Sir Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman Discuss Acting Techniques | The Graham Norton Show

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Mik Oliveira : Almost 3 minutes of video and Graham speaks for less than 12 seconds. Imagine if it was an american talk show? How many times the annoying host and the irritating clapping audience would have interrupted them? I guess we wouldn't even know that Michael Caine met Marlene Dietrich.

Zailey Sabastian : Fox and Alfred after Bruce leaves Gotham

Ryann iV : Graham Norton on his own is better than every host in the US

The Burger King : 1:24 R.I.P Jack Whitehall’s joke.

KrossoverGod : Michael Cane blinking: 0:00, 0:03, 0:04 x3, 0:06, 0:07, 0:13, 0:14, 0:16, 0:18, 0:19, 0:26, 0:27, 0:29, 0:30, 0:31, 0:33, 0:34 x2, 0:37, 0:38, 0:39, 0:55, 1:01, 1:02, 1:04, 1:06, 1:17, 1:18, 1:22, 1:23 x2, 1:28, 1:30 x3, 1:33, 1:36 x3, 1:39 x2, 1:40, 1:41 x2, 1:43, 1:45, 1:46, 1:49, 1:53 x2, 1:56, 1:57, 2:02 x2, 2:07, 2:08, 2:09, 2:11, 2:12, 2:13, 2:14 x2, 2:15, 2:16, 2:18, 2:19 x2, 2:22, 2:23, 2:25, 2:26, 2:30, 2:31, 2:32 x2, 2:33, 2:35, 2:36, 2:37, 2:43, 2:44

Sheila Dey : When two great men talk you listen don't interrupt them.

aquablushgirl : The fact that he met Dietrich at all is amazing. He has stories to tell...

Fly Birdie : *Morgan freeman is god*

H23 : 0:01 turn on the captions lmao "my cocaine"

Shay Luan : I just realized, is that Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones?

DiZzie Shockwave : These two legends One was a magician, one played god, one played the old guy, and then there is Michael Caine

julio rocatagliatta : Telling "I was at a birthday party for Liza Minnelli, and Marlene Dietrich...." They are on another level.... There are no one on theirs league now... And sadly they're not going to live forever

Eon Lee Music : They're the Yin and Yang of Hollywood.

Evaristo S. Ruano : Two masters

NoWayJose : Morgan Freeman's acting technique is to make every women onset uncomfortable

Ahsan Zaman : I thought they're going to do something silly and call it a master technique. Did NOT expect them to be so... master-classy.

The smiling Dog : I swear when Morgan o.g Freeman and sir Micheal the man caine are together their stoned af lol.

tafrancis1521 : She better back up off my man Morgan! 🤣

Zamin Zahoor : Michael Caine is a LEGEND!

shakybeeves : I love these two old fellas, absolute legends!!!!

alexhernandez49 : Loved it! Two of my favorite actors.

Eon Lee Music : I'm addicted to Michael Caine.

Vinayak Nair : I wish both of them were my Godfathers...

fT : "It is cool." Whoever that Beautiful Lady is 😂

Zahara Love : Why are there ads on BBC videos?

Intactisin : Graham Norton is the best talk show ever!

Inass Palestine : 0:49 endless charming Morgan Freeman 👍🏾💕

Anne Marie Francisco : Now you see me, now you don't (somebody feel me?)

Lisa D : I love these two together

berryfairy68 : Two very awesome, classy men 😊 Love them.

Arabia Le Veil : Caine and Freeman .. both genius' of their generation.

Jassem Ahmed : seeing their ages now am a bit scared and surprise

Jed Domb : Morgan freeman number 1 legend

Rukmani Sindhu Thangam : Blink and you are dead

Jason Lant : I always love seeing them two together

Joydeep Bardhan : Priceless!

K man : Michael Caine can only play himself, Freeman can play different characters.

Miko Philo : wow....morgan freeman's left hand is really dead isn't it??

Qasid Bhatti : 0:51 #MeToo

Shevah Samuel : I love Morgan Freeman’s voice. Cool story. “It is cool” 😂

GamerZpower : LEGENDS.

Truth in reflection : Uh-oh, Watch out Morgan #ME TOO! lol

mel on : 0:53 now people gonna say he sexually harassed her

Lvl58DeathKnight : Fox, Alfred, Yara Greyjoy and....some "comedian"

Sander Lansberg : Why were they on the show is there a new movie coming out?

V M S : 0 dislikes this is rare on YouTube

Floppy Bird : Michael Co-Caine #SorryNotSorry

Anime : Morgan! Michael Two Legends!

zipZIP : Two iconic voices of film 😯

Kundan Gurjar : Who knew theon greyjoy and morgan freeman would want to bang the same gal.