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The Man With The Seven Second Memory Medical Documentary Real Stories

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The remarkable and poignant story of Clive Wearing, a man with one of the worst cases of amnesia in the world. Once a renowned conductor and musician, Clive was struck down in 1985 by a virus that caused massive damage to his brain. Against the odds, doctors managed to save his life but he was left with a memory that spans just seven seconds. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: Follow us on Twitter for more - Produced by ITV Studios. Content licensed from ITV Global. Any queries, please contact us at:


Ritakus 98 : He waits for her arrival, meaning he knows she's gone, even though he doesn't remember. The power of feeling is amazing.

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman : Even with his brain heavily destroyed he is capable of making smarter remarks than most people.

Scrambled Greg : 6:48 Interview: "What does love mean?" Clive: "Zero in tennis and everything in life."

Lee Robin : In case you’re wondering, yes he is still alive. He’s currently 80 years old

Marcel Zager : That's a shame, because you really can tell that he is a n extremely intelligent and passionate man, but that's just taken away from him

RIchard Stylez : *First time I've ever seen a human being*

Brittany Holtgreven : I am addicted to documentaries

D Clark : I feel so sorry for this family but I have to say that this woman (Deborah) is an extraordinary woman of immense strength.


Kaiben Music : He really does say some pretty profound and beautiful things during this

XxXShevampXxX : Those messages he left on the answering machine just broke my heart. You can hear the fear in his voice and it's heart wrenching for me to witness so I can't even begin to fathom how his wife must've felt. He's experiencing a lot of anguish.

Lou Skunt : At least the auditory hallucinations are nice music. Imagine if they were more sinister and torturous like a paranoid schizophrenic....

Spinnis : The diary looks like it's from a horror movie. What a bizzare process. Not only that, but his constant "first awakenings" always sound the same, because its always the same brain not changing in the same situation, he always says basically the same words. It's just a repetition of the same moment every time. 23 years going... Disturbing to say the least.

Cheech Whit : his memory still works.. his long term does.. Its why he doesnt freak out when he looks in the mirror.. And why he used to freak out when he saw his sister and said she was too old.. So over time i think his mind regained some long term memory.. very small amount of it.. probably why he calmed down so much.. and sort of came to terms with himself and his mind..

Dizzledoe : I love the "thats news to me" with every single situation. "You know you just farted?" "Well thats news to me."

vikoni : he is such a brilliant and kind man. He had a good life and he lost everything. such a shame....

kaddiddle hopper : It's interesting how his mind works. It's obvious he was highly intelligent before.

James Freeman : His wife's eyes are beautiful

Vasto Lorde : He might have a very short memory but he is extremely intelligent, brilliant.

Sneaky Cunt : imagine telling this guy the same joke over and over again, and every time him having a different reaction

Ol'Doomy : It's like a black mirror episode..

Pling501 : 30:54 "Ladies first, forever" Astonishing, gentleman at heart.

Dani Aguiñaga : "And we were still having that conversation when I was backing out of the room." I cannot fathom that kind of pain.

BECKY REBEKAH : 'what does it mean to you when deborah comes to visit?' 'heaven on earth arrives' my heart melted oh my gosh

Boss Nass : When he’s asked “where is your diary?” He doesn’t say “what diary?”, he says “no idea, i’ve never seen it.” It’s like he’s always somehow aware of his amnesia deep down.

Phrygian Phreak : I have a friend who recently fell into an illness that has caused short term memory loss. Its not as extreme as Clive's case, but, for example, he sometimes tells the same story 3 times over in a matter of minutes. People have treated him horribly for his condition. One thing I learned, that a lot of people learn who have family members who suffer from dementia (not what my friend suffers from) is it's best to live in the moment. Being in the moment is the only thing they can remember, and reminding them that they can't remember past the current moment just hurts them. If he wants to tell the same story 3 times, I'm happy to hear the story every time.

treetababy : My sister suffers from brain damage from a car accident.  Her symptoms are similar, she can create a few new memories if traumatic (like the death of someone), or through repetition.  Brain damage like this is so hard on the family.  My sister can not remember the day of week, can't read books either.  Notes do help, labeling does help.  So sad.

Levi K : 34:37 “I’m gonna take you home” “O I see hahaha marvellous!” “Do you know where home is?” (Still smiling) “no”

Mr Taylor : He could not have wished for a more caring and loving wife.

Green Envy : Clive- "Day and night the same. Just like death." Clive talking about P.R.- "No 2 days the same. Always different." Seems the cure for Clive is getting into public relations.

roob : those answer-phone messages to his wife were heartbreaking

Someone None : It started off not that sad. It was just a man who couldn’t remember very well (couldn’t remember at all, but whatever) but as the video went on it just got more depressing. 17:00 was the point at which I realized how horrible this actually is.

ran' ya : ''never seen a diary since I was ill'' _goes and writes in his diary

BlaiddDrwg2009 : Oh, bless him. His face when she said they made a film 20 years ago and they wanted to know how he was

Enfirnity : doesnt this make you all realize how precious our mind is and we just take it for granted to experience the life we have. We have day and night, we have thoughts, we have dreams.

Josie Baker : 19:33 - Diary entry reads: 'I return just as ALL my senses start to work: I love darling Deborah for ever' 😭💔

Winwin could step on me & I’d thank him : What does love mean? 'Zero in tennis but everything in life'. What a marvellous quote.

Becca Ryan : You’re the first human beings I’ve seen in my life. So sad.

Amily Cabelaris : "What do you miss?" "Being a musician. Being in love." Most moving and thought-provoking documentary I've seen ❤

Benjamin Porteus : "If you could do anything now, if you had free choice, what would you do next?" "I would gin and tonic arright, hehehe, with a cigarette, hehehee. And then of course waiting for time to elude and disappear.. and her arrival. Yeah." I've been thinking the same thing for years.

Kayla Jackson : "You were marvelous, you still are marvelous. *kiss*" IM SO EMOTIONAL

Nawi : 18:50 it says in the diary 'I AM ALIVE' something about that is so sad and haunting that he has to remind himself that he's even alive, just to forget it.

Room in the channel : I wish I could meet him and just chill with him. Such an interesting person.

Ine Graskopf : While I obviously realize that his condition is a tragedy for both him and his family, I can't help but think that the relationship between Clive and his wife is one of the most wonderful love stories I have ever seen...

Brittany Dugger : When they were in the church and she was telling him about the concert he performed there and how it moved everyone to tears....oh my heart 😭 The look on his face and him crying made me cry!! ❤️

Darlabomb : This just is amazing on so many levels, but also breaks my heart. You can look in his eyes and see him searching, trying, foraging for any shred of recognition as he speaks to Debra. But there's nothing.

vemund : i wonder what would happen if they asked him if he could count down from a hundred. would he eventually stop at 70 and ask wtf he was counting down for or would he just continue trying to seem like he had everything under control. or ask him to count from a 100 down to 40. in this case i belive he would continue down to 0

Ryan Peters : wow,even now you can tell how sharp his brain was..

Liberty Scott : This one of the most haunting and heart breaking stories I've seen in a long time, but if anything can be taken away from it is it's the power and durability of love. The very fact this is what he remembers above all else is truly beautiful. I hope he is as well as can be and they find whatever happiness they can.