It's sodium chloride

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daddyscummys creampie : 0:05 that niggas smile

Rɪᴠᴇʀ : I don't know why I'm laughing so fucking hard

Resetti's Robot Wars Replicas : If you don't type the order into the register, the drawer won't match the sales totals, but you do you, "Boy Genius."

Davidci Codex : I memorized it all in my head, Yes... that's what I said.

btvbrndn : Watch Jimmy commit accounting fraud by not recording sales

Braden Johnson : Category: *science and technology*

Godot : You: salt Me, an intellectual: *Sodium chloride*

Star Child : No dude, you said sodium chloride. Yes it's the same as salt, but you could've just said salt instead. Everyone in this town knows you're a boy genius dude, you don't need to say overly large words to sound more intelligent. The fact of the matter is that nobody cares how smart you are. If anything, calling simplistic objects by their scientific name ironically makes you seem less intelligent and more pompous. I know you're smart enough to be better than this.

INTENSE GUY : *tO bE fAir YoU hAvE tO hAvE a VeRy HiGh Iq To UnDeRsTaNd SoDiUm ChLoRiDe*

Mack's _Art8 : This boy has a mustache on his forehead

CrummyCrusader 900 : _”don’t let our food be denied you, put our polyunsaturated fats and triglycerides inside you.”_ -Jimmy nutron

dat boi : *its* *salt*

Carlos Cruz Jr. : 1:00 Jimmy has no hat 1:04 Jimmy has a hat

Sara B : *_JuSt A lItTlE sOdIuM cHloRiDE_*

TEAM DADEN : I love how simple editing can get millions of views

Nia Productions : ,,Have you seen this man in your dreams?“

Grim Seawolf : That music is haunting

K.R. Evans : Despite the simple fact that this is a comment section that is 90% sodium chloride, no one is being salty towards each other.....ah..soo peaceful....

Brown Boy : Music is creeping me out

Kanes : 0:30 Every time someone says what great things have you accomplished in your life?

XavierDawg : 0:57 all this time and I never saw this man Carl in the background putting in that *WORK* to provide for his family 👏😤

Chris Kogos : wicked unibrow

Can i get 100 subscribers no videos? : *_What anime is this?_*

Tagan テイガン Тэиган : It’s so blatant that my 🅱️oi Ji🅱️🅱️y Neutron be watchin rickandmorty

Christopher Libby : My teacher threw sodium chloride at me. It was asalt. (assault)

Lum Universe : *Just a little sodium chloride*

Gabby : *_oK mR. mAgIc MaN_*

BTIsaac : Oh. He "memorized" the prices. Bet the finances will love that excuse.

Da Hidden Memes : He's name is Skeet...😂

Grey the Wolf : Sodium Chloride is the chemical name for Salt, nobody calls it that genius...

Potato Plebs : *This is why you need to go to school Jimmy*

Doctora Strange : 0:35 Me in math class

Mordeau : Why do I keep stumbling upon this masterpiece?

Kavon Jones : I hate stuff like this cause it’s my type of humor but it’s in impossible to explain to others and its impossible to look up you just have to find it.

HEY REMEMBER ME! : 0:14 o k m r m a g i c m a n

[ NePu ] : Why is the background music darn creepy?????

Kimchi : why the hell did this become a meme and why do i love it

Terrible Tube : **skeet getting sodium chloride-y**

Joker Grace : Me doing mental math but the teacher has me write it down

Very crazy Gamer : 0:31 he is mad because he knows more than him

Oscar Armstrong : Wait why does this vid have 9mil views?

Radarjeep : picture of money,picture of money... *HA, GOTCHA*

A Lonely Youtuber : My friend: Yooo its season 5 Me:Bro, there’s only 4 My friend: Yeah but there’s a new one Me: A new one?

ElevenOuttaTen : I love how the category in the description is labeled as "science and technology" 😂

Kelly C. : Not gonna lie, if someone at a fast food joint said Jimmy's line as a sale's pitch, I'd buy their food in a heartbeat.

CoolTesis : Many sodium chloridey comments in the comment section. (salty comments)

Nish Limbu : How to unlock your inner mind featuring Jimmy Neutron

AnzhooDragons : Jimmy Neutron always just disgusted me for some reason (plz don’t get mad) but this was amazing

OriginalSparkstar : Good thing that idiot already has a job cause he aint getting any higher on the ladder to success

furious lord : 1:12 rumple stiltskin after shrek