Dazed & Confused | Making of
Making of Dazed amp Confused

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The making of Richard Linklater's classic 1993 film Dazed & Confused All rights go to Universal


Gustavo Zúñiga : Every time I watch this movie and get to the end I get this feeling that I would’ve liked to keep on going with then...keep riding, getting the tickets, going to the Aerosmith concert etc. Simply put: this is a masterpiece with PERFECT casting

ERIC F : I want to see the 2 hour and 45 minute first cut!!!!😎👍🏽

Ron Hanisco : I don't remember it as a shitty time. Going to high school from '76-'78 was awesome to me. I had friends, weed, cheap beer, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, Sabbath, and great cars.

Muhammad I’m hard Bruce lee : I have watched this film a ridiculous amount of times it’s now become a film I put on when I come in from a night out drunk lol

greevve22 : Check you later (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

PunkFuckUp : wow typical hollywood snakes -- 21:00 'it was our movie, even though it was ricks vision' no rick wrote it, directed it and came up with the idea, I'd say its his movie

enigma 1982 : Many people who are between 30 and 45 have the same nostalgic feeling about the 90's now.

2braindamage : I'm letting you have shotgun. But cuz it's cuz only 'cuz I'm goin' inside.

GetsumJ : Well, I graduated in 1978 from High school and can tell you Richard Linklater nailed it. The attention to detail of the time, the simple phrases, the music, the cars, the atmosphere is perfect. It takes me back to the "Freaks" of the time and how they dominated all social circles in school. Maybe that generation of "us" just get it and the studios didn't at the time because they were bowing down to John Hughes 80s flicks. If you didn't live in the mid-late 70s, this movie will pretty much show you what it was like. And where Fast Times was good for us to watch, Dazed and Confused was like opening my year book from High school and reliving the time moment by moment. It was based on the truth. Thank you Richard Linklater for telling our story, you did an excellent job. R.L.Turner Graduate 1978- Carrollton TX.

Corey Hojewski : I get older and they stay the same age...

Th3_What : Someone's tokin' some reefer.

Alison H : When I say “alright alright alright “it’s like a compatibility test for whomever I’m with. ☺️ If they have no idea that’s it’s a movie reference then I’m SO disappointed! Not compatible!

Boosted GTO : Anybody ever count how many times Mitch Cramer touches his face? Could make a good drinking game!

Bang Big : the entire year of 1993-94, Dobie Theater in Austin, Texas played Dazed at midnight, every night.

Dave Finders : You ought to ditch the two geeks, but we'll we waerey about that later .

rvz77 : So there should be a 25th anniversary release! Where is it!?? Put the 2.45min version on there. It's a cult classic! Idk how these ppl think! Or what they work on over there.

codyjones109 : Dazed and confused is great because it is authentic.

愛Sono嫌いLil : You cool man?

Jeffrey Emerson : One of my favorite films of all time

Glorfindel : Viewing a video uploaded by YouTube in the 10's made in the 00's as a throwback to a movie made in the 90's set in the 70's

Assateague Cottage : I love this movie. Such an accurate portrayal of a typical summer night, parties, rumors of parties but you still end up driving around most of the night anyhow. There was always that older hangeron that could buy you beer. You were always being chased and harassed by the cops, occasionally caught by them, threatened a bit then let go with a warning and told to go home. It was all so great

Andrew Gillies : Should have made it a 2 hr and 45 minute movie

smolville : You forgot about Milla Jovovich.

Michelle Lee Salay : Alright, alright, alright!

