oubli

Comments from Youtube

ChaseMakes_ Edits : Dont let our food be denied you *PuT oUr PoLyUnSaTuRaTeD fats ANd tRiglYcerIDES inside YOU*

five.on3 : _Jimmy was murdered later that day, the autopsy confirms his bowels were packed with salt_

the weird banditø : When you grow up and realize that your favorite shows main character is actually autistic

escotg GAMING : *At the dinner table* Kid: “Hey dad, can you pass the salt?” Dad: *throws glass cup as hard as possible directly at the kids forehead* “IT’S SODIUM CHLORIDE”

Garrett Jones : I was gonna make a joke about sodium but Na...

Vjoice : Okay Mr *M A G I C M A A A N*

just some1 on yt : Why does this make me appreciate YouTube even more

Kitty Meow Meow : Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service Sodium Chloride

Jazzeo 4 : 0:31 when anyone says anything to me

Bigmcthankiesfrommcspankies : Almost forgot to watch this for the 50tieth time today. How careless of me

gdcubes : um sir, are you gonna finish that sOdIum cLOriDe

Charlie Lowe : *YoUr SUppoST To PreSS tHe BUttOn wItH thE PictuReS oF FoOd oN tHeM*

Volt : Jimmy neutron: SODIUM CHLORIDE *Kill bill siren starts*

Bagel Penguin64 : Really, he's right though, table salt isn't sodium chloride

Cowbelly : Jimmy neutron committed tax fraud

Mister Skull Gamer : When you realize the main character was born autistic, then you ask why is he working at a fast food place when he is like 9.

a cherry commenter : 0:31 when I'm asked a question but I start thinking about my life choices

Jess Morrison : *looks in discription* Category:Science & Technology I doubt that

Aleezzz W : Wait, does this mean we have to refer to "salt bae" as "sodium chloride bae"?

Austin yeo : Never before has a one time appearance character made me think so much, skeet is the bridge to all of humanity.

Aleezzz W : 0:31 When someone hits blunt and asks a really woke question that has you thinking deep

musical_trashie09 : Before clicking this, I thought it was that short dude from Shrek 4 lmao

Masterhandnate : In my opinion this scene definitely was the turning point for the anime as a whole. You can tell Skeet felt threatened by Jimmy going against his traditional ways of life. The cold stare Skeet emits clearly expresses how much Jimmy irritated him. Jimmy should watch what he says next time, as Skeet may grow even more offended and eventually snap.

Cameron Kidde : I love how this video has 12m veiws but all the other ones have only a few hundred

MaxBarrettOfficial : *After watching this I might commit scooter ankle*

Vidkun Quisling : He did the tax in his head, that's what I will tell IRS when they step up on my door.

Rehman Arif : My friend at lunch table: *drops salt* Me: you dropped your SODIUM CHLORIDE My friend: 0:30

Jacob Martinez : *S O D I U M C H L O R I D E*

YT DPyro - Brawl Stars : I memorized the prices and did the tax and change in my head Sodium Chloride That’s what I said Sodium Chloride You’re supposed to push the buttons with the pictures of food on them

Nario : 0:31 *The face a Black kid makes when they hear a White Boy say the N-Word.*

SkiLLsZ : When your in the highest section in ur school and you dont know why Classmates:

Ice StormFulSquadHD : PLAY THIS IN SPEED 0.5x Your welcome

Soumik :D : Sodium Chloride is the new salt

Karissa Schindler : Me when the math teacher is explaining in class

Khalid abdi : Y is this in my recommended 3 years late

Starfurexxed : That wasn't sodium chloride man.


M2tt : _Jimmy Was Fired later that day, he was found in a dumpster with a note, it read "Sodium chloride"_

Shimmy Potato : Skeet loves his job so much. Just look at this precious boy.

Pass9786 : *Footage of the events leading up to the San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre (circa 1986).*

MyNameIsNotJagWire : Jimmy has single-handedly destroyed the inventory count for McSpankies

Yespacito : D O N ' T N E E D T O S K E E T

Thicc Chungus : Jimmy: Its sodium choride Skeet: Dude its salt Jimmy: thats what i said sodium choride Skeet: IM TRIGGERED

Wolfsleigher : okay Jimmy! Yeah you might know the prices, but you gotts push the button with the pictures of food for invintory purposes.

Mother-bound : I think jimmy's been snorting too much sodium chloride if you catch my drift.

Ryan Kelly : It's Jimmy's job to say big mcthankys from mcspankys it doesn't matter if it's cliched

GMD 3 : The cash register is used to track stock as well as calculate prices so jimmy neutron did a big oopsie

Yep Alright : Unibrow boy outsmarts big head

jacksonnC : Ninja In a Nutshell *looks at people in chat* “Pictures of money, Pictures of money,” “oh there’s the slow chat button”