DannyWilliamH : Everyone has their personal story with this movie. Mine is first hearing about it from a few friends and then seeing it weeks later. This was the mid-90s and the movie had been out for a few years already. My group of friends were young, wannabe-stoners so it watched as a stoner comedy to me for the first 10x I'd seen it. We'd all quote Wooderson or Slater. That was about it. Oddly, when I grew a bit older I developed a strange feeling toward the movie: I'd still enjoy and laugh through most of it but I'd also see it for what it is and no longer a cool but cheap stoner film. More strikingly is a specific moment in the movie that crushes me to the point that I avoid the movie now. The end of the party at the Moon Tower fills my chest and stomach with a sad nostalgia for a time I never lived in. I'm an 80s baby but that scene of everyone filing out before Sunrise to "Tuesday's Gone" breaks my fucking heart. I think it's equal parts nostalgia for *my* youth and the pain in knowing that the characters won't know for years that this actually was the best time of their lives. They all talk of how much it sucks (and it does) but for most of them (us) this is absolutely the happiest they'll ever be. As London said, he imagines that Pink won't grow up to be very successful in life. At the moment he's 17yo and THE guy at his HS, the coolest guy there. He plays QB for his HS in Texas. His life is good. He's the guy everyone is friends with. Yet, he's 17yo and he doesn't know that all that can so easily change in just 5-10 years. If true and Pink is just an ordinary schlub in adulthood, he has no idea of that potential future in the time we see him. That ruins me because it's true for all of us. This isn't a 70s stoner comedy, it's an honest movie about being a teenager. It transcends era. It's a sincere look at the low-stakes highs and lows of being a teen. It's a movie about the years that seem so unimportant but hold the stories we tell when we're 50. So, when I see that scene of the party being over, the Sun coming up to end their fun time and life taking a step forward, it physically hurts and I can't fully explain why. It just hurts. Not for them specifically but in the way that time goes on and the freedom of childhood has to end for us all eventually. It's set in that specific time of life when a guy like Wooderson is considered "the old one" to everyone but her like 22yo 😅. We all knew that guy and when we're 32 we'd kill to be that young again.

James Worley : This and Empire Records are two of the most influential films from my childhood.

bugyourparents : L I V I N, it's a verb

Michael Moretti : As a child of the 70s, I LOVED this movie. It kinda freaks me out how much time has passed - this movie was set 17 years in the past; but, 25 years have passed since this movie was released.

Matt Sharpe : 3:30... McConahey TOTALLY thinking about his dad as that interview was going on...Absolutely lost in thought as a matter of fact.. That was REAL

howieburg : That other crowd you’re runnin’ with-don’t THINK I haven’t noticed!

JFK35 517 : Jodi Kramer. My all time biggest movie crush. All the girls were beautiful. All the guys were cool. I spent my high school years in the mid to late 90’s wishing it was the 70’s. And I was wearing Rebel Grey . Dazed and confused and Stand By Me. My two favorite movies of all time . Thank you to all who created such a classic

Ben Schumacher : Beware the Dazed and Confused Man-a-thon; every time a character says, "man", take a drink. Slater is your best/worst friend!

Eddie Truhead : After watchin this, "I'm fixin to be a lot better Man." Pure cinematic magic. The planets aligned for this film in so many ways. Classic. Love it. That's what I'm talkin about.

Brian Esser : Fun fact, Wiggins ended up working as an Apple Tech and London called in one day with a problem with his Apple product and Wiggins answered and they reconnected. Synchronicity.. (Story was told in the new Parker Posey memoir..)

Smarterthan You : Movie I can't find is kids... remember that one..it was good...

Darrren Betker : And yet no mention of milla jovovich.....wtf?

flappy188 : please release the uncut version

Coffins : Wait just a f*cking second, Milla Jovovich was not mentioned once in this doc? She's on the movie cover for christ sake.

No.Parking : Damn, I just watched 45min on Youtube

Sr. Sacaninha : Parker Posey seems like a legit freak.

M. HLC : Thank you! Probably my favourite film.

Louis McClung : I used this movie to show my Son what it was like when i was his age. Dont pull crap and think daddy dont know the game!😆👍🏼 Daddy was a master of “The Game!” 😎

Bongos and Lemonheads : How's it going man? Pretty good how's it going with you? Say man do you got a joint? Uhhhh, not on me man. It'd be alot cooler if you did hahahaha Now thats how you make friends

Mikiros Garoes : I only came here to do 2 things, Newton. Kick some ass & drink some beer, looks like we're almost out of beer. Not only one of my all time fave movies but also one of the few movies that I know ALL the words to.

Cobb Knobbler : Michelle Burke was so damn gorgeous.

Joshua Lopez : The second or third time I watch Dazed and Confused, I watched it with my mother and she named the characters of her friends back in the days. She had so many stories about the times that she had growing in that era. Every so often if it's on cable or I'm watching on VHS or DVD, she has to sit and watch it with me....

tim coker : SLOW RIDE....TAKE IT EASY....70s were awesome!! Class of 1977!!

Julius Morgan : christina hinahosa very beautiful woman....

Shannon Marie : I'm 30 and the first time I watched this classic was with my dad when I was like 11...and we say lines and famous quotes all the time...